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As we head into winter, Elite Screens is thinking ahead to warmer weather with a lightweight outdoor video projection system that boasts an ultra-short-throw DLP projector and freestanding projection screen.
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Enclave Audio of Woodland Hills, California today introduced two wireless “plug-and-play” 5.1 home theater speaker systems, one of which is the first to carry both THX and WiSA certification.
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Amazon's newest audio offering, the Echo Studio, packs five drivers and Dolby Atmos into a compact package and promises to deliver terrific sound quality and a truly immersive soundfield. I am trying to figure out whether I should love or hate this thing.

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The true superpower on display in the current Spider-Man franchise might be its irresistible charm. Marvel's beloved signature character has certainly had some Hollywood ups and downs, but in his most recent iteration he seems content to exist in the shadow of Tony Stark/Iron Man rather than stand truly alone. Add to that irksome choice an abundance of high school drama and perhaps an over-reliance upon comedy and big-screen Spidey is at risk of alienating longtime fans. Still, Spider-Man: Far from Home somehow manages to engage us from start to finish.
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The DA2 digital audio module McIntosh introduced with in July with the release of its C53 preamplifier is now available for installation in McIntosh products equipped with the company’s original DA1 module.
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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. To help you get the ball rolling we’ve compiled a list of Sound & Vision’s Top Picks that represent a good value at prices ranging from $80 to $1,000. Of course, as more and more companies look to kick start sales in advance of Black Friday, some of these products may already be discounted, so don’t forget to check. Oh, and be sure to peruse each of the five pages presented here so you don’t miss anything.
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Depending on how you look at it, the arrival of Apple TV+, Disney+, and other streaming options — some still on the horizon — is either a glut or an embarrassment of riches.
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With the traditional Black Friday kick-off to holiday shopping only two weeks away, the holidays are coming fast. If you’re like us you are already keeping an eye out for deals and thinking about gifts for friends and family, which leads us to today’s Sound & Vision poll question. In exchange for a couple minutes of your time, we’ll share the results with everyone in a few days. And please leave a comment to let us know what other types of gear are near the top of your list (sorry this poll only supports one response). Thank you!
What Product Tops Your Holiday Wish List?
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PRICE $4,000 (as tested)

Designer colors and mounting options
Rechargeable battery option allows varied placement
Silky smooth, silent retractable operation
Tab tensioning less robust than competitive retractable screens
Price may deter some

The Solo Pro 2 offers a highly flexible alternative to standard motorized screens. And when paired with the company's Slate 1.2 screen material, it provides satisfying viewing in elevated light conditions, and excellent results in lights-out theater mode.

Austin, Texas, that state's vibrant capital city, houses many cultural icons. For Millenials (not me), it means the South by Southwest film, music, and tech festival. For Formula 1 racing fans (ok, I confess...) the Circuit of The Americas is— finally—the home of a United States Grand Prix. And for music devotees of any age (y'all count me in), Austin's official motto, "Live Music Capital of the World," says it all.

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There was no hoopla a couple weeks ago when Warner Bros. quietly released the 80th Anniversary 4K reissue of one of the most beloved movies of all time — The Wizard of Oz.