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Is there anyone out there who is going to complain about being able to buy AV gear today at pre-COVID prices? I didn’t think so — and that’s what makes today’s announcement from Premium Audio Company (PAC), the company behind Klipsch, Pioneer Elite, Onkyo, and a handful of other AV brands, so refreshing.
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McIntosh Labs has announced that the MA252 integrated amplifier, the first to feature the intriguing Hybrid Drive circuit design the company introduced last year, is now available to purchase online through several authorized dealers. The amp had previously been available only in dealer showrooms.
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Made by British film and stage director, producer, and screenwriter Sir Sam Mendes, Empire of Light is set in the English seaside town of Margate of 1980-81 (where I grew up) in a two-screen cinema. Regular life for duty manager Hilary (Olivia Colman), the box-office and concession staff, and the projectionist is gradually changed after handsome, young black man, Stephen (Micheal Ward), is hired by the manager (Colin Firth) to be a ticket taker.
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Rush’s September 1982 album Signals celebrates the release of its 40th anniversary Super Deluxe Edition today, April 28, 2023—and it’s a spatially inclined box set that contains a stunning new Atmos mix of the core album by longtime Rush confidante and noted producer/engineer Richard Chycki on Blu-ray. In a recent Zoom interview, Chycki and music editor Mike Mettler discuss the esteemed producer’s overall Atmos mixing M.O. for Signals, the one specific request from Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson that was honored in “Subdivisions,” and why “Countdown” truly lifts off into the stratosphere in Atmos. Read on to decipher all the fine immersive signals accordingly. . .

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It is not uncommon for an audio manufacturer to hold a product launch at a recording studio. Although the newly released products at these events often have little or no relevance to pro audio, such a venue is undeniably cool. The pro audio tie-in was readily apparent at the HiFiMan press event held on Wednesday (April 26) at Quad Recording Studios NYC in the always-bustling Times Square area of Manhattan.
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Premium Audio Company (PAC), the entity behind Onkyo, Pioneer, and Integra brand AV receivers, today announced a firmware update to improve functionality and connectivity for a number of Integra, Onkyo, and Pioneer AVRs.
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Whether you’re laughing your way through You People or groovin’ to Post Malone’s “Chemical,” speakers are undeniably the single most important link in the audio chain. The quality of your speakers can make or break the illusion of being in the middle of the action or up close and personal with your favorite musicians. Which is why we encourage you to check out our Top Picks in speakers so far in 2023.
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PRICE $999

Reference-quality sound
Excellent connectivity options
Exceptional ANC

Annoying voice confirmation
Short On-Head detection setting
Audio disabled while charging

The first headphones from legendary audio specialist Mark Levinson, tuned precisely to the Harman Curve, the No. 5909 are both exceptional sounding and have excellent ANC properties.

They say money can’t buy happiness. Without a doubt, it can buy the $999 Mark Levinson No. 5909 headphones, and without a doubt, these make me happy. The Mark Levinson No. 5909 headphones are the first headphones from this elite division of Harman. These over-ear headphones feature adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, USB-C wired connections and wireless Bluetooth.

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To spur interest in its platform, Google TV has added 800 free TV channels to its Live TV tab. New channels and apps have been added, and the guide has been arranged to help you find whatever you are in the mood to watch easily.
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We don't like to think about it, or perhaps we've never thought to, but from parts to finished products our AV products come largely from China. Yes, there are other players, but China with its cheap labor dominates the AV space.