Trinnov Audio Altitude16 Surround Sound Processor Review Specs

AUTO SETUP/ROOM EQ: Trinnov Optimizer
VIDEO PROCESSING: 4K to 1080p down- scaling on HDMI output 1
VIDEO INPUTS: HDMI 2.0 (8, 18Gbps on all)
AUDIOINPUTS: Coaxialdigital(2),opticaldigital(2),Audio Network (2, future use), analog stereo XLR , analog stereo RCA
ADDITIONAL INPUTS: Microphone, 12-volt trigger, Gigabit Ethernet
VIDEO OUTPUTS: HDMI 2.0 (2, eARC on Output 1)
AUDIO OUTPUTS: XLR (16). Coax digital (1), Optical (1)
ADDITIONAL OUTPUTS: RS-232, 12-volt trigger (4)
PC CONNECTIONS: Video output (DVI/HDMI/VGA), USB 2.0 (2), USB 3.0 (2), PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse
DIMENSIONS(WxHxD,inches): 17x6x 16.75
WEIGHT (Pounds): 24.9
Price: $18,000

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The new 4K of Godzilla (2014) is not a remix (other than the usual theater-home optimization that is SOP), but the original theatrical Atmos track heard for the first time on home video. I saw it in Atmos at AMC's Burbank 16 and it was tremendous. So glad I can experience it again the same way at home.

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I was sad to see that the reviewer of the Trinnov Altitude made no mention of the main raison d'etre for the unit (and what makes it unique in the industry), which would be its loudspeaker re-mapping technology, which enables the Trinnov to virtually (electronically) 'move' the speakers to their correct (optimal) positions no matter where they happen to actually be placed in the room. Correct speaker positioning and angular orientation within the listening space are critical for imaging in a multichannel setup, and the Trinnov technology is unique in its ability to electronically 'reposition' the speakers to deliver the image intended by the recording artist, engineer, and producer. It's not just another multi-kilobuck processor for the gullible consumer with money to spend on a high-end 'dream system' to impress his friends. But you wouldn't know that from the review. Reading your review makes it just another almost-out-of-reach audio component to go with your purple firehose high-end speaker cables and your $50K ever-so-delicate turntable. It does wonderful things but god only knows what, how or why!

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Thanks for the disc tip, tons of emotive goodness from the last several decades. There is a reason why hearing is the one unavoidible sense, you cant every really turn it off for a reason. Its the most important!