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HiFiMan founder Dr. Fang Bian has been crafting fine headphones for more than a decade, collecting numerous awards along the way. In the past two years alone, five of his designs have been designated Top Picks in these pages. Despite this incredible success, Bian wanted more. He had a lifelong dream to fulfill: To create the “world’s best-sounding headphone.” As he put it, “While HiFiMan has made many good headphones, and people certainly enjoy them, none has ever fully satisfied that dream.”
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Does your Wi-Fi network suck? Here are five things you can do to significantly improve its performance.
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Netflix added the ability to download content for offline viewing a few months ago. Here’s how it works.
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Build Quality
PRICE $649

Made in Japan
Neutral sound balance
Two-year warranty
Cable isn’t user-replaceable

The Audio-Technica ATH-A2000Z somehow looks brand new and classic at the same time, and we could say the same about the sound.

The ATH-A2000Z is the top model from Audio-Technica’s Art Monitor Series, and its polished titanium earcups are a not-so-subtle hint about the headphone’s status in the company’s pecking order. It’s made in Japan, just like AudioTechnica’s very best headphones (such as the ATH-W5000). The company has been making ’phones since 1974.

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Vizio today announced the addition of two soundbars and a multiroom wireless speaker to its SmartCast line of audio products.
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Klipsch today announced that the museum and archives of company founder and audio pioneer Paul W. Klipsch will be transferred to the recently formed Klipsch Heritage Museum Association (KHMA) in a ceremony on Thursday (April 27) in Hope, Arkansas.
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You probably saw the news reports last week. A lawsuit has been filed against Bose, alleging its Connect app, such as used with a Bose headphone, collects information on the listening habits of the user, without adequately informing the user of the full extent of the practice. The story was widely reported. The rebuttal by Bose was not so widely reported.

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Q The HDMI cables I’ve been using with my current TV are now eight years old. I plan to buy a new OLED TV. Will I need new HDMI cables for it? —Jim Stafford / via email

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Lake Grove, NY-based audio distributor Vana Ltd. has announced the arrival of an upscale European turntable in the U.S. market.
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Ultimate Ears, the company known for making professional in-ear monitors worn by live performers, has introduced a playful take-anywhere Bluetooth speaker.