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How Pittsburgh’s Simply Automated transformed a garden oasis in the heart of the city into a magnificent outdoor entertainment space.
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Build Quality
PRICE $179

Compact form factor
Good extension and output
Limited features
No wireless option

There’s nothing fancy about OSD Audio’s Nero TubeBass 10, but if you’re looking to get decent bass performance in smaller-size room without a paying a premium, it’s well worth a listen.

As someone who appreciates the benefit deep bass brings to music and movie soundtracks, I've come to accept that having a box the size of a small refrigerator in my living room is a reality of life I need to contend with. That box, of course, is a subwoofer, and welcoming one into your space is the deal you must strike in order to get deep bass. Some cleverly engineered models use innovative DSP-driven solutions, along with serious amplifier power, to coax extended bass from compact boxes— certain subs we've reviewed from JL Audio and KEF come to mind. And while such models definitely make a better fit with non-mancave-like interior spaces, you'll pay handsomely for the tech wizardry that brings about the bass miniaturization.

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JBL, one of the crown jewels of Harman’s portfolio of audio brands, has announced a retro-styled bookshelf speaker that draws on decades of experience building professional monitors for recording studios.
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Roku has announced its Spring 2021 product line and new updates to the Roku operating system, Roku OS 10. There are a few new exciting products and features—some playing catchup with other systems' capabilities, and others that are leapfrogging ahead. 
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You can admit it. You are intrigued. Of course, it can’t be true. But is it purely nonsensical? Is it a “pigs can fly” kind of declaration? Or is there someway, somehow, a grain of truth in it? And if that’s the case, how on earth could you conceivably connect the dots between the Little Corporal and the Compact Disc?
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Closing an almost 50-year career that began with Un Chien Andalou, writer-director Luis Buñuel—aided by screenwriting partner Jean-Claude Carrière—created a trio of subversive amusements that savagely poke fun at pillars of French society, including church, military, and figures of the establishment. The master surrealist did so by playing with and disrupting conventional narrative structures, questioning the validity of his protagonists' rationality, and reducing their self-serving behavior and values to nonsense while upsetting cinematic expectations of viewers.
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I’ve been doing my “Connected Life” (originally “The Custom Installer”) column every issue now for almost 20 years. Over that time, I’ve covered numerous how to’s, tips and tricks, walk-thrus, and suggestions for virtually anything related to the custom installation world. But now, after roughly 200 columns, features, and blog posts, I’m wondering what kinds of posts will resonate and be most helpful to you, the Sound and Vision readers.

So, I’m asking for your help and input.

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We’re barely three weeks into spring and we’ve already amassed an impressive lineup of S&V-approved A/V gear for the casual enthusiast and grizzled veteran alike. Topping the list at either end of the spectrum is an AVR that delivers a surprising number of cutting-edge features for 600 bucks and a spectacular, 11-piece Dolby Atmos-capable speaker system from one of England’s finest brands. And we’re just scratching the surface…
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Q I am planning an upgrade to Panasonic DP-UB9000 Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Can I can connect the player’s 7.1 analog output to my Yamaha AVR’s multichannel input (like I currently do with my Oppo player) and hear Atmos/DTS:X? —Rick Poage, Fairfax, VA

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PRICE $999

Solid headphone-surround
Impressive Dolby Atmos, DTS:X effects
Long battery life
Substantial vocal tonality shifts
Uneven bass presentation

JVC’s Exofield XP-EXT1 delivers an impressive rendering of effects in immersive soundtracks, but it comes up short as an all- around wireless home theater headphones solution.

True surround sound from headphones has been an audio holy grail for decades, but with the ever-increasing power and value of digital signal processing, we're now getting closer to drinking from that particular chalice. JVC's latest effort is the XP-EXT1 Personal Home Theater System, a set of wireless over-the-ear cans with a slim processor/transmitter that uses the company's Exofield DSP processing to digitally rejigger surround-encoded soundtracks, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, for your in-head listening pleasure.