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Summer is perfect for sitting back, relaxing and enjoying music and videos. There’s plenty of gear available to enhance the experience, including products that enable letting go on the go or while lounging on the beach or by a pool. Then, there are devices meant for inside use where you might be prone to switch on a fan or power up the AC. Just grab a cool beverage and pick your product!
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PRICE $2,499

Spacious, rich sound
Gorgeous aesthetics
Tank-like build quality
Small display
Limited wired connectivity options
Lacks room correction

The Marantz Model 40n is a thoroughly modern music streaming machine that sounds great and delivers a robust set of features without losing sight of the brand’s storied past.

I attended a launch event for the Marantz Model 40n a few months ago and marveled at just how far the iconic brand has come since founder Saul Marantz took his first steps as an audio pioneer way back in 1945. In true hobbyist fashion, he modified his car radio so he could listen to it at home and, once it was up and running there, continued tinkering with it to improve its performance.

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When I started my career as a custom installer, getting a cinema-size image meant a front projection system in a light-controlled room. But technology has since developed to the point where you can now get a 100-inch flat-panel TV for well under twenty grand. Which solution is right for you?
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You've just caught Covid, for the third time. Last year, your 401(k) was poised to lavishly finance your early retirement. Yesterday, you spent what was left of it on a tank of gas. Regular, none of that fancy premium stuff. The good news is that you've found a nice quiet corner in Concourse E. It even has a wall outlet. The airline assures you that you might get home by Labor Day. Today is July 11.

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Based on incidents from writer-director Kenneth Branagh's own childhood in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and set against the outset of the Troubles in 1969, this bloody masterpiece—a joy from beginning to end—is a moving comic-tragedy on both personal and historical levels, one that's filled with warm sentiment, great Irish humor, and a touching sense of loss.
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It’s interesting how some people refer to certain summertime activities as either “hot” things to do, or “cool” things to do. When it comes to summertime listening, I tend to think it’s an intersection of both concepts. And when it comes to what I listen to for review in each weekly Spatial Audio File column during these summertime months, I consider certain tracks to be “smokin’ hot” and others to be as “cool as can be”—and sometimes, they’re actually some combo of both ideas together.

As always, each of the five hot/cool tracks that follow has been thoroughly spec’ed and checked by way of my personal deep-dive listening sessions on both my home system and headphones alike. You’ll find access to each and every one of them, alongside a gaggle of other stellar Made for Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos cuts, within the ever-expanding Apple Music library.

And now, I give you this week’s hot-and-cool combo platter of five wonderfully immersive tracks, which are as follows. . .

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Cables are the least sexy parts of a home entertainment system, but without them your components may as well be talking to themselves. Enter the new line of SoundPath Ultra HDMI Cables from speaker manufacturer SVS.
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PRICE $3,000

Full P3 color
Inky blacks
High brightness
Cluttered WebOS
eARC usability inconsistent

With its upgraded evo technology and new heat sink, the G2 Gallery Edition punches through the brightness limitations associated with OLED displays while retaining the vivid color, stunning blacks, and off-center viewing that have long been the prime appeals of OLED.

LG's new G2 OLED evo Gallery Edition is the replacement for last year's G1 and the flagship offering in LG's 2022 OLED lineup—excluding the $100,000 OLED R(ollable) model, which sits in a class all by itself. Like the G1, the G2 is designed to hug the wall and features a Gallery mode that, if selected, can display a revolving range of still images and artwork when it's not being used as a television. The set ships with only a slim wall-mount bracket but LG offers a conventional tabletop stand for $100 and, if you want a full-on Louvre vibe, an easel-like Gallery Stand for an extra $350.

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Amazon has released a new “Max” version of its 4K Fire TV Stick that promises improved performance over previous generations. See how it differs.
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I love animation but recognize that there might be barriers to overcome with some of your family and friends if you’re playing host on movie night and plan to serve up a Disney classic. Here are a few of my favorite animated titles on disc. With any luck, one of them just might do the trick.