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In celebration of our 60th anniversary, Sound & Vision will be peeking back throughout this year at our past six decades of coverage. Given our long tenure, our editorial predecessors have reported on most of the seminal inventions in the history of consumer audio and video technology and have offered up shopping advice, which, to varying degrees, can be viewed today as either timeless or charmingly outdated. As much as possible, we will reproduce articles and reviews as they appeared, with the unedited text mated alongside the original illustrations.
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Q The connector on my in-wall HDMI cable broke off, and I have no way to replace it other than ripping into the wall. As a result, I’m wondering if the wireless HDMI products on the market are a noticeable downgrade from wired HDMI? —R.A. Oleson

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DTS has announced a free software update for more than a dozen Play-Fi products that enables real-time audio streaming from any connected source, such as a TV, to Play-Fi speakers throughout the home.
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The Apple TV 4K has upgraded to 4K HDR capabilities and Apple's upgrading your movie library to go with it. If you have a 4K HDR TV, this may be the best streamer for you.
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CEDIA Expo, the annual trade show of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, has been steadily shrinking, and its management has been turned over to an outside company. So it’s curious to see InfoComm, the trade show devoted to pro AV, moving into consumer territory.

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No other artist in the rock era has followed his own muse as deliberately and as singularly as Bob Dylan has. Right from the dawning of his career at the outset of the 1960s, Dylan has chosen his own lane and then merged into it full-on, regardless of any external pressures or expectations. Whether the message is parlayed with his voice backed only by an acoustic guitar or translated with full band accompaniment, the foremost poet of our times has known exactly what information he wants to share with us every step of the way, critics and cognoscenti be damned.
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Have you seen Burger King’s ‘Whopper Neutrality’ ad? It’s hilarious — and ingenious.
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Integra yesterday announced plans to add an AV controller and AV receiver to its reference-grade Research Series.
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James Loudspeaker, the Napa, California-based speaker designer and manufacturer, has introduced a new series of 2.1-channel soundbars that team speakers for left- and right-channel audio with a built-in subwoofer in a low-profile enclosure.
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Epson Home Cinema LS100

Elite Screens Aeon CLR
PRICE $3,000 (Epson), $799 (Elite)

Bright picture
Compact form factor
Can be used in average room-lighting conditions
Below-average picture contrast
Some center-to-edge brightness dropoff
Mediocre remote control

This combination of Epson projector and Elite screen represents a great value for those seeking a daylight-friendly, ultra-large-screen viewing option.

Ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to regular front-projection systems. The reason is that, unlike regular projectors, which require careful lighting control to perform their best, UST models can operate in well-lit environments. They beam light upwards and are designed to be mounted only a few inches away from the screen, an arrangement permitting clean installations that not only are free of ceiling mounts or long wiring runs but also avoid the problem of onscreen shadows when someone traverses a projector’s beam.