2019 Top Picks of the Year Ultra HDTVs


Ultra HDTVs

Top Pick of the Year:

Sony Bravia XBR-65A9G OLED Ultra HDTV
(October/November 2019) Read Review

Sony may be a relative newcomer to the OLED TV world, but its XBR-65A9G manages to edge out the competition on the picture quality front. The 65-inch A9G model we tested boasts a new X1 Ultimate processor that delivers impressive upscaling of non-4K/HDR sources. An HDMI port with eARC enables uncompressed soundtracks to pass to outboard audio systems, while the set's Acoustic Surface Audio technology makes the set's own screen a formidable audio transducer. At just under four grand, Sony's flagship 65-inch OLED is pricey, but it also represents a no-compromise option. $3,800, sony.com


(August/September 2019) Read Review

Sporting an almost impossibly thin screen and a vibrant picture, the 65E9PUA is yet another winning high-end OLED TV from the company that put OLED on the map. All inputs are up-to-date HDMI 2.1 and the set supports the HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG HDR formats. Most impressive of all: according to reviewer Thomas J. Norton, the LG "did complete justice" to the Battle of Winterfell scene from the final season of Game of Thrones. $4,299, lg.com

Samsung QN65Q80R LCD Ultra HDTV
(August/September 2019) Read Review

Samsung's Q80R series LCD TVs sit one notch below the flagship Q90R series, but this 65-inch nonetheless impressed us with its bright picture, deep blacks, punchy HDR, and wide off-center viewing angle. The Q80R lineup is also priced notably less than the company's flagship line, making it a relative bargain in the high-end Ultra HDTV world. $2,800, samsung.com

Samsung QN65Q90R LCD Ultra HDTV
(December/January 2020) Read Review

LCD TVs don't come much better than Samsung's Q90R series models. These sets have brightness to spare, and while the company doesn't cite a specific number of local-dimming backlight zones, our reviewer counted over 400. That combination makes the Q90R series sets a standout performer with HDR, while Samsung's external One-Connect box makes them a future-proof option when it comes to connectivity. $3,500, samsung.com

Vizio M658-G1 M-Series Quantum LCD Ultra HDTV
(October/November 2019) Read Review

While this LCD set doesn't provide the same brightness levels as the higher-end models on our list, Dolby Vision support, quantum dots, a FALD backlight, and overall excellent picture quality make it an option well worth investigating. At $1,000 for a 65-inch screen, you'd be hard pressed to find equivalent performance for the price. $1,000, vizio.com

TCL 75Q825 8-Series Roku LCD Ultra HDTV
(February/March 2020) Read Review

Budget TV brand TCL's 8-Series sets represent the company's first foray into the high-end, and from our perspective, they're off to an excellent start. Reviewer TJN praised this 75-inch model's "class-leading local dimming," which resulted in "super-punchy HDR." That's no doubt due to the set's 1,000-zone mini-LED backlight, which is just one of the innovations TCL brings to the table with the 8-Series. $3,000, tclusa.com

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