All TV Reviews
From everyday LCD TVs to state-of-the-art OLED sets in a variety of screen sizes.

LCD TV Reviews
LCD, short for liquid-crystal display, is the most common type of flat-panel TV.

4K TV Reviews
TVs carrying the 4K or Ultra HD designation are capable of displaying four times the resolution of a standard HDTV.

OLED TV Reviews
One of the latest generations of TV technology, super-thin OLED sets are on the cutting edge of picture performance.

All Projector Reviews
For a truly huge image, a front projector is the way to go. Based on DLP, LCD, or LCOS technology, this is where to look for the biggest of the big screens.

3D Projector Reviews
Projectors designed to display 3D images.

Projection Screen Reviews
The second most important part of a projection system.


AV Receiver Reviews
The central component of today’s home entertainment systems, the AV receiver provides power, switching, surround processing, and many other features.

Surround Processor Reviews
Stand-alone surround processors provide multiple options for making movie soundtracks sound as lifelike as possible.

Power Amp Reviews
A key component of a separates-based system, power amplifiers do one thing: bring speakers to life.

Integrated Amp Reviews
Think of the integrated amp as a preamp and power amp rolled in one.


Tower Speaker Reviews
So-called "tower,” “floorstanding," or "full-range" speakers that may have a built-in powered subwoofer.

Bookshelf Speaker Reviews
Compact speakers that can be mounted on a stand or placed on a shelf, table or cabinet.

Subwoofer Speaker Reviews
The foundation of home theater, subwoofers are powered speakers dedicated to reproducing deep bass.

In-Wall Speaker Reviews
The name says it all: speakers that mount in a wall (or ceiling) for a stealth look.

On-Wall Speaker Reviews
The name says it all: speakers designed for mounting on a wall.

Soundbar Reviews
Single enclosure home theater speaker systems designed for placement under a flat-panel TV; many include a wireless subwoofer.

Desktop Speaker Reviews
Systems designed for use with a computer, often comprising two compact speakers and a small subwoofer.

Wireless Multiroom Speaker Reviews
Skip the wire: these speakers receive audio signals through the air.

Surround Sound System Reviews
All the speakers needed for a complete home theater system in one package.

Dolby Atmos Speaker Reviews
For the best home theater experience.

Bluetooth Speaker Reviews
For streaming straight from your phone.

Smart Speaker Reviews
Speakers with built-in voice control and internet access.


Blu-ray Player Reviews
Blu-ray Disc players that deliver HD picture quality and 4K/Ultra HD Blu-ray players that play 4K/Ultra HD discs at four times the resolution of standard HD. In addition to Blu-ray discs, all Blu-ray players also play CDs and DVDs.

3D Blu-ray Player Reviews
Players equipped to play 3D discs on a 3D-capable TV.

Media Server Reviews
Hard-drive-based systems that can store an entire media collection.

Portable Player Reviews
Products designed for use on the go.

Streaming Device Reviews
Also called “media players,” these devices bring the Internet to your TV.

Turntable Reviews
LPs are alive and well but you’ll need a turntable to play them.

Other Source Reviews
Stuff that doesn’t fit into the categories above.

Other Gear

Custom Install Reviews
Systems that deliver music and video throughout the house.

Headphone Amp/DAC Reviews
Outboard digital-to-analog converters designed to ensure the best possible audio performance.

Headphone Reviews
Over/on-ear headphones and earbuds for personal listening.

Remote Reviews
Remote controls that can operate any (or almost any) device.

Video Processor Reviews
Stand-alone processors dedicated to making TV and video look as lifelike as possible.

Accessory Reviews
A catch-all for gear that doesn’t fit into the categories above.

Test Tool Reviews
Tools for evaluating (and getting top performance from) AV gear.


Ultra HD Blu-ray Movie Reviews
Our take on the latest movies and TV shows on Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc.

Blu-ray Movie Reviews
Our take on the latest movies and TV shows on Blu-ray Disc.

3D Blu-ray Movie Reviews
SV editors tell which of the latest 3D movies are worth buying.

Music Disc Reviews
SV editors critique digital downloads, music discs, and more.