Dennis Young

Dennis Young  |  Oct 18, 2023  |  0 comments

Build Quality
Top Pick: yes

PRICE $2249/Pair

Soundstage and imaging properties
Near full-range capability
Enjoyable at high, mid and low sound levels

May heat up an AVR
Favors placement away from boundaries
Needs current to hit more than moderate SPL

The Dynaudio Emit 50 makes use of its evidence-based R&D and its heritage in professional sound production, delivering a capable tower at an affordable price.

Founded in 1976, Dynaudio is well-known in the world of audio. As one of the few loudspeaker manufacturers that make their own drivers, combined with the massive Jupiter acoustic measurement facility, the company gains a significant advantage when integrating the multiple parts of a loudspeaker into one system.
Dennis Young,  |  Nov 18, 2022  |  4 comments
It’s been seven long years since I last attended Capital Audiofest, the largest high-end audio show on the east coast of the U.S. This year’s show took place on November 11-13 at the Twinbrook Hilton in Rockville Maryland, which is the same venue as my last visit. The show grew significantly in the interim, with five full floors of the hotel taken up by demos, but it maintains the same casual look and feel and a strong focus on two-channel, audiophile-centric systems.