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Cartoon by Charles Rodrigues.

In a flash of inspiration last week I decided it was time to sort through the mass of paperwork squirrelled away in my office. That’s when I discovered a long-forgotten folder labeled “Humor”…

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Any Kind of Love Is Alright

XTC was indeed riding high following the both-sides-of-the-Pond success of February 1989’s psychedelically fulfilling Oranges & Lemons, but far be it from Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, and David Gregory to even think of doing the same thing twice.

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Onkyo today announced plans to bring a new flagship 11.2-channel AV receiver to market this spring.
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British speaker specialist KEF has once again expanded its range of Ci-Reference architectural speakers with two new THX-certified in-wall models, but this time the focus is on its “Extreme Home Theatre” collection and Dominus-level certification.
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The Velvet Underground is not for everyone—nor were they ever intended to be. The critically regarded avant-garde darlings of Andy Warhol's Factory scene of late-1960s New York, the VU forged a truly groundbreaking style of music that saw the doo-wop/pop songwriting and seedy poetry predisposition of guitarist/vocalist Lou Reed embed with the hypnotic, drone-centric playing style of violist/pianist/composer John Cale.

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Mechanical drivers could become a thing of the past if xMEMS Labs has its way.
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LG Electronics USA announced the pricing and availability of its 2023 LG Sound Bar C (SC9) and LG SE6 models. These new soundbars are designed to complement its 2023 TV range, both in appearance and performance. LG claims the Sound Bar C is the first to integrate technology and features from IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X while employing triple up-firing height channels.
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Frndly TV has increasingly been appearing in search results over the past few months so I decided to check it out. The service offers live TV for as little as $7 per month.
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Build Quality
PRICE $299

Compact Design
Plenty of output above 30 Hz
Wallet-friendly street price
Weak output below 30 Hz
A bit boomy

If you’re on a tight budget and aren’t looking for subterranean bass output, the XT10 will provide some oomph down to 30 Hz for a wallet-friendly price.

Polk Audio is an American manufacturer of high-performance audio products, founded in 1972 by Matthew Polk, George Klopfer, and Sandy Gross. The company quickly made a name for itself in the audio industry by introducing innovative technologies such as the first ever satellite speaker for home use...

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