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Ambient-light-rejecting (ALR) projection screens that picture contrast in spaces that can’t be completely darkened continue to grow in popularity thanks to recent advances in performance and declining prices.
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EPI, licensee of Philips-brand video monitors in North America, has announced that the DisplayHDR1000-certified monitor introduced in April is now available at Best Buy and Amazon for $1,000.
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Yamaha today unveiled a 5.1-channel AV receiver offering Alexa voice control and wireless surround capability in a space-saving “slimline” design.
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Roku has announced its entry into the wildly overcrowded TV speaker market — but not with a soundbar.
Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Jul 17, 2018  |  6 comments
Amazon will rule the world. Bricks-and-mortar is ancient history. Shop on your phone, click the button, and the drone will drop off your new TV within the hour. Right? Well, maybe. But apparently Best Buy didn't get that memo. The company has come roaring back.

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Klipsch today introduced a high-performance soundbar that can be customized to match the width of most TVs.
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CEDIA today announced that Joel Silver has been chosen as this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.
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Today is Prime Day, Amazon’s (successful) attempt at creating Black Friday-like sales mania in the middle of the summer.
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And then there was one. Once as ubiquitous as McDonalds, with seemingly one on every block, the once-mighty Blockbuster has been reduced to a solitary store. Our heart goes out to the millions of high-school kids who lost their jobs. If only we had done as they asked, and rewound our tapes.

Brandon A. DuHamel  |  Jul 13, 2018  |  0 comments
Kenneth Branagh has spent his career as an actor and director tackling the classics, from Shakespeare to Mary Shelley, and this time out he dives into Agatha Christie’s famous mystery Murder on the Orient Express, playing the author’s beloved Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.