Supergrass: Diamond Hoo Ha

Diamond Hoo Ha Astralwerks
Music •••½ Sound •••

The glam-rock triumvirate of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Mott the Hoople hovers over Diamond Hoo Ha as unmistakably as the myriad glints of light from a mirror ball. Supergrass brings the sound of 1973 back up to full throttle in 2008. That's both the best and the worst thing about this album. The glaring derivations (I'm still not convinced that Iggy isn't singing "Bad Blood") and sometimes empty-minded lyrics (such as the repeated "Hands down, you're beautiful" from "Rebel in You") detract a bit. Nevertheless, this CD is a solid, high-energy return to form after the relatively downbeat detour of Road to Rouen. Producer Nick Launay has the foursome playing to their strengths again, with the irreverent "Whiskey & Green Tea" and "Diamond Hoo Ha Man" ranking among the band's best. Most amazing, though, is the goosebump-inducing closer, "Butterfly." Can you say "Bowie-esque"? Sure you can.

And you will, gladly.