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The next chapter of television technology is upon us. Samsung has started taking pre-orders for the 85-inch Q900 8K QLED TV it unveiled at the recent IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin and showcased at last month’s CEDIA Expo in San Diego.
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Build Quality
PRICE $10,595 (as tested)

Very accurate sound
Excellent dynamics
Great for movies
S150 speaker terminals don't accept standard banana plugs

M&K Sound's revamp of its long- standing THX certified line delivers audible improvements over the original speakers.

It was a sad day for home theater fans when M&K Sound exited the speaker-building business in 2007. Fortunately, a group of investors and former managers bought that company's assets and created a new venture called MK Sound. To celebrate the company's 40-year anniversary in 2013, the team decided to bring back the legendary M&K Sound company name, along with the original Miller&Kreisel brand.

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SVS today announced plans to ship a new wireless speaker system and streaming amplifier in the coming weeks. Both are hi-res capable and support the app-based DTS Play-Fi streaming platform.
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Soundbar pioneer Zvox has added a new model to its AccuVoice line of TV speakers that uses hearing-aid technology to boost dialogue
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NAD/PSB sister company Bluesound has announced a series of upgrades for products introduced five years when parent company Lenbrook launched the brand and its BluOS wireless platform.

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If you were an audiophile in the late 1970s or early 1980s-or just a teenager with a fresh driver's license-the Compact Cassette was integral to your life. While reel-to-reel magnetic tape introduced the concept of the “mixtape” decades earlier, it was not until the cassette's launch by Philips in 1963 and its later adoption in automobile decks and portables in the 1970s that music lovers got the ability to create personal playlists and take them to-go in a convenient, pocket-friendly format.
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While the movers behind the Marvel, Star Wars, and Star Trek franchises aren’t at risk of losing sleep over dinosaurs just yet, the Jurassic worlds and parks do threaten to chomp on more than a few toes over the coming years.

When Jurassic Park debuted in 1993 it could have been a boom or a bust. Computer generated effects (CGI) were just coming into their own, but with a few exceptions (notably Terminator 2) they still hadn’t eaten the film business alive. Though keenly aware of his problems with the anamatronic shark in 1975’s Jaws, director Steven Spielberg was also aware that CGI, while still in its infancy, had significantly advanced the possibilities for special effects since the (on-set) practical effects of 1975.

So Spielberg went ahead. Using a brilliant combination of anamatronics and CGI he crafted a classic movie with effects that still hold up today. Four other Jurassic films have followed, three of them directed by others...

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Onkyo has brought high-end touches to a new entry-level integrated stereo amplifier that follows the A-9010 amplifier it introduced last year.

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Satellite radio giant SiriusXM’s $3.5 billion acquisition of music streaming powerhouse Pandora will yield the “world’s largest audio entertainment company” with a combined audience of more than 100 million active users, according to the parties involved. Pandora alone has the largest digital audio audience in the U.S. with more than 70 million users.
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Three of the five audio products that achieved Sound & Vision’s Top Pick status in September prove that you don’t have to empty your wallet to get great performance. Among them is a soundbar that earned our new Top Value designation for combining an impressive set of features with authoritative sound at a price that’s hard to believe. At the other end of the spectrum is a reference-grade 4K Blu-ray player and a power amplifier reserved for listeners who will settle for nothing less than the best. When you’re finished here, be sure to visit our Top Picks page for more recommendations.