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We spotlight 13 products that made Sound & Vision’s Top Pick list over the past three months, starting with affordable noise-canceling earbuds from an unexpected source and ending with a super-refined speaker system for enthusiasts seeking the very best in music and movie reproduction. In between, you’ll find an eclectic mix of soundbars and speaker systems, affordable 4K TVs, and a home-theater amplifier that delivers an insane amount of power from a surprisingly compact chassis.
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PRICE $3,000 (system bundle, minus installation; $4,000 as tested)

Superb sonics
WiSA wireless connection for surrounds and sub
Integrated Savant automation platform
Control via app or touchscreen remote
No Dolby Pro Logic or other stereo surround mode
No HDMI-ARC connectivity
No processing for lossless surround formats

Savant's smart soundbar may be a gateway to home automation, but it distinguishes itself first through its excellent sound quality.

Sound & Vision readers will know Savant as one of two upstarts that, along with Control 4, arrived in the early 2000s to challenge Crestron and AMX in the emerging home automation market. Today, some 15 years after its founding by tech entrepreneur/billionaire Bob Madonna, Savant continues to expand its Mac-based smarthome solution, and with some recent acquisitions, to broaden its market reach. Most notable is the high-profile purchase this year of GE Lighting.

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Disney's Mulan will be available to buy on September 4th but there's a catch.
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Soundbar, soundase, and headphone manufacturer Zvox Audio has added a new model to its family of AccuVoice TV speakers. The AV157 ($299) is a compact soundbar with SuperVoice dialogue clarifying technology, a new feature that “uses Zvox’s patented hearing aid algorithms to make dialogue more clear,” and also comes with SuperVoice tech that further enhances dialogue by reducing background noise in TV programs.
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Before we begin, to all of our South Korean readers, please do me a favor. Check to see if your TV is on fire. I'll wait here while you're gone. Let me know if I should call the fire department. I am standing by.

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When the final notes of "Trouble No More" rang out in the early morning hours of October 29, 2014 at The Beacon Theatre in New York City, the unthinkable was finally upon us, for that meant The Allman Brothers Band were truly no more. After five-plus decades as the consummate road warriors, America's premier jam band was hanging up its collective boots for good at the venue they'd held an annual residency at for a quarter-century.
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Despite all of its many challenges, 2020 has so far proven to be a good year for affordable A/V gear. To illustrate the point, we’ve gathered up a couple dozen recent examples — all Sound & Vision Top Picks — and included a few picks from late 2019 as well. To make it easier to browse, we’ve divided the listings into seven categories: Speakers with seven entries, Soundbars (four entries), Subwoofers (three entries), TVs and Source Components (four entries), Receivers & Integrated Amplifiers (two entries), Headphones (three entries), and Accessories (one entry). Will you find your next acquisition on one of the five pages that follow? Read on to find out.
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TAP, TAP, TAP. . . is this thing on? We’re back! If you’re a print subscriber I’m sure you’re wondering what happened to the June/July issue of Sound & Vision so here’s the deal.
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PRICE $7,950

High power output
Optimized power supply layout
Classy looks

Legacy Audio's i·V 7 offers seemingly unlimited multichannel power in a relatively compact, upscale package.

I first encountered the i·V 7 seven-channel amplifier at CEDIA 2019, where Legacy Audio founder and chief engineer Bill Dudleston was displaying it alongside the company's many freestanding and on-wall speaker offerings. Although Legacy Audio is best known for those real wood-finished speakers that it designs for the high-end home and pro audio markets, the company also has an impressive portfolio of electronics, including the Powerbloc2 and Powerbloc4 Amplifiers that Sound & Vision reviewed back in 2017.

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