Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Music System Review Specs

Drivers: 4 in aluminum cone woofer (3), 0.8 in polyester dome tweeter (2), 0.9 in aluminum dome tweeter
Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 14.3 x 8.03 x 6.06
Weight (Pounds): 14

(800) 680-2345

(800) 680-2345

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I have one of these setup in the corner of my dining room angled so that it plays music towards the kitchen one way and the living room the other way. I am shocked every-time that it is on and I am walking around back and forth through the rooms and it almost always sounds wonderful. Absolutely perfect speaker for background music listening.

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$500 for background music listening?? And it doesn't do hi-rez?? Double-WOW!

Since I utilize DLNA for photos, HD video, and music (including hi-rez), I personally couldn't justify $500 for an additional, single speaker that locks me in to proprietary tech. (Am fairly confident one can find a pair of comparably-, or even lower-priced bookshelves/monitors that have a better SQ than the PLAY:5.)

Clearly, it's more mobile than a wired set of speakers, but just how frequently does one move his PLAY:5 around??

Are lifestyle products like these *THAT* much more important than audiophile-quality sound??

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Are the CONVENIENCES of lifestyle products like these *THAT* much more important than audiophile-quality sound??

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Is not intended to get an audio-phile to replace their setup with these. I think the play-5 is more targeted at a music-phile who wants there music to be convenient and sound really good. It definitely doesn't replace or is better than a good stereo setup. My 2.1 system which is not fancy at all, sound better. But the ease of throwing some music on the Sonos while cooking dinner, cleaning up and eating or just hanging around is un-matched. And with the Play 5 it actually sounds very good and much larger than you would expect.

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