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Q I have a home theater system based around a Sony STR-DN1080 7.2-channel receiver and I’m on a quest to pick up new speakers to use for Dolby Atmos. What’s the best speaker match in the $1,000-to-$2,000 range? Also, how would I hook everything up to optimize the system for Atmos? —Ernest Walker / via e-mail

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PRICE $1,600

Impressive dynamics and clarity in both stereo and multichannel
Quick-response onscreen interface
Four-zone multiroom capability plus wireless MusicCast Excellent, responsive streaming-audio client
Remote control is crowded and not illuminated

Fully competitive with other flagship AVRs in basic performance, the Yamaha RX-A2070’s proprietary DSP music listening modes are an added attraction that could win over even the most serious listeners.

Once, receivers used to receive (radio waves), and amplify, period. They still do, but those are almost beside-the-point functions. Receivers nowadays are more concerned with decoding, casting, wireless-connecting, virtualizing, surround-formatting, multi-room-extending, auto-analyzing, and more. In fact, I don’t know why we still call these things “receivers,” but, whatever.

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Legendary Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has been a hands-on Monster gear user for decades, ever since he first plugged one of their patch cables into his live rig. At CES, Perry and I sat down together exclusively to discuss why he personally must use anything he puts his name on, why reproducing true bass content is critical, and how he insisted everyone who worked on his new solo album Sweetzerland Manifesto utilize the same Elements headphones to establish a sonic baseline.
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The pigskin wasn’t the only thing in play as fans watched the Philadelphia Eagles take down the New England Patriots in Sunday’s Super Bowl LII matchup. Verizon conducted a series of live tests to demonstrate the massive bandwidth capabilities of next-generation 5G wireless technology.
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ESPN yesterday announced plans to launch a streaming service and a redesigned app this spring.
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Nuvyyo, the Canada-based maker of Tablo brand over-the-air (OTA) digital video recorders (DVRs) for cord cutters, today introduced an app that brings off-air recording features to Samsung smart TVs built around the Tizen operating system.
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They call it “the most beautiful TV you’ve never seen,” which is a perfect way to describe The Frame, a high-style 4K display from Samsung that morphs into wall art when it’s not in use. While the idea of concealing a TV behind artwork is nothing new—there are companies that specialize in motorized TV concealment systems—Samsung’s fully integrated execution is the most elegant approach we’ve seen.
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Control4, a leader in smart home technology, today introduced a $350 home automation controller the company hopes will expand the market for smart home systems.
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Today is the big day. Or rather, today is the heavy day. The day that the Falcon Heavy is (finally) scheduled for blast-off. Yes, it might be scrubbed. Or it might just blow up. If it launches, it will be an important day in the history of car stereo.

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HiFiMan, the China-based personal audio specialty company, has introduced an over-ear planar-magnetic headphone designed for everyday use.