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The latest and greatest in headphone technology will be on display at CanJam NYC 2023, which opens on Saturday (February 25) at the Marriott Marquis in the heart of New York City’s Times Square.
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Samsung has recently published comprehensive pricing details for its premium Neo QLED TVs and the 77-inch QD OLED, all of which are available to order now.

Some owners have already received their new TVs and are sharing their initial impressions on YouTube. Additionally, Sound & Vision had the opportunity to test three new models firsthand: the QN900C, the top-of-the-line 8K model, the QN95C, the 4K flagship model, and the S95C, the innovative QD OLED model with impressive picture quality.

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Build Quality
PRICE $499

Multiple input options
Excellent soundstage

Needs a subwoofer for movies
Veiled midrange
Bright treble

The Fluance Ai81 floorstanding self-powered stereo pair is ideal for anyone looking for an affordable solution that provides better imaging and soundstage compared to almost any soundbar in this price range while retaining all the same conveniences.

As a recording engineer, I’ve often pondered how soundbars could have become so popular, even though they typically sacrifice the sound quality and true stereo imaging attained by full-range speakers. I know the answer is because they’re so convenient, usually self-powered, and easy to connect to a TV. But is there a solution with a more realistic soundstage that also provides the same features and connectivity? Enter the Fluance Ai81 floorstanding, powered speakers with a multitude of input options.

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At a time when live-TV streaming services are adding more free channels, Peacock streaming service has discontinued its free tier for new customers offering only Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus subscriptions.
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Definitive Technology, the company started by audio-industry icon Sandy Gross in 1990, today announced a new series of speakers that celebrates the two things the brand is best known for: bipolar speaker designs that use front- and rear-facing drivers to create a more spacious listening experience and the “power tower” — a floorstanding speaker with a built-in powered subwoofer.
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Kaleidescape Scenes
Set in 1923 at the tail end of the Irish Civil War, Pádraic (Colin Farrell) is a simple farmer who is set in his ways. At exactly two o’clock each day, he walks to his best friend’s house to collect him on the way to the local pub. But something is different one day. Colm (Brenden Gleeson) refuses to answer the door. He has decided their lifelong friendship is over, leaving Pádraic confused and obsessed with finding out what he did to deserve such harsh treatment.
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PRICE $6,000

Accurate colors
Laser light source
2,000 ANSI lumens
Native 4K
X1 Ultimate for Projector processor
Attractive price

Manual lens adjustment
Lens could be sharper
Does not cover DCI/P3 gamut
No 3D support
Lacks HDMI 2.1

Sony changed up the recipe for its most affordable native 4K home theater projector. The laser light source is a huge plus, as is the X1 Ultimate for Projector processor, but the new lens has limitations compared to the the model it replaces.

Long live home theater! That's the first thought that came to mind after I set up Sony's latest and most affordable native 4K projector. And the main new feature is all about long life, 20,000 hours worth thanks to a new laser light source. As a matter of fact, Sony no longer sells any bulb-based 4K home theater projectors, the entire lineup is now lit by lasers.

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Germany’s Elac has announced a new line of high-performance “AutoEQ” subwoofers that draws on a rich history in audio that dates back almost 100 years.
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Experts now agree that within five years everything on planet earth will be controlled by robots. As they cruise far above us in their giant balloons, the robots will look down and decide that we look like ants, and treat us as such. That's not great, but at least we're not actual ants, who will be totally screwed.

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If you streamed the Super Bowl LVII, congratulations: You contributed to making the 57th annual sporting event the most-streamed Super Bowl on record with 7 million streams across the Fox and NFL apps that carried the game, an increase of 18% over last year’s Super Bowl, according to Adobe Analytics.