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Just in time for Veterans' Day (November 11) comes a movie about the WWII battle of Midway. In June 1942, six months after Pearl Harbor, this unlikely American victory over Japan's attempt to occupy a seemingly insignificant American outpost on a tiny Pacific atoll was, if not the turning point in a war that would rage for another 3+ years, at a minimum a major blow to Japan's then formidable naval strength.
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Como Audio has announced a special pre-holiday offer for readers of Sound & Vision: a 20% discount on any of its music systems.
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Owners of Samsung smart TVs now have a front-row seat and quick onscreen access to the new Disney+ streaming service that went live today.
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Not to be left behind, Optoma has joined in on the pre-holiday sales blitz with a few discounts that register modestly on the holiday discount scale.
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Emotiva Audio is shipping eight new products, including a high-end 16-channel AV processor, a “world-class” CD player/transport, and a height speaker designed for use in object-based surround systems.
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Qobuz, the Paris-based high-resolution (hi-res) music streaming and download service that launched in the U.S. last February, has dropped its “Premium” MP3 streaming option and moved to a less expensive, single streaming plan.
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Keanu Reeves is back as the super-assassin with his faithful pooch still by his side in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Wick has a $14 million bounty on his head for killing top-ranking members of the High Table, the governing body of this underground legion of assassins. The entire population of super-killers is out to get him, and their bylaws allow no one to provide him sanctuary.
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It seems no one is waiting for what used to be called Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). Vizio has announced a one-day TV and soundbar sale event that will be held tomorrow (November 9) at Sam’s Club.
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The great buildup to the end-of-November Black Friday is now a relic of the past. To prove the point, Samsung is unleashing “Black Friday” deals now with some serious across-the-board markdowns on its 2019 4K and 8K QLED LCD TVs. The company is also offering sharp discounts on some of its soundbar audio systems.
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Build Quality
PRICE $289

Elegant retro design
Excellent sound

No remote control
No internet radio or app
No multiroom capability

The One II is a smaller, streamlined follow-up to Klipsch’s excellent Three wireless speaker that sounds as good as it looks.

Speakers don’t sit idle at Klipsch. The company is always looking for ways to evolve its products. Case in point is the new One II wireless speaker, a scaled-down follow-up to the excellent Three wireless speaker we reviewed a couple years ago.