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Stereo consoles were all the rage in the ’60s. Every major TV company sold them—some with an integrated 25inch screen, some without. Many were imposing pieces of furniture placed front and center in living rooms across America. I have vivid memories of paying $3 or $4 for my first album at the long-gone Jersey-based chain store Two Guys and promptly replacing the Engelbert Humperdinck LP on the platter of our Zenith console with Abbey Road.
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A A recent firmware update for my Onkyo receiver added Dolby Atmos processing, but the receiver only accommodates two height speakers. Is it worth cutting into my ceiling for such a minimal setup? If so, where should the speakers be positioned? —Peter Noris / via e-mail

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Ten years ago today, Apple introduced the iPhone, a sleek device that made the BlackBerry (a.k.a. “crackberry”) and other “smartphones” of the day seem clunky and dull. A device that would redefine the smartphone and, ultimately, change the world.
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Build Quality

Great sound on the cheap!
Triple driver design
Nice and comfy
Ho-hum looks

The Monoprice TripleXXX’s sound quality definitely ups the ante for budget-priced in-ear headphones.

The Monoprice TripleXXX may be the most affordable headphone I’ve ever reviewed for Sound & Vision, but I took it seriously. So much so, it was my go-to headphone for NYC subway rides for weeks, even when I wasn’t in reviewing mode and just listening to the TripleXXX for fun. That says a lot about these headphones, so don’t let the low price throw you. These little guys sound plenty good enough for audiophiles looking for a set of budget-priced travel headphones.

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The striking 77-inch flagship version of LG’s Top Pick-designated 65-inch “wallpaper” OLED has arrived in stores.
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Left to right: Tom Walker, who led AudioControl for nearly three decades, Jay Small, and CEO Alex Camara in 2011.

AudioControl, the Seattle-based maker of home and car audio products known best for its signal processors, is celebrating 40 years in the consumer electronics business.

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Cable operators are complaining about package deals that junk up their systems with channels they don’t want.
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Dirac Live, the acclaimed room-correction technology, is coming to products in NAD’s Masters and Custom Install lines under a strategic partnership with Dirac Research, the companies announced yesterday.
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Nuvyyo, maker of Tablo over-the-air (OTA) DVRs, today announced the availability of a tuner adapter and free app aimed at cord cutters who want to watch and record HDTV broadcasts without adding DVR hardware.
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The Wi-Fi-based Wand wireless audio system Riva Audio previewed at CEDIA 2016 last September is now available for purchase, the company has announced.