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Fibaro is using CEDIA 2017 to introduce to the US market a smart power adapter called Wall Plug, a device then company says is “the smallest intelligent power adapter with standard & USB plugs” incorporating Z-Wave Plus. Wall Plug is an unusual smart outlet switch that includes a standard, controllable AC outlet along with a built-in USB charging port and can monitor power levels and energy usage. It’s compatible with most smart home hubs and systems that are Z-Wave-enabled.

Fibaro refers to the Wall Plug as “an intelligent outlet adapter” because...

Mark Fleischmann  |  Sep 06, 2017  |  4 comments
HDR improves picture quality but also makes content more tempting to steal. Writes a Fox studio executive in Multichannel News: “Fox’s experience is that the moment a high-quality pirate source becomes available, it immediately becomes much more popular than lower-quality sources such as theater camcorders or ‘ordinary’ HD sources, and is therefore a bigger threat to our legitimate business.”
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The Federal Trade Commission may reconsider its rules on how TV screen size must be specified in ads. It is now seeking comment on whether to ax the Picture Tube Rule—or in its full bureaucratic splendor, the Deceptive Advertising as to Sizes of Viewable Pictures Shown by Television Receiving Sets Rule. It dates back to 1966, the heart of the direct-view TV era, and requires screen sizes to be quoted by viewable area unless clearly and conspicuously stated otherwise.
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I’m cheap—in large part because I don’t have very much money. So to save a bit of cash, I’m shacking up with several other journalists (who are also, coincidentally, cheap—for the very same reason) at a swanky vacation home rental in La Jolla that we got a super-sweet deal on for the duration of CEDIA 2017. It’s almost embarrassingly nice—certainly too nice for the likes of the crowd I run with.
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S&V Editor Rob Sabin and Contributing Tech Editor Steve Guttenberg take a close look at the Outlaw Audio RR2160 Stereo Receiver (0:58), discuss the results of the 2017 Value Electronics TV Shootout (7:20), review the Blu-ray for Gore Verbinski's 2016 horror movie A Cure for Wellness, and share impressions from Steve's visit to Jimi Hendrix's Electric Lady Studios (13:50).

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In advance of our official show coverage, we’ve culled through dozens of press announcements to bring you a sneak peek at a handful of products that will be introduced in San Diego at CEDIA 2017.
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The Yamaha YAS-207 ($299) is the first soundbar with DTS Virtual:X, which simulates a 7.1.4 configuration with height effects but without using height speakers. It sounded better than we’d expected. Look for our review in an upcoming issue...
Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Sep 05, 2017  |  1 comments
With relatively unrestricted size, weight, and budget, and given enough time to tinker, it's not that hard to build a good-sounding loudspeaker. But when size, weight and budget are tremendously restricted, good sound becomes incredibly difficult to achieve, if not impossible. Now, Dolby is taking on that challenge.

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The “only show dedicated 100% to residential technology,” CEDIA 2017 is expected to draw more than 18,000 home technology professional attendees and over 500 exhibitors to the San Diego Convention Center, September 5 through 9. As you might expect, Sound & Vision will be there, too, with plenty of eyes and ears on the show floor posting blogs about the newest and most noteworthy products and technologies demonstrated there—whether it’s something you’ll see in your home (like a new projection screen) or something you won’t (like a new home automation controller). Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the things that we’re waiting to see—and tell you about over the coming days.
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MQA announced yesterday at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin that LG’s new V30 will be the first smartphone to support high-resolution Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) audio encoding when it becomes available in the coming weeks and that the technology has been integrated into Sony’s latest Walkman music players.