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PSB is now shipping an updated and improved version of the M4U TWM wireless earbuds it announced last year.
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California-based value TV maker Vizio will soon be part of the $650 billion Walmart empire and become the mega-retailer’s official TV brand, once a $2.3 billion acquisition deal announced last week is finalized.
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Whenever the calendar turns over to a new year, there’s a pretty good chance a new Steve Hackett solo album will also be in tow and ready to greet our collective ears. And lo, what do you know—early 2024 has indeed blessed us with the presence of the onetime Genesis guitarist/vocalist’s (yes) 30th solo album, The Circus and the Nightwhale (InsideOut Music). Naturally, the 1CD/1BD mediabook version of the genre-straddling Circus includes a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix of its 13 tracks done by Hackett’s longtime keyboardist, Roger King. During a recent Zoom interview, music editor Mike Mettler and Hackett discussed the importance of sound placement in the Nightwhale surround mix, what his favorite Genesis song in 5.1 is, and what Genesis track they’d both like to hear most in Atmos.. . .

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Minnesota nice turns dark in Fargo, the 1996 Academy Award-winning Coen brothers’ film featuring brilliant performances by William H. Macy and Frances McDormand and now beautifully restored on 4K Blu-ray.

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With their latest creation, the turntable meisters at Pro-Ject have demonstrated that innovation in the age-old record-player category is still possible.
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OSD Audio, the 20-year-old California-based company that prides itself on delivering quality audio gear at affordable prices, is at it again — this time with a versatile $300 stereo amplifier/DAC combo.
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PRICE $2,999

Vertical and horizontal lens shift
Very good pre and post calibration
4LED means no laser speckle
Rich with features

Disappointing contrast performance
Lackluster sharpness and focus uniformity
Fan noise is loud at full brightness
WCG filter cuts light and disables dynamic contrast

The BenQ HT4550i takes a valiant swing at making a home theater but is held back by its limited contrast. Outstanding pre and post calibration performance, 2D lens shift, and an included Android TV streamer make it one of the easiest projectors to set up and use. While not a true home theater projector the BenQ HT4550i makes a strong case for a media room environment.

The home theater projector market is undergoing a major transformation. Lamp-based projectors are being replaced by solid-state projectors. BenQ is a unique company in this market, as it primarily uses 4LED technology instead of the single or multi-laser setups that are becoming more common.

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Sennheiser is targeting convenience and value with its newest wireless headphones.
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British speaker icon KEF today announced a major expansion of its subwoofer lineup that brings a powerful new 11-Hz-capable dual-driver model into play and introduces a series of sealed subwoofers.
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The latest chapter in Epson’s crusade to out projector companies that aren’t playing by the rules continues with China-based Danbei agreeing to correct a bogus brightness spec for one of its projectors rather than potentially face a court-imposed fine.