Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Jan 13, 2020  |  1 comments
My plan for world domination is simple: vacuum cleaners. Of course, as with any fiendishly clever plan, mine has certain nuances. And although it does not involve laser beams, piranha, or secret lairs inside volcanoes, I think you will agree that my plan is quite diabolical.
Al Griffin  |  Jan 11, 2020  |  5 comments
GoldenEar Technology’s Sandy Gross is no stranger to change, having started, and then eventually moved on from, two major speaker brands, Polk Audio and Definitive Technology. As we reported last week , GoldenEar was recently acquired by The Quest Group, owner of the AudioQuest brand of cables, Niagara power products, and DragonFly DACs. With change, of course, comes uncertainty, which is why it was reassuring to walk into the company’s CES suite and see the man himself conducting demos of GoldenEar’s latest speaker, the Bookshelf Reference X.
Al Griffin  |  Jan 10, 2020  |  1 comments
When Sound & Vision reviewed DALI’s Callisto wireless speakers, we were impressed by their rich, dynamic sound and robust wireless performance courtesy of BluOS high-res multiroom audio streaming. What impressed us less about the Callisto was its somewhat bland, utilitarian design. Enter the new DALI Rubicon C line.
Al Griffin  |  Jan 10, 2020  |  0 comments
Like several other TV makers at CES, Vizio plans to introduce its first-ever OLED models in 2020. The company was displaying the new sets, which will be available in 65- and 55-inch screen sizes, at its usual offsite digs along with its new V-, M-, and P-Series Quantum and Quantum X sets that are also scheduled to ship in 2020.
John Sciacca  |  Jan 10, 2020  |  0 comments
There were no shortage of startups in the smart-home category at CES, but cruising up and down the aisles of Eureka Park in the Sands Expo Convention Center, I stumbled across Oval, a new all-in-one sensor that makes it an exciting entry into the crowded DIY smart-home sector.
John Sciacca  |  Jan 10, 2020  |  0 comments
While Meridian’s line-up of digital speakers might be out of your budget, you can still enjoy some of the company’s sonic digital wizardry which is featured in the new line of LG premium soundbars. These bars leverage a long-standing partnership between LG and Meridian Audio and apply Meridian’s in-depth understanding of psychoacoustics and world leading DSP expertise, incorporating key technologies such as Bass & Space, Image Elevation, and Meridian Upmix Technology to boost low-frequency reproduction, widen the soundstage, and ensure a more lifelike listening experience by elevating the perceived height of lead instruments and vocals — extra important when the bar is positioned beneath a display.
John Sciacca  |  Jan 10, 2020  |  2 comments
If your only reason for holding off on purchasing a new Lamborghini Huracan EVO to this point was that you were worried it wouldn’t integrate well with your new smart home, good news! At CES this week Amazon and Lamborghini announced that the 2020 EVO will be the first car to feature Alexa in-car integration!
John Sciacca  |  Jan 10, 2020  |  0 comments
Since it was initially teased at CEDIA in 2018, IMAX has been parsing out information s-l-o-w-l-y about its new Enhanced program. There have been occasional partner announcements, a random IMAX Enhanced 4K Blu-ray documentary, and promises of streaming providers to come. Well, it seems we are finally at a point where IMAX Enhanced is a thing, and you can start watching movies in some of the best quality available now!
John Sciacca  |  Jan 10, 2020  |  0 comments
While the majority of hubbub at Samsung’s booth was centered around new televisions with thinner bezels, more pixels, larger and brighter screens (along with all things Galaxy and a bevy of smart appliances), there was an interesting demonstration going on in a back corner of the booth called Q-Symphony. Fortunately, I took the time to sit through the demo and learn about how certain upcoming Q-Series Samsung displays will utilize this unique feature to greatly expand the audio soundstage delivering a far more cinematic experience.
Al Griffin  |  Jan 09, 2020  |  3 comments
I met up at CES with Dan Mackta, Managing Director of Qobuz USA, for an update on how things have been coming along for the high-resolution music streaming service since it officially launched in the U.S. market last February. Here’s what Dan had to say.