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SoundTube and dARTS, two of the seven audio brands owned by Kansas-based MSE Audio, are showing how to get creative with subwoofer placement at CEDIA 2022.
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Affordable streamers are what's new this fall. Following the announcement of the Roku Express value-priced player, Google has released an HD version of its Chromecast with Google TV streamer.
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CEDIA Expo 2022 kicks off today in Dallas with a full day of educational sessions and exams (yes, exams) designed to keep home technology professionals (a.k.a. custom installers) at the top of their game. Though the Expo Hall doesn’t open until tomorrow morning, we’ve been receiving a steady flow of news in advance of the show.
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Build Quality
PRICE $1,400 (system)

Highly accurate tonal balance
Superb imaging
Sub output for instant upgrade
All-in-one solution with HDMI ARC for TV sound
Limited output in large rooms
No physical controls

The little KEF LSX II is a remarkably capable and versatile speaker that will amaze you with big, audiophile-caliber sound.

KEF's little LSX II exudes quiet sophistication, which begs a question: Is it a lifestyle speaker or an audiophile speaker? It's both, actually—and why not? The cantaloupe-sized wireless speaker is the British audio titan's latest self-powered "just add music" solution and it packs a punch, drawing on extensive signal processing to optimize performance, with the goal of delivering near full-range reproduction to a very high standard. The system also boasts a proprietary app that integrates setup, control, and streaming from virtually every important service—including Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, and Amazon Music—or your own file- or disc-based music collection.

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In the never-ending quest for sonic perfection, Bowers & Wilkins has concluded a three-year, top-to-bottom development program designed to elevate the performance of its five-year-old 700 Series of speakers.
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We revisit, the concert streaming site that continues to provide new and vintage hi-res live recordings from a wide swath of name artists.
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Subtitle it, Let It Breathe. When The Beatles: Get Back initially aired across three consecutive nights on November 25, 26, and 27, 2021 on the Disney+ streaming platform, it was, to say the least, a cultural phenomenon. Not only did Get Back grant a new generation access to many of the sights and sounds required to understand the full scope of the ongoing impact of The Fab Four to this day, but director Peter Jackson's almost-8-hour docudrama also served as a redemption of sorts for the lingering, decidedly mixed reactions to the 1970 band documentary directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Let It Be.
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Home theater builders listen up: the Raleigh, NC-based consumer electronics specialty retailer Audio Advice has created an online tool for calculating ideal projector placement and is making it available for free.
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With all due respects to all the great analog engineers out there, it is my opinion that anything an analog circuit can do, software can do better. You don't agree? Fight me. Case in point: software-defined radio.

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PRICE $249

Noticeably better active noise cancellation
Improved audio fidelity
Superior fit with four ear tip sizes
Adaptive Transparency
Personalized Spatial Audio for better immersive sound
Touch-sensitive control
Easier to find when misplaced
Requires an iPhone to set up
Touch controls occasionally fidgety
Spatial audio with head tracking sometimes lost track of my head
Uses a Lightning connector instead of USB C

Just like the originals, AirPods Pro 2nd Gen up the ante on what to expect from a pair of true wireless earbuds, including better fit, better sound quality, and superior active noise canceling capabilities.

AirPods and AirPods Pro together constitute the most successful line of wireless earbuds in the world. Now, after three years of wait, Apple offers the AirPods Pro 2nd Generation ($249). With a couple of weeks of hands-on experience, I can attest that the company’s newest true wireless flagship earbuds are a technological tour de force. They represent a sizeable upgrade over the originals, even if they look largely the same. When it comes to performance and features, it’s what’s inside the iconic white enclosures that counts, and the new model is packed with technology that takes the AirPods experience to a higher level.