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Ready to discover the future of home entertainment? Dive into our in-depth analysis of CEDIA Expo 2023, where high-tech meets high performance. From in-wall speakers that redefine audio quality to colossal micro-LED video walls that are finally attainable, we've got the trends that are reshaping the industry. Plus, we explore how cutting-edge room correction tech is bringing the dream of ideal sound into every home.
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Platin Audio previewed a first-of-its-kind 10-channel soundbar system at last week’s CEDIA Expo 2023 that uses WiSA Discrete System (DS) technology to wirelessly connect a subwoofer and four height channels in a Dolby Atmos surround-sound setup.
Bob Ankosko  |  Sep 14, 2023  |  1 comments
It’s surprising that it has taken this long but Sony is finally leveraging its crown jewel — the $26 billion PlayStation business — in the high-performance Bravia XR A95L series of QD-OLED TVs announced in March.
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Build Quality
PRICE $3,000

Rock solid build quality
Full featured, intuitive app
Tiny size and stylish appearance make it very decor friendly
Amp gets warm when pushed
On the expensive side
Warranty is only 1 year (*see update in the Impressions section)

A little powerhouse of a subwoofer, despite its diminutive stature the ELAC DS1200 comes ready to play. The compact size does take away a little from the lowest octave, but its fidelity and unflappable nature easily make up for that.

When you hear the name ELAC, do you immediately think of subwoofers? Speakers yes, but probably not subwoofers. Did you know they currently sell 9 different models? What I have in front of me is their top-of-the-line; the Varro Dual Reference Series 12" subwoofer, or DS1200 for short. That’s a big name for a small sub, calling it “reference series” adds some expectations too. Can it can live up to those?

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Apple announced upgrades for its popular AirPods Pro 2nd generation earbuds at yesterday's annual event in Cupertino, California.
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In the Integra booth at last week’s CEDIA Expo 2023, all eyes were on the recently introduced DRX-8.4 AV receiver, the lynchpin in the brand’s highly regarded AVR lineup.
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Q Essentially this is a two-for-one, as both Ed Mendelson and Sam V had very similar questions about connecting an external amplifier to a Marantz AV receiver. Ed wants to add a 3-channel amp to his Marantz SR7012 to power his L/C/R speakers. Sam wants to use his Marantz SR5013 for the audio processing but use a Yamaha RX-A3020 for the amplification. How do we do this?

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The Big Blue Boy Scout Reaches New Heights in 4K

To generations of fans the world over, Christopher Reeve simply was Superman. His look, his manner, his commitment to the dual role of lovable oaf Clark Kent of Smallville and Kal-El of Krypton defined the character and set the bar, perhaps impossibly high, for all who dared follow. And while these movies might not have always achieved that same high standard, Reeve and his co-stars have left a substantial cinematic legacy, commemorated in Warner’s Superman Film Collection: 1978-1987.

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Video projection and the various ways to achieve a near perfect image were touchstones of last week’s CEDIA Expo 2023 in Denver. Check out our booth visits with Epson, LG, and the video purists at MadVR Labs.
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Good speakers are the cornerstone of any music or home theater system and they were plentiful at last week’s CEDIA Expo 2023 in Denver. But instead of traditional freestanding speakers, the focus was on speakers designed for mounting in or on the wall, indoors and outdoors, with a few notable exceptions. Check out our booth visits with JL Audio, DALI, PSB, and the king of lifestyle speakers, Bang & Olufsen.