Future Deco

Sometimes it takes the combined talents of two professional organizations to come up with a striking, one-of-a-kind home theater. Such was the case with this Florida home. Cinema Design Group is a leading designer, manufacturer, and installer of home theater seating, acoustic panels, and custom home theater environments. Along with Boca Theater and Automation, a premier provider of turn-key, custom-built integration systems and home theaters, these two specialists created a home theater that bears the resemblance of the familiar geometric Art Deco designs of the early 20's, yet, it reveals a distinctive 21st century edge.

The theater was part of a major remodel that lasted about 6 months, however, the theater took only three weeks for installation of the interior and AV equipment. It incorporates several unique interior elements including intricate latticework overlays for the Art Deco look, selectable color LED backlighting for the main wall elements, a fiber-optic star ceiling, plus a custom desk and cabinetry located in the rear of the room.

The customer presented Cinema Design Group and Boca Theater with a few challenges. While the room appears to be a dedicated theater, it also functions as the homeowner’s office. He also wanted a set of glass entry doors that would allow light into the room, in addition to maintaining the rear window. It was also the homeowner's vision to have the monochromatic, Art Deco inspired interior, complimented by bold and dramatic design elements and rich textures. It is these strong lines and stark black and white contrasts that also evoke a sense of being on a starship or in some futuristic world.

"It's never a good idea to have light entering a theater," said Carey Schafer, V.P. of engineering for Cinema Design Group. "However, since the client wanted light to enter due to the room's dual purpose, we suggested a type of door that would become opaque when electrically energized." Additionally, Boca Theater recommended a Planar Viper 3-Chip DLP projector rated at 2000 lumens, which would maintain an optimum image contrast under all lighting conditions.

The fixed placement of the door also caused a hard acoustical reflection on the right at the "first reflection" point. To achieve a good acoustic balance it took a combination of absorptive and diffusive elements on the opposite wall and around the door.

To retain the rear window, while staying consistent with the interior's design, the window was covered by a split panel that opens, yet, it perfectly matches the main decorative elements throughout the room. Moreover, the overall space was relatively small considering the multi-use nature of the room, so it was necessary to work with every available inch to accommodate the complete electronics packaging, two rows of seats along with the work desk and cabinets.

The 16:9 Stewart screen, at the front of the theater, is 90-inches wide (diagonal) and is complimented by Revel Concerta speakers on all channels. The equipment rack holds all the electronics, which includes a Sony ES A/V receiver, a Blu-ray player, a DirectTV HD receiver, a Nintento Wii game console, and the VUDU movie server. An RTI system was used to control all the devices, whether the homeowner is seated in the theater or the office. Cinema Design Group supplied all the theater seating.

The office area was configured as an independent audio and video zone, allowing the homeowner to watch HDTV via a 24” widescreen computer monitor without turning on the main projection and sound system.

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