SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System Review Specs

Drivers: 4.5 in polypropylene midrange, 1 in aluminum dome tweeter
Amplifier: Class D, 50 watts per driver (200 watts total)
Inputs: DTS Play-Fi (Wi-Fi), Ethernet, AptX Bluetooth; optical digital, RCA stereo analog, 3.5mm stereo analog
Output: RCA subwoofer
Other: USB Type-A (service and power only)
Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 6 x 10 x 7
Weight (Pounds): 9.6 (active speaker), 8.8 (passive speaker)
Price: $600

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I use SVS Prime Elevation speakers in my system for Atmos height channels (with cathedral ceiling as mine are, they are a great option).
These Prime Prime Wireless would be fantastic, if they were sealed outdoor speakers, for a second zone patio speakers mounted on exterior wall.
As they are currently being marketed, they are probably too expensive for non A/V enthusiast. For A/V enthusiasts they are a decent wireless option for surround speakers.

Great to read Rob's review.
In my humble opinion, as a 40 year reader of Stereo Review / Sound and Vision, Rob was the best Editor (Al is doing a fine job in this new A/V market).
I look forward to future reviews and articles from Mr. Sabin.
Until your next contribution Rob, I'll catch you at PC.

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Set next to Rob at the HDTV SHOOTOUT at Value Electronics this September and was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism – learned a lot over those 8 hours as he shared his expertise. It was a fascinating experience!