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Puro Sound Labs, the San Diego-based maker of kid-safe headphones, has partnered with autism advocate KultureCity to help bring awareness to sensory sensitivity and offer hearing protection for autistic children at more than 150 entertainment venues around the country.
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Widows is a taught crime thriller directed by Oscar-winner Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave), who co-wrote the script with author Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl). Based on a British television series, it follows the lives of several women brought together by their husbands' criminal pasts and features an outstanding cast led by an intense performance from Viola Davis, with support from Daniel Kaluuya, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, and others. Told in a stylish and well-paced manner, Widows holds plenty of twists and surprises for the viewer. I found the movie to be thoroughly engrossing.
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Once you let Roon manage your digital audio playback, your multizone listening aspirations will be fulfilled.
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Apple has introduced a second-generation version of its popular Airpod wireless earphones that outperforms its predecessor in several key areas.
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Q Would audio upmixing solutions like Dolby Surround or Dolby Pro Logic IIz be able to convert stereo sound for a 5.1.2 speaker setup? —Osama Ashoor, via email

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Twenty-two years ago this week, the first DVD players were introduced in the U.S. after numerous false starts and delays over copyright concerns raised by Hollywood movie studios. DVD offered an upgrade in picture quality over VHS tape plus the convenience of a CD-like disc that wasn’t prone to wear and made it quick and easy to navigate through content, putting an end to tedious rewinding and fast-forwarding.
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Streaming video on mobile devices continues to surge worldwide but the convenience of watching your favorite shows anywhere is increasingly besieged with frustration, according to a new study from Penthera, a New York-based software company that specializes in mobile streaming.
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Mixcder, a California-based company that prides itself on delivering audio bargains, has introduced full-size wireless noise canceling headphones that sell for $80 on Amazon.
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Build Quality
Build Quality
PRICE $996 (as tested)

Dynamic and lively sound
Good stereo and surround sound imaging
Requires careful setup for best performance
Basic black finish only

Klipsch’s R-41M speaker system amply demonstrates how a 5.1 surround package can outperform a same-priced soundbar. Enthusiastically recommended for both movies and music.

Putting together a home theater system on a limited budget can be a daunting task. That's why so many people instead take the easy route and buy a soundbar to handle audio. Sure, a one- or two-box (with subwoofer) solution is simple to shop for and a snap to hook up, but what about the sound quality? With soundbars, the amplifiers, speakers, and signal processing are all designed to work together in an integrated unit, so it's often possible to squeeze surprisingly big and powerful sound out of the bar's tiny drivers.

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Keyboard maestro Reese Wynans called us from his homebase in Nashville to discuss how he and producer/partner Joe Bonamassa decided where his organ should appear in the final mixes of his first ever solo album Sweet Release, why he began listening to vinyl again, and how he had to instantly be on his A-game when he first joined up with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble.