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Aliens (1986)
The Abyss (1989/1993)
True Lies (1994)

Across a career now spanning 40 years (if we use the version of his résumé that lists The Terminator as his debut), James Cameron has proven himself as one of our most popular filmmakers. His oeuvre totals fewer than 10 movies, yet they have been much-appreciated mdash; including two that were top box office champs — so newer, superior disc releases are seemingly forever at the top of fans’ wishlists. Fox/Disney recently sent us a trio of long-demanded Cameron films in so-called Ultimate Collector’s Editions, available for the first time on 4K disc: Aliens, The Abyss, and True Lies. Let’s explore them in the order of their theatrical release.

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The rollout of NEXTGEN TV broadcasting continues to make headway with industry officials today reporting that over-the-air service featuring high dynamic range (HDR) programming is now available in 57 TV markets across the U.S., meaning more than 70 million homes are now able to receive these broadcasts, which include internet-based “broadcast IP” sources.
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McIntosh today unveiled a compact aptX HD-enabled Bluetooth transmitter/receiver that makes it easy to add high-quality wireless streaming to any legacy audio system that lacks this capability.
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PRICE $8,000

Highly bright
Premium level color accuracy
Wide viewing angels
Massive screen size
Competitive price
Built-in NextGen TV tuner
$8,000 price tag
Shadow detail crushing in dark scenes (pending firmware update)
Distracting (at times) visible screen reflections
Hollow, boxy sounding 4.2.2-channel onboard surround sound

Offering an excellent, very bright, large-screen flat-panel display, the Hisense 98UX simulates a movie theater experience at home with advanced features and one of the brightest pictures we’ve ever tested, though we noted some distracting screen reflections. Despite not being cheap, it is a relative bargain compared to other large-screen models, with a 110-inch version also available later this year.

The Hisense 98UX is an excellent, very bright, large-screen flat-panel display capable of simulating a movie theater experience at home in a way that few other LCD-based televisions can.

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Apple previewed a number of compelling new features and capabilities at its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), including some of the most significant changes we’ve seen in years with Apple’s version of AI figuring prominently into 2024 updates and features. With our usual focus on all things audio and video, here’s a summary of the key announcements.
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Got tech questions? Looking for advice on how to get the most out of your A/V gear? The experts at Sound & Vision have answers! Email your questions to
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Severtson Screens, the family-owned Arizona-based company specializing in professional and consumer projection screens since 1986, is unveiling a new series of projection screens with built-in masking at the InfoComm 2024 exhibition, which opens tomorrow in Las Vegas.
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Sometime in late 2019, as I was waiting at an airport for a connecting flight, I removed my Bose noise-canceling headphones and set them down on the empty seat beside me. A little later I got up to find my departure gate and in the rush left the headphones on the seat! I remembered a couple of minutes later, but when I returned the headphones were gone. Some lucky traveler is probably still using them...
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One of the forward-thinking rooms in the April AXPONA 2024 show contained a system that is not a new idea per se, but a good idea for sure. The technology used exists, implemented in various forms in other products. But now we have an (almost) complete package with the Dynaudio Focus series: A self-contained streamer, active crossover, and amplifier is found in each unit within the Focus lineup.
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Software updates are great for fixing technical glitches and adding new features to all kinds of AV gear, but VU meters?