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LG has announced an updated user interface (UI) for its 2017 and 2018 smart TVs that includes Hulu with Live TV, a streaming subscription plan that provides live sports, news, and entertainment from more than 50 channels in addition to the Hulu library of TV series and movies.
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Everything else is going HD, so why not vinyl?

Austrian-based startup Rebeat Innovation has received almost $5 million in funding to continue developing a new kind of high-resolution vinyl record that not only sounds better than the best of today’s vinyl releases but plays longer and louder as well.

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The Nani? PHA-M70 Personal Sound Amplifier Pioneer previewed at CES in January is now available in the U.S. for $150.
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Welcome to my world. The world of Zwift that is — the online virtual cycling game/training tool that makes indoor cycling fun. Yes, I said it. Training indoors can actually be fun, and the bigger and better your TV is, the more fun it will be. If you struggle with your significant other over new electronic purchases, I have found your solution. Get your SO hooked on Zwift and he or she will beg you for a bigger TV.

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The 1982 science-fiction opus Blade Runner remains an undeniable visual spectacle that fired the imaginations of many a viewer. While neither a bona fide critical or commercial success upon debut, it visualized a Los Angeles of the future beyond anything we’d seen before and set the stage for endless fan speculation that has led to five different studio-sanctioned cuts thus far. The sequel, 2049, was released to much of that same indifference. Thirty-five years coming, it still failed to generate a response befitting a cult franchise of this magnitude.
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UK-based desktop audio specialist iFi audio has introduced a battery-powered ultra-portable amp/DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that makes hi-res audio transportable.
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As audio/video systems have advanced in performance, features, and capabilities, they have also become increasingly more difficult to operate. Back in the day, a TV was just a TV, with a single remote control and about 13 channels to navigate. You pointed the remote at it, and if it didn’t work, you changed the batteries. A sound system had an input selector to choose what to listen to and a volume knob to make the music louder or quieter.
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PRICE $2,995

Ample power for all channels
Dynamic sound
Signal-sensing power-on mode can be fussy

Parasound’s new five-channel amplifier is a versatile performer, delivering clean power with ample headroom for both movies and music.

While attending the 2017 CEDIA Expo in San Diego, I happened upon a small European audio electronics manufacturer that was showing a prototype five-channel amplifier. When I asked why the company was planning to release a multichannel amp after many years of making stereo-only gear, I was told matter-of-factly that home theater was “making a comeback.” A comeback? To me, home theater had never gone anywhere, so I found the response surprising.

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Q My system consists of a Sony XBR-X900E TV, a PlayStation 4Pro console, and a Yamaha YAS-207 soundbar. The PS4 Pro does not play Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, so I’m planning to buy an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Here’s my problem: I want to connect both the PS4 Pro and the disc player to the Yamaha, but the soundbar only has one HDMI input. I’ve looked around for an HDMI switcher that’s compatible with both 4K/60-Hz video signals and high dynamic range but haven’t been able to find one. Will I have to switch the cable connected to the soundbar from my sources on an as-needed basis to maintain best picture and sound quality? —Paul Trava / via e-mail

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Vizio has announced three new models for its top performing P-Series line of smart TVs.