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London-based startup Sensible Object has announced the world’s first voice-augmented board game.
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Elite Screens is kicking off summer with a creative if not unusual outdoor product: a projection screen that attaches to a freestanding awning.
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PRICE $3,999

Bright picture with powerful contrast
Detailed Ultra HD image
Maintenance-free laser light engine
Some loss of highlight detail with HDR
Requires calibration for best performance
Limited wide color gamut display

The Acer VL7860’s detailed picture and impressive contrast elevate it above the entry-level 4K DLP projector pack. In this case, 4K for 4K is a good deal.

With DLP projectors capable of displaying 4K Ultra HD signals now selling for $1,500 or even less, they present an affordable alternative to higher-cost 4K LCOS models from Sony and JVC. Even longtime LCOS stalwart JVC has jumped in on the game, with the company recently announcing its first DLP projector, a $2,500 4K-capable model.

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Forty-three years ago this month, Sony introduced the Betamax videocassette recorder in America, a month after the iconic product made its worldwide debut in Japan.
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With almost half of 2018 behind us, now is the perfect time to reflect on the good AV fortune that has come our way over the past 147 days. We’ve reviewed dozens of products so far this year, including six shining examples of what a speaker system can and should be. Whether you’re just starting out or in the market for an upgrade, each of these systems — presented from least to most expensive — deserves serious consideration.
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TiVo recently added Amazon Alexa voice control to the TiVo Bolt Vox we recently reviewed. While the media streamer/DVR combo already has voice command capabilities through TiVo’s Vox remote, control via an Alexa-enabled speaker or device brings a truly hands-free experience.
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Over the weekend, I attended the Maker Faire Kansas City. I'd never been to a Maker Faire before, although I've wanted to attend one for quite a while. A couple members of my family asked me to explain what a Maker Faire is; and, even after spending two incredibly interesting days wandering the halls and grounds of Kansas City, Missouri's beautiful and historic Union Station, I'm still trying to figure out how to describe it...
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Build Quality
PRICE $179

Accurate sound, with a gentle bass bump
Best-in-class noise isolation
Two-year replacement warranty
Requires deep ear tip insertion

The Etymotic ER3XR delivers accurate, transparent sound at a very affordable price.

Have you noticed that most headphones, including plenty of models with audiophile aspirations, have pumped-up bass and highs? That intentionally less-than-accurate sound is likely due to their designers knowing that most people enjoy boosted bass and the extra “detail” of tipped-up treble. Etymotic is a company that doesn’t play by those rules, and its new ER3 Extended Response (ER3XR) is just the ticket for anyone who craves accurate sound from in-ear headphones.

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House of Marley, the company co-founded by the son of the late reggae icon Bob Marley, has introduced a new “earth-friendly” set of Bluetooth earbuds designed with vacation travel and outdoor workouts in mind.
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Rhino Entertainment today announced that it will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Door’s classic Waiting For The Sun with a special package featuring a remastered version of the original stereo mix on CD and 180-gram vinyl LP plus a second CD with 14 previously unreleased tracks.