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In a classic game of total one-upmanship, Ascendo Immersive Audio brought its SMSG 32 Subwoofer to CEDIA, with a immense 32-inch driver that basically called out all the other “large” subs at the show and told them to make it a sandwich. And the crazy thing? This is only the third biggest sub the company manufacturers!
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For years, I’ve been telling Sound and Vision readers in my Connected Life blog that they should be pulling extra wiring throughout their home whenever possible — and that although they might not use that wiring today they would be thankful for having it tomorrow. PowerShades has totally validated my suggestion with its new line of PoE (Power over Ethernet) shades unveiled at CEDIA that can be fully powered and controlled by a single Category rated (Cat5/6) cable!

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The upscale Revel Be range has, up to now, been limited to a moderately large, 3-way floor-stander with dual 8-inch woofers ($10,000/pair) and a 2-way bookshelf.
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One of Sound & Vision's latest Top Picks in projectors went to Epson's Home Cinema 5050UB. At CEDIA, the company was featuring its Pro Cinema 6050UB, which costs a thousand bucks more.
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The new LS-500 short-throw 4K Laser Projection TV system Epson introduced at CEDIA Expo 2019 includes an ambient light rejecting screen designed to work in "virtually any viewing environment."
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JVC's line of LCOS projectors hasn't changed much this year except for the addition of a feature it calls Frame Adaptive HDR.
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JVC used CEDIA Expo 2019 as a launchpad for its new LX-N23 DLP laser-driven, single chip DLP, 4K projector.
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Announced in a pre-show blog on the eve of CEDIA Expo 2019, GoldenEar's Bookshelf Reference X (BRX), scheduled for release in early 2020 at an expected retail price of $699 each, has made an impressive splash.
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With automation controllers designed to run projects of any size, having a system failure can be catastrophic. In a large project, the failure of the main controller or processor could mean that lights don’t work, security integration fails, surveillance cameras would be unreachable, and all the home’s entertainment systems would also go offline. To ensure that these mega-projects keep working through either snow, rain, heat or gloom of night, Control4 unveiled its latest flagship controller, the CA-10 Automation Controller.