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Most AVRs have the same, plain, bland look to them. Black chassis, couple of knobs, some buttons, and a two-line LCD display that provides some basic information. NAD has given its new T 778 Reference AVR a gorgeous facelift in the form of a sleek TFT touch display that can be used for full front panel setup as well as provide information during operation, such as VU meters during playback or metadata while streaming music. Of course, because it’s from NAD, the T 778 is also packed with some pretty serious hardware to ensure pristine sound quality.

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The benefit to ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens is that they allow for bigscreen projection systems to be set up in living rooms and other spaces where there's typically a medium to high level of ambient light. The downside to ALR screens is that you have an enormous, blank rectangular object permanently situated on the wall of your living room.
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Monoprice shows no signs of pulling back from its mission of delivering quality AV gear at prices “significantly below industry standards.”
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The new Transformer outdoor theater system from Stealth Acoustics goes from nothing to something awesome in less than a minute.
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Want to watch the new movie Joker on opening night in the comfort of your own home theater? Red Carpet Home Cinema has a system that can make that happen…provided you can pay for the privilege.
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It should come as no surprise that CEDIA is filled with passive soundbars — custom installers generally prefer to go the passive route, which allows them to install a bar snugly in or on the wall below a flat-panel TV, with power coming from a separate, rack-mounted amplifier. It should also come as no surprise that passive soundbars are part of Paradigm's extensive speaker mix, which now includes the new Millenia LP Trio that made its debut at CEDIA 2019.
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MartinLogan's demo of its new Masterpiece CI Series in-wall speakers has proven to be one of the more ear-catching events at CEDIA 2019. The 9.4.4 speaker demonstration used a pair of Statement 40XW (shown at right), five Monument 7XW, two Tribute 5XW, and four Sistine 4XC in-ceiling speakers augmented by a quartet of the company's Dynamo 1600X subwoofers. Movie clips used included a particularly face-melting segment from the Alita:Battle Angel Ultra HD Blu-ray.
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High-end home theater owners know JBL Synthesis as a brand that delivers high-end, no-holds-barred performance. The company today introduced two 16-channel immersive surround-sound controllers at CEDIA that bring renowned high-end performance and a fully loaded feature set to drastically lower price points.

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Launched at the high-end Munich audio show this past May, Lexicon displayed its new SL-1 active loudspeaker at CEDIA. The flagship system takes a radically different approach to providing either a pinpoint audio image or room filling sound by employing a ring of individually amplified and controlled drivers. The speakers can be freely positioned and use advanced beam steering technology to aim and focus the sweet spot almost anywhere in the room to ensure the best possible sound at the listening position.
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Pro Audio Technology, the Lake Forest, CA-based speaker specialist that blurs the line between pro and consumer audio, is showcasing a sophisticated amplifier/controller with swiss-army-knife-like functionality at the CEDIA Expo 2019 exhibition, which opened today in Denver.