Top Picks Flat Panels

Note: Within each price category, Top Picks are presented in the order in which the TVs were reviewed with the most recent reviews first.

Flat Panels

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Vizio E65-C3 LCD: $1,000
If you can live without 4K, the 1080p E65-C3 is a no-branier. It boasts a full-array backlight with 16 zones of local dimming, a spacious 65-inch screen, and excellent picture quality. (December 2015, Read Full Review)
LG 55EC9300 3D OLED: $1,800 (updated 2/2/16)
It’s been a long time coming but you can thank LG for finally making OLED TV a reality at a price that’s affordable. The 55EC9300 delivers stellar picture performance and even outperforms its predecessor, the 55EA9800, which costs twice as much. Singling out its impressive performance with black levels, contrast, and shadow detail, veteran reviewer Tom Norton called the LG about as “close to [perfect] as I suspect we’re going to get in a relatively affordable HDTV for the near future.” High praise, indeed. (December 2014, Read Full Review)
Vizio M602i-B3 LED/LCD: $1,250
While it’s not quite the deal you get with Vizio’s lower-cost E series HDTVs, this M series set offers excellent performance at a very reasonable price. It forgoes 3D but is equipped with built-in Internet connectivity and adds full-array local dimming with 32 zones of control to achieve an impressive picture. Reviewer Al Griffin wrote: “The Vizio’s local-dimming backlight definitely worked magic with Blu-rays like 2001: A Space Odyssey and other reference-grade sci-fi space operas. In shots with starfields, pinpoints of light retained their brightness while the empty space beyond came across as a rich, inky black.” (October 2014, Read Full Review)
Samsung UN65JS9500FXZA LCD Ultra HD: $4,200 (updated 2/2/16; price was $6,499 when reviewed)
The crown jewel of Samsung’s SUHD series, the full-array LED backlit JS9500 is a superb television delivering outstanding resolution with first-rate blacks and shadow detail. (September 2015, Read Full Review)
Samsung UN60F8000 3D LCD: $2,300 (updated 2/2/16)
Behind the distinguished minimalist design of the UN60F8000 lies a sophisticated Smart TV that puts a host of apps and content at your fingertips. The set also includes an innovative touchpad remote control that gives you the option of controlling the TV by voice or Wii-like gesture. But, most important, Samsung has delivered an LCD TV that offers a minimal-compromise alternative to plasma picture quality. As reviewer Al Griffin put it: “If you’re on the lookout for one of the best-performing LCDs available—one with a very appealing mix of Smart features—you won’t be disappointed.” (December 2013, Read Full Review)
$5,000 >
LG 65EF9500 OLED Ultra HD: $6,000
If you’re ready for TV’s next generation, you’re won’t find a 4K/Ultra HDTV that offers better performance than this one. It ain’t cheap but it will woo you with its super fine detail, true blacks, and to-die-for shadow detail. As a bonus, the set is compatible with HDR10-format high dynamic range content, which is guaranteed to blow your mind. (April 2016, Read Full Review)
Vizio RS65-B2 LCD Ultra HD: $6,000
Most current Ultra HDTVs deliver only the 4K slice of the Ultra HD pie. Vizio’s RS65-B2 is one of very few sets currently on the market that delivers the full pie: wide color gamut, high dynamic range playback (Dolby Vision, in this case) and 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution—all of which translates into a great picture. “The Vizio performed better than any other 4K full-array backlit set we’ve tested so far,” wrote veteran TV reviewer Tom Norton. (February/March 2016, Read Full Review)
Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 55 Ultra HD: $8,495
Reviewed along with the company’s BeoLab 18 wireless speaker system, the Avant 55 is the ultimate lifestyle TV, offered with an optional remote-controlled motorized stand ($2,095). Stately looks and whiz-bang features aside, the TV delivers a luxurious picture with excellent detail, color rendition, and black levels. Reviewer Rob Sabin paid a high compliment when he wrote: “The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade offered an explosion of colors, and as someone who frequently walks through Herald Square, I was struck by the lifelike accuracy of the red and green street paint used to create the performance “stage” in front of the store.” (February/March 2015, Read Full Review)
Sony XBR-84X900 3D LCD Ultra HD: $25,000
For those with means who simply must have the latest and greatest state-of-the-art TV we offer up the XBR-84X900 with a colossal 84-inch screen that produces an uncanny combination of detail and creamy smoothness. In the words of veteran TV reviewer, Tom Norton: “Visually, the colors were never less than outstanding, with spot-on fleshtones and bright, natural hues in every source I watched.” The set also does a superb job of upscaling standard high-def material, making it nearly indistinguishable from native 4K, and offers 3D viewing that Norton described as “easily the most impressively sharp and detailed 3D I’ve yet experienced from a consumer display.” (, posted April 5, 2013, Read Full Review)

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