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Live (well, almost) from the Los Angeles Audio Show
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Traditional floorstanding speakers are alive and well but they’re not for everybody—especially when space is tight or décor rules the day.
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Pioneer has expanded its Elite series of AV receivers with two feature-packed yet moderately priced 7.2-channel AV receivers.
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Individuals of any age who use a voice-enabled speaker at least once a month. Source: eMarketer, April 2017

More than 35 million Americans will use voice-enabled virtual assistant speakers such as the popular Amazon Echo speaker at least once a month this year, more than twice as much as they did last year, according to a new market forecast from eMarketer.

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These days, air travel just sucks. Seats are smaller, flights are overbooked, computer glitches cause massive delays, and whatever happened to in-flight meals? You’re lucky to get a tiny bag of pretzel crumbs. Whenever I travel, I always slip on a pair of headphones, and tune out the chaos. If there’s a baby screaming all flight long, I won’t hear it. So when AKG announced the N60NC Wireless, a new active noise-cancelling headphone with Bluetooth, I was all ears.

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The entertainment glitterati love a work that glorifies the history and existence of themselves. Just look at the praise lavished upon such films like the neo-silent The Artist or the arguably overrated La La Land to get a sense of how much Hollywood is willing to revel in its own nostalgia. Writer/director Giuseppe Tornatore’s 1988 semiautobiographical paean to the films that framed his coming of age in Southern Italy revolving around the titular Cinema Paradiso movie theater is a prime example of such a work.
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Tom Cruise is back as Jack Reacher, the ex-Army major, now aimless drifter hitchhiking around America carrying nothing with him but the clothes on his back and his cell phone. When an Army colleague that he’s never met, Major Susan Turner, is arrested on suspicion of espionage, Reacher takes it upon himself to investigate and clear her name. He of course knows she’s innocent because they’ve flirted on the phone and she’s surprisingly hot for an Army major.
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If you're a Beatlemaniac, by now you've heard all about the 50th anniversary reissue of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Perhaps you've even read our interview with producer Giles Martin. What remains to be said about this milestone about a milestone? How about Sgt. Pepper in Dolby Atmos?

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THX is branching out beyond its traditional AV core with a certification program that “ensures a world-class viewing experience for augmented and virtual reality wearable devices.”