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Producer/engineer Josh Evans has been tasked with bringing Pearl Jam’s storied catalog into the Atmos universe, and he’s already spearheaded a number of great immersive mixes for various catalog entries of theirs ranging from the band’s explosive 1991 debut Ten to the broader strokes of 2020’s Gigaton. Recently, Evans got on Zoom with music editor Mike Mettler from the friendly confines of his studio HQ in Seattle to discuss why Pearl Jam trusts his Atmos instincts, the rigorous multitrack tape-to-digital transfer process he follows, and why it’s important to sometimes just let the music breathe. Read on to immerse yourself accordingly. . .

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Register to win a Cleer Audio SCENE Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker (value $99.99) we are giving away.

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Hisense is a leading global consumer electronics brand known for its TVs. It has now partnered with the NBA to engage more fans across North America. As the NBA's Official TV and Home Appliance Partner, Hisense will exclusively present "X-Factor Moments," a weekly video series highlighting key plays from the 2023 postseason.
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When Douglas Trumbull, the wizard behind the visual effects on Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, finally took to the director’s chair, the result was 1972’s Silent Running. The environmentally themed adventure set in the distant future stars Bruce Dern in a gripping early career performance as botanist Freeman Lowell.

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Looking back over the first few months of the year, we find a dozen Top Picks worthy of consideration, whether you’re updating a long-cherished sound system or assembling your first hi-fi or surround setup.
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Cartoon by Charles Rodrigues.

In a flash of inspiration last week I decided it was time to sort through the mass of paperwork squirrelled away in my office. That’s when I discovered a long-forgotten folder labeled “Humor”…

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Any Kind of Love Is Alright

XTC was indeed riding high following the both-sides-of-the-Pond success of February 1989’s psychedelically fulfilling Oranges & Lemons, but far be it from Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, and David Gregory to even think of doing the same thing twice.

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Onkyo today announced plans to bring a new flagship 11.2-channel AV receiver to market this spring.
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British speaker specialist KEF has once again expanded its range of Ci-Reference architectural speakers with two new THX-certified in-wall models, but this time the focus is on its “Extreme Home Theatre” collection and Dominus-level certification.
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The Velvet Underground is not for everyone—nor were they ever intended to be. The critically regarded avant-garde darlings of Andy Warhol's Factory scene of late-1960s New York, the VU forged a truly groundbreaking style of music that saw the doo-wop/pop songwriting and seedy poetry predisposition of guitarist/vocalist Lou Reed embed with the hypnotic, drone-centric playing style of violist/pianist/composer John Cale.