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JL Audio has long been known amongst discriminating high-end theater owners as being on the shortlist of companies capable of delivering ultimate performance and chest slamming bass through its Gotham and Fathom subwoofer lines. While the company has offered an architectural line of subwoofers in the past, at CEDIA they demonstrated the new ICS-108 in-wall/ceiling subwoofer system.

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The cavalcade of new products to be found in the sprawling Harman booth at CEDIA includes JBL's HDI speaker lineup, a ruggedly handsome quintet featuring the company's compression driver technology and High Definition Imaging waveguides.
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Britain's Arcam introduced an AV processor and a trio of AV receivers at CEDIA 2019. The new lineup takes its sonic and design cues from the company's high-end HDA range, offering both audiophile-grade DACs and sleek styling.
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Sonos, one of the world’s leaders in wireless audio distribution, has many fans, but one product has always been missing from its lineup: a truly portable speaker that could be at home out in the elements. Many people would tote a small Sonos One or larger Play:5 speaker around their homes, plugging it into an outlet near wherever they want to listen, but this was never a perfect solution. The company has finally filled this void with Move, a new battery-powered weatherproof speaker.
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Oliver stone first heard The Doors while serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam in the late-1960s, and the impact of their music never left him. Amid much controversy, the Oscar-winning director brought his singular vision for The Doors biopic to middling box-office success in 1991. Though some disagreement lingers regarding particular story beats and extrapolated mythologizing, there's no denying Stone conveyed much of the perpetual mystique surrounding Doors frontman Jim Morrison with an altruistic eye.
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CEDIA isn't typically a flat screen television show, so new Ultra HDTV announcements here were rare. Nevertheless, LG featured its new 88-inch 8K OLED and upped it's gaming chops in current E9 and G9 OLED models.
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As most of you are likely aware, Harman is now owned by Samsung and includes a number of premier audio brands, including JBL, Revel, the recently acquired Arcam.
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Samsung again showed "The Wall," its impressive 146-inch (diagonal) Micro-LED display. When I asked the price, was quoted $400,000, which was quickly followed up with, "But that includes installation!"
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Sony dazzled CEDIA showgoers with its Cinema Crystal LED (Micro LED) display, now available for home installation in screen sizes ranging from 109-inch diagonal to 65-feet!
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PSB used CEDIA as a platform to show off its new PWM2, an on-wall model designed for vertical or horizontal installation as an LCR or surround channel speaker.