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Right or wrong, writer/director Damien Chazelle knew what he wanted. From the cinematographic techniques to the costumes and sets to the staging of the elaborate song-and-dance numbers, he employed every tool at his disposal to bring this uniquely Hollywood tale to life.
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You can use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to control streaming to your TV right now. But do you want to?
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Projectors, which have been a staple of movie theaters since the silent film era of Charlie Chaplin, are headed for extinction.
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If you work in an open space—and hate it—rest assured a Ukrainian company is working on a solution they say will isolate you from inevitable distraction and help you get a little peace and quiet.
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Live Aid, the 16-hour super concert/fundraiser organized by Bob Geldof, leader of the Irish rock group The Boomtown Rats, took place 32 years ago today at London’s Wembley Stadium.
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Onkyo has introduced an entry-level integrated stereo amp that delivers “refined” performance for $599.
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Samsung has stepped up its soundbar game with a new flagship model that uses patented distortion-cancelling technology to “provide a sweet spot no matter where you sit.”
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I recently bought a 7.1-channel receiver, along with a 5.1 speaker system. Due to space limitations, I plan to install the surround speakers in the rear of room behind the seating area. Here’s my question: Should I configure the rear speakers in my receiver’s setup menu as Surrounds or Back Surrounds? —Greg Smith

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Build Quality
PRICE $200

Truly innovative tech
Proprietary quad-driver design
Highly transparent sound
Great value
Cables aren’t user-replaceable

The 1More Quad Driver’s sound dazzles with its transparency, wide-open imaging, and nimble bass.

There’s something really special happening here. The 1More Quad Driver In-Ear is easily the most transparent, best-imaging headphone I’ve heard for $200. I’m not joking—before I knew the price, I assumed it was at least $300 or $400. Since there’s no outward indication of what makes the Quad Driver so outstanding, I was super eager to find out.

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“Outside, it’s America.” That’s U2 vocalist Bono, setting the stage for the explosive climax of “Bullet the Blue Sky,” one of the pivotal tracks on the band’s 1987 masterpiece, The Joshua Tree. As Bono purposefully charges his way through the denouement of the narrative, ace guitarist The Edge literally dive-bombs the aural equivalent of the lyrical floodlights—let’s call them “flood-licks”—through a series of unrelenting scorched-earth riffs while the track careens to its final U.S. caress.