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Still reeling from last month’s data-privacy scandal, Facebook has decided not to preview the smart speaker it has been working on at the upcoming annual Facebook Developer Conference, according to a Bloomberg report.
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Monitor Audio has announced a lifetime warranty for several dozen of its custom install speakers.
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Pangea Audio has introduced a $30 record clamp it says improves turntable performance by reducing LP slippage and unwanted resonances.
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Cambridge Audio has announced that the Tidal music streaming platform is now available on a half dozen of its network players and AV receivers.
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PRICE $10,000

Bright picture with excellent uniformity
Crisp detail with 4K sources
Powerful built-in audio system
So-so contrast ratio
Occasional banding artifacts
No extended color gamut coverage

Hisense’s Laser TV strikes a good balance between performance and price for a 4K-res ultra-short-throw projector-and-screen package.

Hisense has been slowly making headway in the U.S. TV market over the past few years, mostly through its lineup of affordable big-screen LCD sets. Another product that the company has teased at trade shows, and is now actively selling, is Laser TV, a flat-screen alternative that consists of an ultra-short-throw (UST) laser-driven DLP projector paired with a 100-inch screen. While other companies including Sony and Epson offer their own UST solutions, Hisense seems especially bullish on the category: At last CES, the company announced a second Laser TV offering that incorporates a dual-laser DLP light engine and comes with a 150-inch screen, and there’s also an 88-inch version in the works.

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BDI has introduced three stylish AV cabinets that let you hide your gear away while keeping it well ventilated and allowing sound to emanate clearly and evenly from within.
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Oppo Digital, the Silicon Valley-based maker of award-winning Blu-ray players AV enthusiasts have relied on as the gold standard for more than a decade, announced late yesterday that it is winding down operations.
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When you buy a fine automobile such as a Rolls Royce, you have a chauffeur drive you around. When you buy a fine automatic Rolex, you store it in a watch winder so it winds itself. And now, when you buy a fine piano such as a Steinway, it plays itself.

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Tivoli Audio is sprucing up the look of its most popular portable radio in time for Summer.
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Polk Audio has announced that the voice-controlled soundbar it demonstrated in January at CES 2018 is now available for pre-order.