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Bowers & Wilkins is using CEDIA Expo as the launchpad for a high-performance compact speaker it is adding to the Formation Suite series of wireless speakers introduced last spring.
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Build Quality

Build Quality
PRICE $2,900 (as tested)

Lively and dynamic sound
Optimized for movies
Outstanding value for money
Awkward form factor
Drab cosmetic

By combining the benefits of both THX certification and Dolby Atmos, this superb high-value home theater speaker package from Monoprice knocks it out of the park.

What's in a name? If visions of $10 HDMI and iPhone Lightning cables pop into your head when you hear the name Monoprice, you should know that the company introduced the premium Monolith brand a few years back to move beyond its image as an online peddler of low-cost cables. Think of Monolith as being a bit like Genesis is to Hyundai: a fresh name free of the parent brand's bargain basement associations.

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Ready for an influx of new AV gear? Ready or not, a bevy of new products are waiting to be introduced when the exhibition part of CEDIA Expo 2019 gets underway tomorrow.
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U.K.-based PMC is bringing its studio magic to CEDIA Expo in the form of shallow-depth on-wall speakers that incorporate proprietary technologies used in its award-winning professional monitors.
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When 2019 CEDIA exhibits open tomorrow morning, the high-performance audio kings at Legacy Audio will take the wraps off their most powerful home theater amplifier to date and a new monitor designed to be the “highest resolution compact speaker available anywhere.”
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CEDIA Expo opened today in Denver and runs through Saturday, September 14.
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AV furniture specialist Salamander Designs is introducing a line of custom cabinets at 2019 CEDIA built to accommodate the combination of an LG CineBeam HU85LA ultra-short-throw laser projector — which projects images up to 120 inches (diagonal) when placed only 7 inches from the wall — and a Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2 motorized screen.
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GoldenEar Technology has announced plans to demonstrate a new high-performance bookshelf speaker at the 2019 CEDIA Expo, which opens today in Denver.
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France’s Focal is best known for its high-performance if not exotic speakers and headphones but the company has been making an effort of late to offer more affordable products.
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NAD Electronics today announced that it will unveil a new flagship AV receiver at the 2019 CEDIA Expo, which opens tomorrow in Denver.