JVC Diamond DM65USR LCD Ultra HDTV Review Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD, inches): 57.4 x 33.4 x 2.7 (without stand); 57.4 x 35.1 x 14.7 (with stand)
Weight (Pounds): 52.4 (without stand); 59.5 (with stand)
Video Inputs: HDMI 2.0 (4), HDMI 1.4/MHL (1), component (1, shared), composite (1, shared), antenna
Audio Inputs: Stereo analog
Other: USB (2), Ethernet
Audio Outputs: Optical digital (Toslink), stereo analog
Price: $1,999

Company Info
(855) 868-1927

(855) 868-1927

NeuralChris's picture

If they don't have Netflix or Amazon Apps built in, how do you view 4k source content? I don't believe any of the standalone players support it.

mikem's picture

How would the average viewer, defined as one who is not an audio-videophile, know about measurements and the expertise that you offer in reviewing tvs'? I purchased a 55" inch panny plasma 3 yrs. ago, based on your review and settings you provided. I employed those settings exactly and am still amazed at the picture and more importantly the black level. I should also note a year ago I had cataract surgery and new glasses and I am now even more astonished at the picture. Further, I have an external Darblet, and this brings the picture to near 4K territory with depth of field and complex material such as 2001 and other sci-fi movies rich in black against stars. I like showing friends comparison with the Darbee on/off. The stars look like they are lit by led lights. Just some thoughts...........

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Based on your review, I would like to know how bad off-axis performance is.
I plan to buy this while it is on sale. but I am a bit worried about this issue when my guess sits on the sides (more than 20 degrees) from the center of the TV set.
Is there a work around? I notice you mentioned that in showrooms you do not see this issue due to the settings is much brighter. I see this myself too on Samsung UN65HU8550 model. If your setting is too bright then it might reduce its LED life. is that correct? Thanks for your consideration.