Integra DHC-40.2 Surround Processor Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

Apart from a failing score on analog chroma resolution, where the Integra did not respond to the highest frequency burst, and a borderline result on digital chroma resolution, where the horizontal resolution lines were barely visible from 6 feet away, the Integra turned in very good results on our standard video-processing tests. Interestingly, although both the analog and digital scaling tests (for 480p to 1080p upconversion) were satisfactory, the analog results on that test were slightly superior, though the difference is not likely to be noticed on normal program material.—TJN

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In looking at the photo of the back panel of this receiver, I am a bit confused. I know I'm not in the same league as your reviewers, but, where are the speaker connections? Please respond, as I won't get any rest this weekend until I have an answer!


Chuck Applebaum
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The DHC-40.2 is not a receiver. It's a preamp/processor. It is designed to be connected to a power amplifier, which provides the speaker connections you are wondering about. The unit is very similar to a reciever, except for the fact that it does not include an amplifier for powering speakers. It only processes the audio and video signals.

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There might be less confusion to new investigators if you would have mentioned the type of amplifier you were running the Integra through.