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New Group Combines AVTech Media’s Specialist Hi-Fi/Home Theater Titles with TEN’s Home Tech Network to Create World’s Largest Consumer Electronics Audio/Visual Publishing Enterprise

NEW YORK, NY — AVTech Media Ltd (UK) ( has purchased the Home Tech Network from TEN: The Enthusiast Network (, it was announced today.

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Q What software and computer control panel volume settings deliver the best sound when playing music using apps like iTunes and sending the digital output to a DAC? —John de Perczel

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In a rare display of functionality, the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Ray Baum Act. Named after the former staff director of the Energy and Commerce Committee who died recently, the bill reauthorizes the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), among other things.
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If those blaring SUV ads are challenging your attention span or DVR trigger finger, here’s some good news: NBC recently announced plans to trim advertising time by 10 percent and reduce the number of breaks by 20 percent, starting with the coming fall season.
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Pioneer has expanded its 2018 Elite receiver lineup with a 7.2-channel base model that lists for $499.
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Klipsch Reference Premiere Designer On-Wall Speaker Series
Klipsch has the perfect solution for enthusiasts who want big sound but don’t have room for freestanding speakers. The latest iteration of its flagship Reference Premiere series trades bulky enclosures for slim, wall-mountable cabinets with wraparound magnetic grilles.
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Audeze has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to introduce a new set of planar-magnetic headphones built around 3D audio technology developed by Israel’s Waves Audio.
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3D is dead as a doornail in major-brand TV lines but Samsung appears to think it has a future in theaters. It has created a 3D version of its 34-foot Cinema LED theater screen.
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No one had ever seen or heard anything like it before. When Roxy Music released their self-titled debut in June 1972 — ironically enough, on the exact same day their spiritual brother-in-creative-arms David Bowie released The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars — the art-school-tempered British sextet instantly ushered in an immediate sea change for both the style and sonic character of an already sagging rock scene...
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PRICE $1,000

Clear, crisp sound
Cool, retro design
Can drive efficient speakers to reasonably loud levels
Hi-res Bluetooth requires LDAC source Pricey

TEAC’s stylish, computer-friendly integrated amp is a great option for both desktop and living-room listening.

Integrated amplifiers designed for use both on the desktop and in the listening room are a niche category that we’ve looked at before, most recently in reviews of Elac’s $699 Element EA101EQ-G and Cary Audio’s AiOS. But of all the hi-fi manufacturers working this space, TEAC is the one that embraces it most enthusiastically.