Wireless Wonders: 7 Wireless Speakers Reviewed The Final Cut

The Final Cut

Having tested a sizable sample, I can say that many entry-level wireless speakers deliver surprisingly potent sound—especially given their small footprint. There were differences among the models in this roundup, but overall I’d say that most manufacturers are paying attention to audio performance as much as anything else.

To get down to details: In my estimation, the best-sounding speakers were the models from Sonos, Bluesound, Raumfeld, Yamaha, and Denon. With all of these speakers, I found that being able to pair them for stereo music playback was a big advantage.

As for app-appeal, Sonos was the hands-down winner, followed by Denon, Raumfeld, Bluesound, and Polk. Having an app that doesn’t make you work too hard to simply play music is a real asset in a wireless multiroom system, and I found that each of those apps combined technical sophistication with ease of use.

My final assessment of the state of wireless speakers? I’d say that Sonos is still in many ways king, but several other contenders have caught up, to the point where I can comfortably recommend them as well. Going into this test, I couldn’t have predicted that result. Signing off, I’m happy to report it.

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How about, "Anything plus the Chromecast Audio"? Forget 3rd party apps, you want native app support with casting.