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For those who worry about the demise of local retail stores and malls turning into ghost towns, here’s a bit of good news: U.S. retail sales grew 5.1 percent to more than $8.5 billion during the 2018 holiday season, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse, which tracks in-store and online spending.
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Crack The Sky guitarist/producer Rick Witkowski and vocalist/songwriter John Palumbo got on the line with us to discuss the collaborative symbiosis of their in-tandem sonic Crack attack on two concurrent new releases, Living in Reverse and Crackology, how important The Beatles remain in their respective creative DNA, and how embracing the past sets them up for a bright future.
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If there is one word that describes the streaming innovations of 2018, it’s “convenience.” This year, more media players have added voice control through Google Assistant and Amazon Echo smart speakers, or voice remotes with built-in microphones. As live and recorded TV apps are being added to media players, users can now access all the content they want to watch without switching from one device to another.
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Source: Loop Ventures

Google Assistant answered the most questions correctly in a smart-speaker IQ test conducted by Minneapolis-based venture capital firm Loop Ventures just before Christmas.

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Headphone specialist beyerdynamic has announced plans to introduce new ergonomically shaped earphones at CES 2019, which opens January 8 in Las Vegas.
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LG has announced plans to unveil a followup to the $3,000 CineBeam HU80KA portable 4K laser projector it shipped last summer at CES 2019, which opens January 8 in Las Vegas.
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PRICE $1,099.95

Versatile configuration options
Excellent iOS/Android control app
Music and movie optimization modes
Wireless module costs extra
Only available in black finish

The Dynamo 1100X subwoofer's impressive performance is enhanced by room correction, flexible setup options, and an excellent control app.

When I was a kid, the closest thing my family had to a remote control was me. As the youngest child, it was my job to get up off my butt and turn the knob if someone wanted to watch a different TV channel. Today, it seems that just about any device that plugs in can be remotely operated with a clicker from the comfort of your chair, but a subwoofer? Isn't that the kind of set-and-forget product that completely takes care of itself? As it turns out, remote control adjustment, a key feature of MartinLogan's revamped Dynamo line, can be a really handy feature in a subwoofer, but we'll talk more on that in a bit.

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When we last left our intrepid superheroes (in 2004's The Incredibles) they had defeated the nasty villain Syndrome. The new film opens with the Incredibles battling the Underminer, the same villain they had encountered at the end of the previous film. They win the day with the help of their superhero buddy Frozone, but the resulting chaos puts the Incredibles back in the doghouse with the law and the public.
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We got on the line with iconoclast guitarist Richard Lloyd to discuss the vinyl-intended sonic template of his new laser-sharp solo album The Countdown, why Television’s seminal 1977 debut album Marquee Moon remains perpetually influential, and his take on creating sound in outer space.
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Voice technology is pervading our daily lives in a big way. According to insights from a Nielsen Research survey, at the end of June 2018 24% of U.S. homes owned a smart speaker. If my shoddy math is correct, that’s about 31.5 million smart devices (25% of 126 million homes).