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Polk Audio has introduced the T Series, a mix and match collection of entry-level home theater speakers of modeled after the Monitor Series that launched the company 43 years ago.
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Born under the stars crossing the Atlantic while her mother immigrated to the United States, Jupiter Jones was told she was destined for great things. Unfortunately, it looked like her destiny was to clean toilets as a poor immigrant teenager in Chicago until Caine, a genetically engineered alien, arrives on Earth to save Jupiter from a band of Keepers (alien hit men). It turns out that Jupiter’s genetic markings label her as intergalactic royalty—she’s the reincarnation of the matriarch of the House Abrasax, who was murdered and somehow reborn on Earth. This upsets the balance of intergalactic politics, and Jupiter’s now in mortal danger.
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Last year the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) laid down what it considered the minimum standards for a 4K Ultra HD set. A few months later it introduced a voluntary UHD logo program that manufacturers could use in advertising and labeling sets that meet the standards. This logo also clarified the name to be used for these sets: 4K Ultra HD. While manufacturers are free to make and sell 4K Ultra HD sets of any description (the CEA has no legal authority to stop them), they can’t use the logo if their sets don’t meet these standards. The logo will read either 4K Ultra HD or 4K Ultra HD Connected (though there’s nothing to stop a manufacturer who doesn’t meet the standards from calling their sets simply 4K, or Ultra HD)...
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HDMI 2.0a is almost upon us. But why? Didn’t A/V manufacturers just assimilate HDMI 2.0?

The answer is that HDMI 2.0a will further improve picture quality, firming up 2.0’s Ultra HD support with complementary HDR (high dynamic range) technology. Does that mean 2.0a will transmit video in a new way?

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In a recent national survey Nielsen found that as popular as streaming is, discs still play a key role in home entertainment.

How much of your home entertainment viewing is disc-based as opposed to streaming from a subscription service such as Netflix, buying/renting digital content online, or video on demand via cable or satellite?

As always, we encourage you to leave a comment.

How Much of Your Home Entertainment Viewing Is Disc-Based?
25% or less
33% (243 votes)
Between 25% and 50%
19% (138 votes)
Between 50% and 75%
28% (208 votes)
All of it (100%)
21% (153 votes)
Total votes: 742
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It should come as no surprise that nearly three quarters (73%) of Americans age 12 and up are “actively consuming movies and TV shows for home viewing,” according to Nielsen statistics. What may surprise you is that only 12% of consumers are “digital-only consumers of entertainment.”
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Daniel Kumin Posted: Aug 31, 2015 6 comments
It's what's inside that counts.
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The global audio market is being profoundly reshaped by smartphones and tablets as they become go-to devices for wirelessly streaming music, according to a new study from IHS Technology.
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Pirates have found a way around the High-Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) scheme used by Netflix and other content providers to prevent copyrighted 4K content from being copied, according to a post on Torrent Freak.
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Rob Sabin Posted: Aug 31, 2015 5 comments
Dolby Atmos and DTS:X may not be enough.

We are finally starting to see the new 2015 model year AV receivers trickle in, the first generation to more or less universally include HDMI 2.0 connections along with HDCP 2.2 copyright management.


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