Outlaw Model 975 Surround Processor Specs

Audio Decoding
Dolby: Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital
DTS: DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution, DTS ES, DTS
Audyssey: No
Other: Sub out for stereo
3D: Yes
THX Certification: No
Video Processing: Proprietary
Auto Setup/Room EQ: None
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 16.9 x 2.8 x 9.5
Weight (pounds): 8.3
Price: $549

Video: HDMI 1.4 (4), component video (2), S-video (2), composite video (2)
Audio: Coaxial digital (2), optical digital (2), stereo analog (5)

Video: HDMI 1.4(1), component video (1) S-video (1), composite video (1)
Audio: Stereo analog (1), 7.1-channel preamp (1), .25” headphone
Additional: RS-232 (1), 12-volt trigger (1), FM antenna (1), AM antenna (1)

Company Info
Outlaw Audio
(866) 688-5297

Outlaw Audio
(866) 688-5297

mdanderson's picture

Nice review David. Did you get a chance to compare the excellent dacs of the Oppo 95 with the dacs of the Outlaw when listening to 2channel music? Great job and thanks again.

Chuchi's picture

I will like to purchase this system, how I can hook up thouse babys to get the best results, I want lossless audio output and the best hd picture, how can set up the 975 to interact with the rest, the amp 7075 and the Sony BDP-S790

Tidan's picture

I'd like to hear some feedback from people that bought this unit after reading this review and see if they had the same experience as the reviewer.