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Klipsch Reference Premiere Designer On-Wall Speaker Series
Klipsch has the perfect solution for enthusiasts who want big sound but don’t have room for freestanding speakers. The latest iteration of its flagship Reference Premiere series trades bulky enclosures for slim, wall-mountable cabinets with wraparound magnetic grilles.
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Audeze has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to introduce a new set of planar-magnetic headphones built around 3D audio technology developed by Israel’s Waves Audio.
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3D is dead as a doornail in major-brand TV lines but Samsung appears to think it has a future in theaters. It has created a 3D version of its 34-foot Cinema LED theater screen.
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No one had ever seen or heard anything like it before. When Roxy Music released their self-titled debut in June 1972 — ironically enough, on the exact same day their spiritual brother-in-creative-arms David Bowie released The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars — the art-school-tempered British sextet instantly ushered in an immediate sea change for both the style and sonic character of an already sagging rock scene...
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PRICE $1,000

Clear, crisp sound
Cool, retro design
Can drive efficient speakers to reasonably loud levels
Hi-res Bluetooth requires LDAC source Pricey

TEAC’s stylish, computer-friendly integrated amp is a great option for both desktop and living-room listening.

Integrated amplifiers designed for use both on the desktop and in the listening room are a niche category that we’ve looked at before, most recently in reviews of Elac’s $699 Element EA101EQ-G and Cary Audio’s AiOS. But of all the hi-fi manufacturers working this space, TEAC is the one that embraces it most enthusiastically.

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New research from Dallas-based Parks Associates finds that as live TV viewing continues to decline among U.S. broadband households, nearly 60 percent of the video viewed on a household’s main TV is on-demand content as opposed to traditional “linear” programming scheduled by broadcasters.
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London-based MQA Ltd. launched a live streaming version of its MQA audio encoding technology at simultaneous events held yesterday in London and Austin, Texas.
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Keeping track of Apple rumors is a full-time job. And I must admit that since I am not an Apple fanboy, I don't really pay close attention. But one persistent rumor is that Apple will soon launch a new headphone — and dare I say it — it may be an audiophile headphone.

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Has pop music become less interesting? This amateur musicologist seems to think so...
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If you missed Star Wars: The last Jedi in theaters you can now stream it in Dolby Vision 4K on Vudu or on Movies Anywhere — or you can wait until the 4K/Ultra HD Blu-ray hits next Tuesday (March 27).