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Atlantic Technology today announced that it is now shipping the “highest caliber” tower speaker the company has ever built.
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An odd but strangely rewarding pairing of two movies on 4K Blu-ray, one of which left my jaw on the floor.
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Have you ever wondered how you could get your son or daughter more involved in your love of audio equipment, music, or engineering in general? STEM is an important agenda item, but what can you do, right here, right now to spark an interest in your children? Bose has the answer. Instead of buying your children a pair of headphones or a speaker they’ll open and use, how about you all work together to build them up from a complete kit?

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Dirac Research, the Swedish company specializing in sound optimization software, today announced that it will unveil a new module for its Dirac Live speaker setup/room-correction system designed to significantly improve bass performance.
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The internet-based Canadian home audio company Fluance today expanded its turntable offerings with the new Reference Series line, comprising four servo-controlled belt-driven models ranging in price from $299 to $499.
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Integra is the latest home audio company to embrace MQA technology.
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A few last-minute holiday offers have been brought to our attention as Christmas Day draws near.
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We combed through our recent Top Picks as we head into the final stretch of the 2018 holiday shopping season and came up with a list of 11 potential gifts — to give or get.
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Set in the early 1400s, Russian writer-director Andrei Tarkovsky’s greatest masterpiece depicts the life of the famous icon painter, Andrei Rublev. But it also keeps everyday village existence, extraordinary events, and medieval Russian history moving from background to foreground in an episodic narrative tapestry. Princes and religion rule every aspect of Russian life, with motivation for actions stemming from belief in God (or the retribution of the church), subservience, and fear of the merciless Tartar invaders. Faith and art are put to the test in this overflowing epic as the painter travels through the decades of his time.
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DTS has announced that 11 more DTS Play-Fi-enabled products from three top audio brands are now compatible with Alexa voice control.