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HiFiMan, the China-based personal audio specialty company, has introduced an over-ear planar-magnetic headphone designed for everyday use.
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If you’ve spent any time in a Best Buy store in recent years you’ve no doubt noticed the incredible shrinking music section, which has gone from multiple disc-filled aisles to a small section devoted to new releases and a limited selection of top selling classic albums.
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NBCUniversal has announced that as part of its coverage of 2018 XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea it will make 4K high dynamic range (HDR) broadcasts of Friday’s opening ceremony and several high-profile events available to cable, satellite, telco providers, and other partners, marking the first time an Olympics event will be broadcast with color and contrast enhancing HDR technology.
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They say you get what you pay for. The budget-priced ($79.99) iLive Platinum Concierge portable smart-speaker gets you into Alexa’s world, but is the price savings worth it?

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Ridley Scott’s stunning dystopian allegory about the meaning of life, where technology ends and humanity begins, Blade Runner—from the Philip K. Dick cyberpunk novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?—draws from many influences. Perhaps the strongest are the classic Fritz Lang film Metropolis and the Heavy Metal sci-fi magazines of the 1970s. The story follows gruff lawman Deckard (Harrison Ford) chasing androids called “replicants” that are nearly indistinguishable from humans.
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Based the novel by E. M. Forster, Maurice is a groundbreaking room with a different view, projecting as much romance, passion, and class consciousness as producer Ismael Merchant and screenwriter-director James Ivory brought to their earlier hit adaptation of another Forster novel. In 1909, a student at Cambridge, Clive, urges college colleague Maurice to embrace the love of male physical beauty as described in classical literature and accept their mutual platonic love.
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Smart speakers, I harrumphed. That's something I'll never want, I said hubristically. A speaker's job is to sound good, isn't it? I watched in dismay as smart speakers became the fastest-growing speaker category, leaving righteous makers of good-sounding speakers in the dust. Then my roommate gave me a refurbished Amazon Echo Dot for my birthday and everything changed.

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Whether or not Ultra HD Blu-ray is the last physical format for high-quality entertainment remains an open question, but one thing is certain: The format has gained favor among enthusiasts and continues to build momentum around the world.
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News briefs from the world of home and mobile entertainment.
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If you’ve been paying attention you will notice something about January’s batch of top-rated AV products: All were deemed worthy of Sound & Vision’s Top Pick of the Year accolades. So here you have it: The return of an iconic turntable, two exemplary Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker systems at compelling price points, a set of in-ear monitors designed by the guy who invented the category for a price that will surprise you, and an ambient-light-rejecting screen made for the new breed of ultra-short-throw projectors that are giving big-screen TVs a run for their money.