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The coronavirus is a global tragedy. No one yet knows what the final cost will be in human lives. Some of the estimates are truly sobering. The illness, and fear of contracting it, will also precipitate changes, temporary and perhaps long-lasting, in our lifestyles.

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U.K.-based iFi Audio has introduced two inexpensive products designed to remove electrical noise from computer-based audio systems with “inherently noisy USB interfaces.”
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Is it the search for assorted MacGuffii—bank-heist loot, giant opal, camera that records brainwave images the blind can see—that sends self-destructive Claire, her writer ex, and a bounty hunter after thief Sam Farber? Or is it love? Threatening in the wings is a nuclear satellite plunging to Earth that, if shot down, could create a chain-reaction atomic pulse that wipes all electronic circuit boards, including the file of the novel the film is being based upon.
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PSB has announced that two new models in its Alpha Series of budget subwoofers are now shipping.
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Onkyo USA Corporation today announced a firmware update that enables Sonos volume pass-through and other features on certain Onkyo, Pioneer Elite, and Integra brand AV receivers.
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Disney has acquired distribution rights to the Peter Jackson-helmed documentary, The Beatles: Get Back, and plans to release it to theaters nationwide in n September.
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Q I own a Sony UBP-X800 Ultra HD Blu-ray player and want to know if all the 4K discs I buy provide high dynamic range (HDR). I’m also wondering if all 4K discs with HDR deliver it in both the HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats. —Steven Ganno, via email

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PRICE $3,500

Powerful output for a compact model
Onboard Digital Automatic Room Optimization
Dual-sub setup option
Lacks below-20Hz extension
Gloss black finish attracts dust

The f110v2 lacks the output and extension of a larger sub, but packs quite a punch given its modest size.

According to Merriam-Webster, a fathom is a unit of length equal to six feet that's used to measure the depth of water. But for JL Audio, Fathom is a family of subwoofers that dig deep into the lower depths of the audio spectrum. The company, which has been around north of forty years, was started by Jim Birch and Lucio Proni, who started building loudspeakers during their summer break back in the 1970s and never stopped.

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To commemorate 75 years in business, Germany’s Sennheiser has announced an anniversary bundle offering its reference-quality HD 820 headphones and HDV 820 headphone amplifier at a $25% discount.