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Upon its release 40 years ago, Footloose thrilled audiences with its spirited dancing, electrifying soundtrack and inspiring story about a Chicago city-boy, Ren McCormick, who arrives in an uptight small town where dancing has been banned due to its potentially sexual influence on the minds of its teenaged residents. Ren quickly falls for the minister’s daughter, but his love for music and dancing gets him into hot water equally fast, not only with the town leaders but a local hard case with a score to settle.

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Subwoofers remain a relatively rare sight at high-end two-channel shows, however they are appearing more frequently. But at last month's AXPONA 2024, Perlisten shook things up with the debut of its R18S subwoofer.
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At last Month's AXPONA 2024 audio show, there were a lot of systems to appeal to the two-channel high-end crowd, the sort of systems Stereophile covers. And while this system is indeed a high-end two-channel rig, the subwoofer from Seaton Sound caught our attention.

What initially brought me into this room was the little-known information I had armed myself with before the show: the introduction of a new subwoofer, a joint venture between Seaton Sound and Paducah Home Theater.

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Teac has announced plans to ship a compact preamp featuring a high-performance USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and headphone amplifier early this summer.
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PRICE $1,700

Accurate color out of the box
User-friendly auto-geometry set-up adjustments
Movie-friendly Dolby Vision and HDR
Another amazing autofocus application
Unique hybrid laser/LED light engine
Image size relies principally on physical placement
Sub-class-leading contrast
Ergonomic quirks that should long be resolved
Mediocre remote, lacks backlighting
In the room-to-room category, but handle-free

As Larry David often says in Curb Your Enthusiasm: “Pretty good…pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.” Balancing most aspects critical to me and fancying the Horizon Ultra, I would tend to echo Larry. You may like this projector for your intended use as well. Ultimately, though, after a solid month of steady use, just enough fell slightly outside the bullseye, particularly a less-than-ideal contrast ratio but also a few grating ergonomics that, for now, my AMEX will remain at its zero balance.

A self-described purveyor of “smart projectors and laser TVs,” Xgimi may not be the first brand name mentioned in answer to a man-on-the-street projector query. Though Internet forum gurus and YouTube influencers have done much to espouse Xgimi’s evolutionary stable of products, I am willing to wager that the name still escapes a majority of S&V readers.

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Italy’s Sonus faber has announced the next generation of the popularly priced Sonetto speaker series it introduced in 2018.
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It’s official. Sonos today announced its long-rumored entry into the competitive headphone arena with a high-end set of noise-cancelling wireless headphones designed with movie-watching in mind.
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Mark your calendar: SVS is hosting one of the first public demonstrations of its new flagship Ultra Evolution Series speakers at World Wide Stereo in metro Philadelphia on Thursday, May 30th — one week from today.
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Queen: Rock Montreal, the concert film featuring the iconic British rock group and its electrifying front man Freddie mercury at the Montreal Forum in 1981, is the first concert film available with IMAX Enhanced DTS:X sound.
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Question: What is the difference between wood-burning fireplaces, and solar panels? The difference between Colt Single Action Army revolvers, and Glocks? The difference between Mabel's Rib Shack, and McDonald's? Answer: The former have souls. The latter do not. Which brings us to today's news item, concerning Lamborghini.