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Days before the announcements at the Apple developer’s conference this month, the Apple TV app received an update that drastically changed its menus, features and content. With it, Apple has created the best streaming video experience available
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Marantz today unveiled two AV receivers “tuned to deliver audiophile-quality sound” in 7.2- and 9.2-channel configurations with support for hi-res audio and multiroom wireless streaming with voice control via the Heos platform created by sister brand Denon.
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In my last blog, “Home Theater Planning: Walk Back the Design,” I discussed the process I use to help clients decide on a new surround-sound system installation. Basically, I encourage them to work back from how they want the project to look when it’s finished instead of focusing up front on other criteria like performance.
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PRICE $2,800

Brightness to spare
Good off-center viewing
Superb HDR
No Dolby Vision
Small, non-backlit remote

Samsung's new QN65Q80R may not be the company's flagship TV, but it offers an ample helping of that model's features, design, and performance.

It wasn't long ago that a buying a premium UHDTV demanded your first-born in exchange, or at least a sizeable portion of his or her college tuition. At $2,800 (and widely available for less), Samsung's new QN65Q80R "QLED" TV isn't exactly the lowest-priced entry in the growing category of affordable UHDTVs, but it's certainly a welcome one. Samsung also sells 55-, 75-, and 82-inch versions of the Q80R, the latter priced under $5,000.

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Listen up movie fans: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment wants to know which movies you would like to see on 4K/Ultra HD Blu-ray.
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We’ve reviewed more than a dozen speakers since the beginning of the year and, while all categories are popular with S&V readers — especially home theater systems and subwoofers — speakers designed to dispense with speaker cables and receive audio signals through the air are among the most highly coveted. Here are four Top Picks, including one that was singled out for Top Value accolades.
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The Society for Information Display (SID) presents an update on the many faces of next-gen TV technology.
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Denon today introduced a hi-res-ready stereo receiver with onboard wireless music streaming, a phono input, and something you won’t find in most two-channel components — a full-featured HDMI video section.
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KLH, the iconic audio brand that was revived in early 2018, has announced the availability of the Ultimate One headphones it previewed at CES in January.
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Yamaha yesterday offered a sneak peek at two slim, Alexa-enabled soundbars slated to ship in July.