Sony VPL-VW600ES 3D LCOS 4K Projector Test Bench

Test Bench

Full-On/Full-Off Contrast Ratio: 52,767:1

All measurements here were taken with at least 150 hours on the projection lamp in its Low setting. The white level dialed in for the above contrast measurement was just under 16 ft-L, with the Advanced Iris set to Limited and the Contrast Enhancer on Low. The measured black level, using the Klein K10-A, was 0.0003 ft-L. With the Advanced Iris off, the black level increased to 0.0026 ft-L, reducing the contrast ratio to 6077:1—still a respectable figure. In the Full setting of the Dynamic Iris, the black reading was too low to be reliable.


The pre-calibration RGB Balance shown in the chart was taken in the User Calibrated Preset, with the Color Temperature control set to D65. The pre-calibration gray-scale Delta E values in this mode averaged 5.16, peaking at 9.52 at 100% brightness. Post-calibration, in the Reference Calibrated Preset, the gray-scale Delta E averaged 0.71, with a high of 1.14 at 50% brightness. (Delta E is a figure of merit that indicates how closely a display adheres to the D65 HD color standard. Experts generally agree that levels below 3 are visibly indistinguishable from perfect color tracking.)

In the BT. 709 (also known as Rec. 709) Color Space setting, the pre-calibration color Delta E averaged a respectable 4.34. After calibration, it averaged 2.68. The average measured gamma across the full brightness range in the 2.4 setting was actually 2.27, but it increased gradually from a low of 2.22 at 20% brightness to 2.38 at 100%. The variation was similar with the Advanced (dynamic) iris either active or off.


In the default Cinema Film 1 3D Calibrated Preset (with slight adjustments to the Contrast, Brightness, and Color settings), the 3D gray-scale Delta E averaged 13.84. Post-calibration, it averaged 6.47 but remained at or below 3.76 at 80% brightness or less, rising to 25.9 (!) at 100%. The latter could not be dialed out, but surprisingly did not appear to seriously impact the visual experience. Post-calibration, the color Delta E averaged 1.37, and the gamma in the 2.2 gamma setting averaged 1.48 (minimum 0.66 at 90%!). It’s common for manufacturers to use a low 3D gamma to pump up the subjective brightness level.—TJN

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