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Look out Netflix. Look out Amazon. Walmart is eyeing your turf.
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Average time spent per adult 18+ per day on video. Source: Q1 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report.

How much TV or video do you watch a day? Probably more than you think — perhaps way more, according to new research from the media gurus at Nielsen.

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Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that Predator, the 1987 action thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is slated for release on 4K/Ultra HD Blu-ray August 7 along with a new Predator 3-Movie Collection featuring the original movie and its two sequels Predator 2 and Predators.
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Canadian startup MeiliAudio has taken a decidedly different approach to speaker design, shunning traditional configurations in favor of an elongated “TV console” with built-in powered speakers.
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DTS has announced that a dozen existing Play-Fi-enabled products from Klipsch, Onkyo, Pioneer, and several other brands are now “Works with Alexa”-certified.
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Is Star Wars art or entertainment? The simplest answer to that question is, “It’s both, of course.” But Episode VIII: The Last Jedi proves the question to be less simple than it first appears. Because of all its silly creatures, swashbuckling adventure sequences, million-dollar-a-minute special effects, and cheeky humor, The Last Jedi is at its heart a deeply personal, deeply thematic, deeply deconstructive, big-budget indie film that forces longtime fans to contend with questions about what Star Wars even is and why its unique blend of mythology, arthouse pastiche, and B-movie kitsch works as well as it does.
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Lenbrook, parent company of the iconic NAD and PSB brands, has announced the arrival of Denmark’s DALI Callisto high performance wireless speaker systems in the U.S.
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New subwoofers from Klipsch are designed to deliver powerful bass with a “minimal visual footprint” — so minimal that the bass module is hidden in the wall or ceiling.
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PRICE $3,499

Deep black levels
Extremely wide viewing angle
Supports Dolby Vision and HLG
Expensive compared to same-size LCD UHDTVs
Lower peak brightness than LCD UHDTVs

This new C8 series set exceeds the performance of LG’s previous OLED models, making it the best OLED TV from the company I’ve yet tested. Its price is also significantly lower than last year’s C7, which means more buyers can now bring home an LG OLED instead of dreaming about one.

The picture quality improvements in LG’s 2018 OLED Ultra HDTVs aren’t a dramatic upgrade over the company’s already superb 2017 sets, but they are accompanied by a new Alpha 9 processor, an autocalibration option, and a few new and updated features. LG has gathered all of these capabilities under the “LG ThinQ AI” rubric. While the AI (Artificial Intelligence) claim may be a bit overstated, that’s where the market is going and LG is not alone in it. I wonder if adding a blinding blizzard of do-everything geegaws makes the screen interface too complex for the average user who simply wants to turn on his or her TV and watch a movie.

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A good soundbar performs a valuable service: It elevates TV sound quality far beyond what the TV’s tiny speakers TV could ever hope to achieve and, in some cases, it will even deliver a legit surround-sound experience. Does that mean a soundbar can replace a full-blown home theater speaker system? Nope, but that’s rarely the goal. Instead, most soundbar shoppers are looking for a simple, space saving setup. We’ve compiled snapshots of the best soundbars — and soundbases — we’ve reviewed over the past 18 or so months. Prices range from $270 to $799 and all but one model received a four-star or higher rating in the important Performance category. If you’re in the market for a soundbar, start here.