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Forget the misguided moral and political complaints:Three Billboards is a masterpiece, a dark tale about grief, anger, and the inadequate cushions of community. It’s also funny as hell. Writer-director Martin McDonagh, an Irish playwright (two words that say much), has long explored Biblical themes through vernacular-profane language and deeply flawed characters (his best film until now,In Bruges, was basically about sin).
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Samsung has collaborated with the pioneering audio brand Harman Kardon on two new high-end soundbars.
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Has streaming saved the music industry? Depends on whom you ask. If we’re to believe certain vocal factions within the music business, we’re already officially entrenched in the “end of owning music” era...
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Yesterday’s Throwback Thursday post highlighted an iconic speaker company that was founded in 1972. But what is the company and who are the three young lads shown standing amid stacks of audio testing gear?
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S 809 HCS Speaker System
Build Quality

S 810 Subwoofer
PRICE $1,497 as reviewed

Top-grade Atmos imaging and ambience reproduction
Connector-less elevation speaker hookup
Unusually good center-speaker tonal match
Minor upper-mid constriction
Minimal contribution from subwoofer

This Jamo Atmos-ready system provides impressive immersion and solid value, though bass-heads will want to investigate the company’s more capable subwoofer offerings.

Jamo, the Danish speaker firm whose name rhymes with—well, not “ham-oh,” and not “Hey Moe!,” and certainly not orange—but with, more or less, “ma-mo,” has been quietly busy upon our shores for several decades now. That quiet became a bit noisier after the firm's acquisition by Klipsch in 2005 (both now part of the VOXX corporate group founded by car-fi stalwart Audiovox).

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Emotiva Audio has announced the availability of two new high-power subwoofers and a compact Class D monoblock power amp priced just under $300.
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In 1972, three friends from Johns Hopkins set out to capture the wonder of the live concert experience and bring it home. With a handmade wooden logo, a passion for music, and keys to a ramshackle Victorian rooming house, a famous audio company was born. Can you identify the one or more of the three young lads in the photo?
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Comcast recently announced that its Xfinity X1 cable service will offer Amazon Prime Video alongside Netflix and YouTube streaming by the end of the year. The move supports the growing trend of cable and satellite companies providing streaming options alongside live TV channels to keep their customers from cutting the cord.
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You can’t keep a good series down. When Cinemax’s top-tier action series Strike Back signed off seemingly for good in 2015 after five über-thrilling series installments, all signs pointed to the show putting its legacy to rest after triumphantly biking off into the sunset.
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Netherlands-based startup Volareo today launched the “world’s first open source smart speaker” on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.