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TouchTunes, the company that brought the age-old jukebox into the digital era with an app that lets revelers locate venues with connected jukeboxes and play songs from their smartphones, today announced a revamped app that makes the jukebox experience more engaging and social.
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Even though Samsung hasn’t shipped its 2024 model year TVs yet — pre-orders open on Thursday, March 21 — you can still sign up to get a $100 discount that you can apply when the new models become available.
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Every film buff worth their salt knows about Nosferatu. Even if you haven't seen the complete film, the image of Count Orlok is almost as famous as Mona Lisa, and significantly more creepy. But did you know that the film was the subject of a brutal court case? Make sure your doors are locked. It's gonna get scary.

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THX continues to expand its footprint beyond the certification programs that made it famous in the AV world with THX-branded high-speed HDMI cables.
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Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful films ever photographed, writer/director Terrence Malick’s second feature film, Days of Heaven, is a dramatically minimalist affair elevated by its often jaw-dropping visuals, captured perfectly on 4K Blu-ray.

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Upon inception, Alice Cooper was conceived more as a group construct, not just a moniker for one person. The name itself was intended to encompass an all-for-one band concept, but it was also concurrently adopted by lead singer Vincent Furnier, who soon enough embodied the id and ego of Alice Cooper to such a degree that he transmogrified that persona into his fully becoming one and the same. Six-plus decades later, Alice Cooper is still going strong as the king of shock-glam metal to this very day — and his rabid fanbase wouldn’t have it any other way.
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McIntosh Labs is celebrating its 75th anniversary with two new preamplifiers — one tube, the other solid-state.
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Build Quality
PRICE $699

Small for 15-inch subwoofer
Deep, rich sound

Generic appearance
Takes prodding to wake from standby mode

If you want the horsepower of a 15-inch subwoofer but can only accommodate an enclosure that typically comes with a 12-inch sub, the Starke Sound SW15 might be where your search ends.

Subwoofers, an essential component for every home theater system. Unless you have an extraordinary set of speakers the same holds true for a two-channel setup, you need a sub to reinforce the bottom end. While their contribution is critical for the reproduction of full-range sound, for the most part they aren’t much to look at.

Often little more than square black cabinets, subwoofers rarely enhance the aesthetics of your HT room. I’ve reviewed over 50 of them in the past 12 years and in that time very few have visually differentiated themselves from the rest. The Starke Sound SW15 is no exception from an appearance perspective, but can it stand out from the crowd in some other way?

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Screen Innovations is now shipping an improved, second-generation version of its acoustically transparent Maestro screen that is optimized for high-resolution laser projection up to 4K and beyond.
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Elac, the German maker of high-quality speakers, has announced a special edition of its popular Debut ConneX powered bookshelf model featuring a minimalist aesthetic created by the Brooklyn-based fashion label Adsum.