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When the Avengers get back together again following their split up in Captain America: Civil War, they’re faced with their most powerful adversary yet, Thanos. The foster father of Gamora and Nebula (of the Guardians of the Galaxy), Thanos wants to cull the herd, so to speak, by eliminating half the population of the universe to reduce the drain they’re putting on its natural resources. Like any dedicated environmentalist he’s just trying to help, but to execute his plan, so to speak, he must first collect all of the Infinity Stones, forged in the Big Bang. When gathered together they offer the bearer absolute power. Thanos can then achieve his goal with a snap of his fingers.

As the story begins, Thanos has destroyed the ship carrying the Asgardians away from their home planet, which was itself destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok (try to keep up with the plot points from at least some of the previous 153 Marvel comic book movies...

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CEDIA has announced the finalists for its 2018 Best New Product Awards program in advance of the 2018 CEDIA Expo, which opens in San Diego September 4.
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Paradigm has introduced six subwoofers, five of which feature app control, automated room correction from sister company Anthem, and wireless connectivity via an optional kit.
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You might have seen the clickbait headlines: “CASSETTES JOIN VINYL IN DRAMATIC COMEBACK.” Don’t believe the hype. It just ain’t happening.
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Bowers & Wilkins today introduced a “dramatically improved” sixth iteration of its popular 600 Series speakers.
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Next time you’re at a concert, look around. Want to know how to spot the audiophiles? They’re the ones with cotton balls and Kleenex sticking out of their ears. Anyone concerned with protecting their hearing knows how dangerous loud concerts and even movie theaters can be. Usually, the only options were earplugs that blocked frequencies unevenly, making it hard to understand lyrics and dialogue. Want to be a cool audiophile? Check out Decibullz Professional Filters, Earplugs, and Earphones.

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As the 2018 fall school season gets underway, Back to School sales are popping up everywhere, promoting discounts on everything from socks to headphones. The folks at Shop Sound & Vision alerted us that they have created a Back to School Deals page to help students get back in the groove. Here’s a snapshot of a few bargains that might be worth a look.
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Forget the misguided moral and political complaints:Three Billboards is a masterpiece, a dark tale about grief, anger, and the inadequate cushions of community. It’s also funny as hell. Writer-director Martin McDonagh, an Irish playwright (two words that say much), has long explored Biblical themes through vernacular-profane language and deeply flawed characters (his best film until now,In Bruges, was basically about sin).
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Samsung has collaborated with the pioneering audio brand Harman Kardon on two new high-end soundbars.
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Has streaming saved the music industry? Depends on whom you ask. If we’re to believe certain vocal factions within the music business, we’re already officially entrenched in the “end of owning music” era...