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Voice-activated speakers are hitting the market hot and heavy with everyone vying to be the only system you’ll invest in. Amazon is hoping you’ll pick Alexa, and Cortana is hoping to get some traction in the market. Once you’re a Google family, odds are you’ll stay there. To that end, JBL just released a new line of Google Assistant voice-activated speakers, and the LINK 20 is the perfect balance of features, sound quality, and portability. Yup — that’s right — a voice-assistant that’s not only portable, it’s waterproof too so it can go anywhere.

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iHome is expanding its Zenergy line of line of health and wellness products with a Bluetooth speaker designed to create a calming environment with a combination of light, sound, and aromatherapy. That’s right, aromatherapy.
Al Griffin  |  Nov 06, 2017  |  4 comments
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Q After a lull of many years, I’m now in the market for a new audio system and plan to buy high-quality tower speakers and a good amplifier. Here’s my question: How do I deliver an audio signal to passive speakers using just an amp and no preamp or receiver? I’ve become accustomed to the convenience of music-streaming apps like Pandora and don’t want my new system to be unnecessarily complicated. —Gary Barnett / via e-mail

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Writer/director Alex Cox wrote a script for a fictional rockumentary about highly original and articulate Johnny Rotten, writer/lead singer of The Sex Pistols. It might have been an extremely rewarding movie. Instead, he made Sid & Nancy, which focuses on two talentless, star-crossed, star-struck dope heads. Yet the film manages to capture the era’s excitement, disrespectful mockery, and aggressive antisocial attacks on mainstream consumer beliefs.
David Vaughn  |  Nov 03, 2017  |  1 comments
Robbed of his birthright when his father is murdered by his uncle and ascends to the throne, Arthur somehow escapes. He’s found floating down the Thames by some prostitutes doing their laundry, and the young man ends up being raised in a brothel and learns how to survive on the streets of the big city until that fateful day he pulls Excalibur from the stone.
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Fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign that more than doubled the company’s funding goal, London-based Plus Audio is unveiling a turntable-based all-in-one music system next week at the New York Audio Show.
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It's been more than a decade since I blogged on holiday survival tips. The advice I gave then (in the form of a diablog, amusingly enough) is evergreen: You should save all packaging and boxes, remember how to repack intricately packed products, save store and credit card receipts, keep on top of rebates, start an electronic junk drawer if you don't already have one, label power adapters, file manuals and other product docs, prepare to mentor the receipient, write the serial number on the manual, and be nice to customer support people, should you need one. All that is still good advice. But I missed a few things...

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Screen Innovations (SI) has announced that Solo, the wireless motorized projection screen it unveiled at CEDIA 2017, is now available.
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Doppler Labs, maker of the Hear Active and Hear One smart earbuds, announced that it is ceasing operations December 1.
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Let the deals begin. Amazon has announced that its Black Friday Deals Store is now open, marking the official (or unofficial?) start of the holiday shopping season.