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Build Quality
PRICE $799

Stunning design with consummate build quality
Pleasurable sound balance
Plush ear pads
Sound balance may be too rich for some tastes

Campfire Audio’s Cascade is a class act, with distinctive good looks and a sweet, easy sound.

Even before I start listening to headphones, their look and feel on my head can have an influence on my first impressions of the sound. On that score, Campfire Audio’s Cascade headphones really had my hopes up. The satin black machined aluminum earcups felt like they could survive a close encounter with a city bus and escape unscathed. The plush, real lambskin-covered earpads promised good times ahead. Yesiree, the Cascade makes a mighty fine first impression. What about the sound, you ask?

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Marshall, the U.K.-based maker of some of the most revered guitar amplifiers in the world, has announced two Alexa voice-equipped versions of its “mini Marshall” wireless multiroom music systems.
Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Oct 23, 2018  |  1 comments
My hypothesis is this: Things that are old will last longer and will be more useful for a longer time, than things that are new. Yes, the logic of my hypothesis is somewhat circular, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. Exhibit A: The vacuum tube.

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Como Audio has announced a Halloween Giveaway for its Solo wireless music system, recipient of a Sound&Vision Top Pick.
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Paul Barton, noted Canadian speaker designer and founder/chief designer of PSB Speakers, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday at the Toronto Audio Fest.
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Vana, the Lake Grove, NY-based distributor of audio products and accessories, today announced that it is now the official North American distributor for European Audio Team’s (E.A.T) line of vacuum tubes.
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The first decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has all been leading to this, an adventure so utterly spectacular that...well, it’s going to need a whole other movie to wrap the story up. Jam-packed with a who’s-who of familiar faces (and masks), Infinity War is a remarkably complex tale of conflict and loss highlighted by thrilling, high-stakes action. No time is wasted in thrusting us into the battle against the malevolent Thanos (Josh Brolin from Deadpool 2).
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Clockwise from top left: Josef Krebs, Mike Mettler (right) with Graham Nash, Tom Norton, David Vaughn, Chris Chiarella with the comedian Gallagher.

A recent reader comment on this site gave high praise to the magazine’s AV equipment reviews, but then went on to condemn our “weak” attempts to review movies on Blu-ray disc. The gist of the message was that movie disc reviews are best left to websites that can cover them on a timely basis, as opposed to the weeks or even months that it can take for Sound&Vision to turn out reviews of the same titles.

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Calculating how many times key entries in the Yes catalog have been remastered, remixed, repackaged, and reissued can sometimes feel akin to tallying how many official live albums The Grateful Dead have released over the years—well, okay, maybe not quite that many, but still…. It can also be somewhat arduous to keep up with all the ongoing Yes release permutations without a scorecard, let alone decide which ones are worth purchasing.
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In-ear monitor (IEM) specialist 64 Audio has introduced four custom in-ear monitors, including a special-edition model produced in collaboration with Grammy-nominated bassist Nathan East.