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It’s time to remind everyone what a big deal Terminator 2: Judgment Day still is. The action/adventure genre underwent a serious evolution in the ’80s, and by 1991, to be taken seriously, T2 had to be bigger and better than anything that had come before.

And it was.

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Less than three weeks after the Germans invaded France in May 1940, the British Expeditionary Force found themselves backed up against the English Channel. The evacuation that followed sought to rescue over 300,000 British and French troops using a combination of British warships and hundreds of “little boats.”
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Edifier, a global supplier of speakers and headphones, has applied the high-style design of its Luna speaker to a six-piece home theater speaker combo with looks that kill.
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Sonos has announced that audiobooks and other spoken-word programming from Audible is now available on its platform.
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PRICE $199

Handles PCM, DSD, and MQA natively
Second iEMatch output for IEMs
USB or battery powered
No analog line input

This full-featured budget amp/DAC can get the best out of most headphones, especially in the all-important presence region.

If you’re looking for a USB amp/DAC to juice your headphones, you might assume that a couple hundred bucks would buy nothing more than a stick amp, one of those compact dongles that extends straight out from your computer’s USB port. We live in the golden age of the stick amp, and I’m sure not knocking ’em. But what if the same money can buy something with a little more real estate for circuitry and the always vital power supply, offering better than 96-kilohertz/24-bit resolution, DSD, MQA, and two headphone outputs with different gains, one for demanding ’phones and one for more efficient ones (including in-ear monitors, aka IEMs)? Of course, you must read on.

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New Group Combines AVTech Media’s Specialist Hi-Fi/Home Theater Titles with TEN’s Home Tech Network to Create World’s Largest Consumer Electronics Audio/Visual Publishing Enterprise

NEW YORK, NY — AVTech Media Ltd (UK) ( has purchased the Home Tech Network from TEN: The Enthusiast Network (, it was announced today.

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Q What software and computer control panel volume settings deliver the best sound when playing music using apps like iTunes and sending the digital output to a DAC? —John de Perczel

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In a rare display of functionality, the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Ray Baum Act. Named after the former staff director of the Energy and Commerce Committee who died recently, the bill reauthorizes the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), among other things.
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If those blaring SUV ads are challenging your attention span or DVR trigger finger, here’s some good news: NBC recently announced plans to trim advertising time by 10 percent and reduce the number of breaks by 20 percent, starting with the coming fall season.
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Pioneer has expanded its 2018 Elite receiver lineup with a 7.2-channel base model that lists for $499.