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In Jason Statham’s latest action-thriller, The Beekeeper, he portrays Adam Clay, a retired operative from a clandestine organization known as “Beekeepers.” After the tragic loss of someone close to him, due in part to the actions of professional online scammers, Clay comes out of the shadows, embarking on a mission to dismantle a system that has corrupt ties to the highest levels of government.

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MadVR Labs today introduced Envy Academy Online, a free self-paced educational course for industry professionals and home theater enthusiasts who want to learn how to harness the power of the company’s award-winning madVR Envy video processor to achieve the best possible picture quality.
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When North Carolina-based home theater specialist Audio Advice finished converting a 12 x 20-foot attic space into a luxurious, high-performance home theater, the homeowner couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome — or more surprised to learn how room calibration can turn an already great sounding system into one that sounds thrillingly lifelike.
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Wrensilva, the San Diego-based company specializing in classic hi-fi consoles, has announced a new range of hardwood finish options and sound quality updates for its hand-crafted Record Console Collection.
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PRICE $149

Detailed sound
Low latency
Good voice pickup
Long battery life
Wired option
No noise canceling
Lacks deep bass

A versatile and comfortable headset option for PlayStation owners, the Pulse Elite combines the detailed sound of planar-magnetic drivers with a high-quality microphone, which makes it great for gaming.

As much as I love playing video games on my main system, I recognize that, unlike music, a soundtrack filled with effects is not one that a non-gamer will enjoy. So when I dive into a Grand Theft Auto Online session, unless I'm alone, I rely on headphones.

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Two family-friendly games are coming to owners of LG smart TVs under a partnership the TV brand struck with Blacknut Cloud Gaming.
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Q Bluesound’s Node streamer has a built-in DAC and costs around $500. Meanwhile, Lumin, Linn, and Naim sell streamers without built-in DACs for over $2,000 or $3,000. What do these more expensive streamers do to the signal that justifies the extra expense? And if the digital output from these pricier streamers is of higher “quality,” can a high-quality DAC compensate for a lower-priced streamer with a “lower quality” output? — Reginald Tinsley

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New England’s Andover Audio, maker of the innovative Spinbase Turntable Speaker System, today announced a powered bookshelf-speaker system that is easy to setup and designed to accommodate a variety of hi-fi setups.
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LG today announced pricing with discounts for the new B4 Series OLED TVs that sit just below its flagship evo G3/G4 models.
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Of course, seeing is no longer believing — especially if you're watching anything on video. You've seen the deepfakes of celebrities and politicians and everyone recognizes the potential societal harm that is brewing here. But, this AI AV cloud has at least one silver lining.