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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Mar 06, 2017 0 comments
Sony Projectors got firmware updates to add HDR contrast to the picture menu, add an HDR indicator to the information menu, and automatically select the BT2020 color gamut. Affected models include the VPL-VW5000, VPL-VW665, and VPL-VW365; the VPL-VW675 already has these features...

Dish Network’s NBA Team Pass lets you follow your favorite team for $119 per season. The NBA League Pass, which covers the whole league, is still available for $199...

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is seeking comment on a proposal announced last year that would allow TV broadcasters to use the “next generation” ATSC 3.0 transmission standard on a voluntary, market-driven basis.
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When Apple chose to remove the headphone jack from their latest iPhones, many people (myself included) freaked out. Would I forever be forced into listening to a downgraded Bluetooth signal? Luckily, BEEM United came quickly to the rescue with the BeMe D200 wired headphone with a Lightning jack.

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A new Onkyo receiver, a remarkable window TV, NFL-inspired workout headphones, and more.
Chris Chiarella Posted: Mar 03, 2017 2 comments
The mind reels at the creativity needed to craft a sequel to Finding Nemo, once the most popular Pixar movie of them all. The results pick up a year after clownfish-dad Marlin went on a quest to locate his missing son, and now traveling companion Dory is the one in need of finding. The lovably forgetful blue tang (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) is on her own mission now, to reconnect with her parents, but soon enough she’s “trapped” at a marine biology theme park, reunited with some chums of her youth and aided by some new aquatic allies.
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At some point in my relationship with Facebook, Mr. Al Gorithm figured out that I like live music. Once he pegged me as a concertgoer, Mr. Gorithm began stuffing my timeline with ads for concerts. This hasn't bothered me at all. In fact, I often click through to the venue's website and buy a ticket or two. Mr. Gorithm seems aware of that as well because the ads have proliferated, especially those from Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. This has had an impact on my listening life, and by extension my listening work. Click, buy, go, listen, reflect.

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SV Staff Posted: Mar 03, 2017 1 comments
Kickstarter has been a successful crowdfunding platform, raising almost $2.9 billion in project pledges since 2009. But for every Kickstarter campaign that reaches its funding goal, two flop.

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CG3 5.1 Speaker System
Build Quality

Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofer
Build Quality
PRICE $1,079 as reviewed

Rigorously balanced sound
Plays surprisingly loud
Easy, excellent sub/sat blending
Sats can be a bit power-hungry in larger rooms

Given its low cost, solid dynamics, and impressive neutrality, it would be tough to find a better or more honest small speaker system for the price than RSL’s latest.

When it comes to loudspeakers, how big is big enough? How small is too small? What size is j-u-u-ust right? Speaker buyers have been asking these questions, and speaker makers have been answering them, ever since a certain Brand B shook the world years ago with micro-sized satellites employing 2.5-inch drivers that struggled to reach down to 200 hertz, mated with similarly challenged Lilliputian subs. Physics notwithstanding, buyers took to them in droves—and since then, the race to the bottom, cubicvolume-wise, has been on.

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SV Staff Posted: Mar 02, 2017 5 comments
Photos: Early Television Foundation and Museum

Sixty-three years ago this month the first color TVs were offered for sale to the U.S. public.

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Al Griffin Posted: Mar 02, 2017 7 comments
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Q I’m looking to buy a 65-inch LG OLED Ultra HDTV to replace my Pioneer Kuro plasma, which is now 9 years old. Here’s my question: Should I wait until TVs and other components all have HDMI 2.1 connections, or should I just buy current models? Also, can products with HDMI 2.0a connections be updated to HDMI 2.1? —Alan McClure