2019 Top Picks of the Year Wireless Speakers


Wireless Speakers

Top Pick of the Year:

Naim Audio Mu-So 2 Wireless Music System
(October/November 2019) Read Review

Naim's update of its original Mu-So, one of the first "lifestyle audio" systems to offer multiroom wireless playback, features new and improved drivers developed by sister brand Focal and improved Wi-Fi that supports streaming of up to 24-bit/384 kHz hi-res audio. It also offers "dead-waking dynamics from a single box," making it a much higher-than-average-performance lifestyle audio option. $1,599, naimaudio.com


DALI Callisto 6C Wireless Speakers
(April/May 2019) Read Review

Hailing from Denmark, these stately towers deliver rich, dynamic sound and were strikingly easy to set up for a wireless speaker system. Another plus: they use the same BluOS platform found in NAD and Bluesound products for wireless streaming. $5,747 (as tested), dali-speakers.com

Kanto Tuk Powered Bookshelf Speakers
(October/November 2019) Read Review

2019 was a good year for powered speakers, and Kanto's TUK counted among the better options in the affordable price range. Our reviewer, Daniel Kumin, described its bass extension as "remarkable," and also waxed rhapsodic over its input options, which extend to analog, digital, Bluetooth, phono, and USB type-B computer connections. $799/pair, kantoaudio.com

Sonos Move Portable Wireless Speaker
(December/January 2020) Read Review

While Sonos speakers have garnered much praise in these pages and elsewhere, what we've been waiting for is a portable model that can be toted outside and on trips. The waterproof/dustproof Move, which features the full range of Sonos wireless features along with a rechargeable and replaceable battery, is that speaker. $399, sonos.com

Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speaker System
(December/January 2020) Read Review

The A2+ offers all of the good things typically found in the company's powered and passive desktop speakers—fine build quality, great sound, and both analog and computer inputs—and adds Bluetooth streaming for installations in places other than a desktop. It's also the least expensive wireless model the company makes. $269, audioengineusa.com

Klipsch The One II Wireless Speaker
(soundandvision.com, November 2019) Read Review

The retro look of this Klipsch speaker makes a strong statement, and so did its sound during our test. Klipsch opted to keep things simple with the One II by limiting connections to Bluetooth and a lone analog minijack input, which should make it an appealing option for those who'd prefer to not control their speaker using an app. $289, klipsch.com

Naim Audio Mu-So QB Gen-2 Wireless Music System
(soundandvision.com, December 2019) Read Review

Naim Audio's update of its Mu-So Wireless Music System line for 2019 also included the compact Mu-So QB. In his review, Bob Ankosko praised the speaker's tank-like build quality and generally excellent sound. $999, naimaudio.com

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