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The European Imaging & Sound Assn. Celebrates the Year's Best Gear

EISA, the European Imaging & Sound Association has announced the winners of its 2017-2018 Awards program. Technical experts from more than 50 leading specialist magazines in 25 countries have recognized 66 products as the best in their categories.

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MarkAudio-Sota Cesti MB Speaker
The entry-level model in a new line of finely crafted speakers, the Cesti MB combines Italian style with British engineering in a speaker designed and built in China. The company prides itself on constructing its speakers from scratch using custom drivers and crossovers and super sturdy cabinets made of laminated dual-core panels.
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It’s a paradox, that’s what it is. Technology, by nature, charges forward. Its unstated goal is to obsolete itself as fast as possible. If you’re into technology, the only real place to be is on the cutting edge. You must be an early adopter, own the latest and greatest, and camp overnight at the Apple Store. The paradox is that if you are one of those people, you might be envied, or even admired. But you are not cool.
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Royole announced today that owners of its Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater will be able to watch feature films through a new app called "Royole Lounge."
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Few people probably noticed a subtle change to Spotify that started a few weeks ago. In keeping with a standard already adopted by Tidal, YouTube and iTunes, Spotify has lowered the volume of its streams...
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Facebook last week announced a new platform for watching videos as a follow-up to the video tab it launched last year as a “predictable place to find videos.”
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In a city of human-like animals (think Zootopia), Buster Moon, an ambitious koala theater owner, has fallen on hard times. He hasn’t had a hit in ages, when he suddenly has an inspiration: We’ll pack ’em in with a singing contest! When his loopy lizard assistant mislabels the announcement flyers to offer a $100,000 prize, hundreds of hopefuls show up for the auditions.
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Return to a time when “computers” were exceptionally intelligent, hardworking human beings who crunched the daunting numbers needed to advance the space program. Sadly, this was also an era of rampant sexism in this country, as well as deeply rooted racism, especially in the South where the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was headquartered. In 1961, Russian dominance in outer space put NASA at the heart of the Cold War.
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Bang & Olufsen, the Danish luxury audio brand known for its high-style products, announced that a select group of B&O Play-branded products are now available in Best Buy stores and on BestBuy.com.
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I love that time of year when, after a couple of false starts and brief teases, the persistence of winter finally breaks for good and the soft breezes of spring arrive. That’s a decidedly northern experience, of course, one that some folks eventually move south to get away from permanently (well, the winter that precedes it, anyway), and which others have never known because of their origins in warmer climes. I get it — I’ve got family all over the country and have spent plenty of time out west and in Florida, and I see how a guy could get used to it. But the New Yorker in me thinks those folks are missing out. If you haven’t struggled through a winter, even a mild one, you can’t fully appreciate the fleeting beauty of a spring and summer in the same way. You need that frame of reference. It makes being outside that much better.