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Onkyo and Pioneer today announced the release of a firmware update that enables AV receivers from both brands to use Apple’s AirPlay 2 wireless platform to stream music from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to speakers around the house and use Siri voice commands to control compatible products.
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Thirteen years ago today, Toshiba introduced the first HD DVD players in U.S. stores with high hopes that the new format would be the high-definition successor to the wildly popular DVD and conquer the rival Blu-ray format championed by a coalition of nine companies, including Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, and Samsung.
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Sonos has announced an update that enables owners of the Sonos One smart speaker and Beam soundbar — both Sound & Vision Top Picks — to use Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to access and control Apple Music.
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PRICE $18,000

Fantastic HDR performance
Reference-level optics
Industry leading contrast
Some dynamic contrast-related artifacts
Noticeable fan noise in High lamp mode

JVC’s second-generation 4K beamer sets a new high bar for projector HDR performance. Add industry leading contrast, reference-quality optics, and exceptional usability and you have a projector that punches way above its price point.

It took a while, but JVC has finally updated its full consumer projector lineup to native 4K (4,096 x 2,160) resolution. Just over two years ago, Sound & Vision reviewed the company's first native 4K model, the $29,995 flagship DLA-RS4500. For this review I am going to cover the flagship model from the new range, the DLA-NX9 (also available as the DLA-RS3000 from JVC's professional division). At $18,000, the NX9 isn't exactly a casual purchase, though it does deliver some new features at a price point we haven't seen before from JVC.

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On April 8, Aerosmith delivered a 90-minute performance for the ages inside the THX Certified Park Theater at the Park MGM in Las Vegas during their Deuces Are Wild residency. Our exclusive VIP section review shows how the combined powers of THX, L-Acoustics’ L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology, the MIXhalo live-audio mixing platform, and 1MORE THX Certified triple-driver in-ear headphones all helped make it happen.
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If you’re hungry for new vinyl and somehow missed the festivities around Record Store Day this past Saturday (hey, it happens), fear not: A few hundred new releases are catalogued for perusal on the excellent website,
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Parasound has announced plans to deliver its most-affordable integrated amplifier/digital-to-analog converter (DAC) early this summer.
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The U.S. will continue to lead the way in smart speaker adoption as the category explodes around the world — especially in China — with an installed base that’s expected to grow 82% in 2019, according tech research firm Canalys.
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The latest 4K DLP projector in BenQ’s CinePrime series of home theater-focused models is available starting today.
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If the Moody Blues' most brazen, brave, and bold November 1967 mixture of conceptual rock and broad classical arrangements known as Days of Future Passed both saved their career and opened newer doors of sonic perception for them (and us) to walk through, then their mind-expanding July 1968 follow-up, In Search of the Lost Chord, truly cemented their position as purveyors of some of the headiest of mixes to essentially usher in a new era of progressive music. Indeed, the magnificent Moodies' late-'60s and early-'70s stereo mixes are often credited with helping to sell the true advantages the then-burgeoning FM format had over AM radio in the United States.