Review: Logitech Squeezebox Touch Page 3



Bottom Line

For all the cool things Logitech's Squeezebox Touch does, there are several reasons why you may not need one. The most common reason goes by the name iPhone (or iPod Touch). Most of the services that the Squeezebox Touch supports are available as apps for the iPhone. So, if you already own one of those, by adding a simple docking system you can have a very similar Internet music experience without spending another $300.

Beyond the iPhone, several network-enabled TVs, media receivers, and Blu-ray Disc players support similar online music services (but not nearly as many) and some are also DLNA-certified so you can stream music from a networked computer. Several Sony TVs and Blu-ray Disc players feature Slacker. Many new Blu-ray Disc players work with Pandora. An increasing number of  A/V receivers offer Internet radio services…you see what I mean. Well, what if you're a Blackberry user who owns a first- or second-generation Blu-ray Disc player? Then this product might nicely fill the gap. The Touch also offers a level of simplicity that some of the other solutions lack, along with a well-dressed interface. What the Touch does, it does very well, and I can easily recommend it to people who want access to more music.