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Audio Performance
PRICE $999

App-driven HEOS eco-system
Up to 5.1 channels
Wireless HEOS surround and sub options
Nearly no front-panel controls
No low-volume mode
No Dolby Atmos or DTS:X

The Denon HEOS AVR reimagines the black-box receiver as a sleek, shapely, app-driven beauty that leverages the home network to provide wireless sub and surrounds.

Having successfully developed their own wireless ecosystem under the HEOS brand, Denon is using it to reinvent the audio/video receiver. What the company calls the HEOS AVR departs from the black-box norm by offering suave dove-gray aluminum as an optional alternative to the usual black. It isn’t a box, either, or at least not a pure rectangular solid, thanks to a diagonally split, convex front panel. Whereas other A/V receivers wear lots of buttons or conceal them behind a flip-down door, the HEOS AVR has a front panel that’s pointedly devoid of any controls except a large metal volume dial. And in lieu of a front-panel display, it has only a large horizontal LED stripe in the HEOS style for volume and status. This isn’t just another receiver. It’s a deliberate provocation.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the second film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and the eighth chapter in the Star Wars saga, opens in U.S. theaters on December 15, 2017. Get ready for the marketing blitz.
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When the news hit last fall that Samsung was set to acquire Harman International, pundits wondered how the merger would impact the iconic company whose history includes introduction of the first stereo receiver under the Harman Kardon brand in 1958.
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I know, I know. You read Sound & Vision to learn about audio and video topics. It’s a welcome refuge from the political furor that has engulfed every other facet of our lives. But, of course, ultimately, nothing is immune from politics. So, let me ruin your day by telling you about the latest political hot potato: hearing aids. You heard me right. Hearing aids.
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Soundcast, the San Diego-based company specializing in wireless outdoor speakers, has announced a couple new features its latest VGX Series models: a capacitive touch interface in two models and DTS Play-Fi support in another.
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More than 5 billion smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices are at risk of an invisible hack that spreads an infected device to nearby Bluetooth devices without any user interaction such as clicking on a booby-trapped link or downloading a malicious file, according researchers at IoT security firm Armis Labs.
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A I’ve seen references to MQA. What is it? —Phis Tomaskovic / via e-mail

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Yarra 3DX, hailed as “the world’s most advanced 3D-audio platform” is off to a brisk start.
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Much as 1955’s Rebel Without a Cause and 1969’s Easy Rider defined the youth-culture zeitgeist of their respective decades, 1977’s Saturday Night Fever deftly captured the me-decade essence of the 1970s, instantly catapulting John Travolta to the A-list in the process.
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In 2002, Sony Entertainment kicked off the Resident Evil film series based on the popular zombie apocalypse video game of the same name. Fifteen years and five sequels later, the beleaguered franchise comes to a close… sort of. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is technically the last installment in the long-running series, but plans are already afoot to reboot the entire franchise and start over again from square one. The expression “beating a dead horse” springs to mind, but I digress.