Roughing It Equipment List & Installer

Equipment List

1 NEC XT5000 Compact HLO Projector
1 NEC TL-1Z 1.5-2.5 Zoom Lens
1 NEC XT-CMKIT Ceiling Mount Kit
1 NEC XTLPHOUSE 1KW Lamp & Housing
1 Faroudja DVP-3000 Video processor
1 Stewart MicroPerf Screen 12' Wide, 16:9, with masking
3 Apogee MH-1 Mid/High front speakers
3 Apogee L-1 Low front speakers
1 Apogee MPTS-1(S-1) Speaker processor
1 Apogee MPTS-1 Power supply
8 M&K MPS-1650Sur THX Tripole Surround speakers
2 M&K MPS-5000 II THX Subwoofers
8 M&K TBD Speaker Mounts
3 Bryston 8B ST-Pro 120x4, THX Amps: fronts
2 Bryston 4B ST-Pro 400wpc@4 2ch Amp
3 ClarkTeknik DN410B Equalizers
3 ClarkTeknik SC-P2 Security Covers
1 Proceed PAV THX Preamp/Decoder
1 Proceed PDSD DD/DTS Digital Decoder
1 Proceed PDSD Fan Cooling Fan Kit
1 Proceed RF Demod RF Demodulator for LD
1 Canadian HDTV Satellite Decoder
1 Sony TU 1041 TV Tuner
1 Toshiba SD 5109 DVD player
1 Toshiba M 785 Hi Fi VHS VCR
1 Pioneer DVL-91 LaserDisc/DVD Player
1 SEi * Custom Theater overflow amplifier w/rack
1 SEi Custom Preview switcher
1 SEi TVMon 13" Preview Monitor w/Rack Kit
1 SEi Custom Projection Window
9 Midl Adtl RSH-4 Custom Rack Mount Kits
1 Mid Adtl SONYEARS2 Rack Ears for TU1041 TV Tuner
4 Mid Adtl PD2X615 Dual Cir Pwr Strips
1 Mid Adtl D4 Rack Drawer, 4 space
2 APC AC Power Surge Dist
*SEi is the parent company of Sound Solutions and custom builds components as needed.

Sound Solutions
2050 Westgate Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025
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