The Social Theater

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New construction has its advantages, especially when building a home theater. Since Innerspace Electronics of Port Chester, New York, was brought in on this project early in the construction, they could ensure that this theater was designed adequately for best picture and sound.

The homeowner was looking for a comfortable room where the family could gather to watch movies and socialize. It was important that it was equally functional for the children as well as the adults.

Located in the basement, the theater measures 26.3 x 18.375 x 9 feet. Due to its placement in relation to the rest of the house, no acoustic treatments were needed to isolate the sound.


This relaxed theater appears more like a large living room than a traditional theater. The warm color scheme was provided by Worth Interiors. Unique lounge chairs with trays for drinks and snacks contribute to the chill-out environment. Innerspace Electronics came up with the solution of a custom equipment cabinet that would blend nicely into the décor.

All the main equipment, including a Denon A/V receiver and a Kaleidsescape Kplayer-5000, is hidden in the cabinet, which is placed under the 100-inch- diagonal Stewart screen. A Runco VX-2000d projector is installed on the ceiling at the back of the room. Also in the cabinet are three Triad InRoom Gold Center speakers for the LCR array, along with a REL R-505 subwoofer. Four Triad InWall Gold/4 Omni surround speakers were installed in the back wall and in the ceiling toward the middle of the room.


The homeowner’s vast movie collection was integrated into a Crestron home automation system, allowing all family members to access system controls from any room and watch any movie at any time. The Kaleidescape’s DVD server stores the family’s entire movie collection.

The room is an all-purpose space, and while watching movies is the main reason the homeowner had the theater built, it also serves as a great area for watching TV and sports, even playing games and just socializing.

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... that must be one really tall door.

trynberg's picture

I'm afraid I'm never impressed by these theaters where an interior designer has been let loose. Those lovely Triad Golds are stuffed into a cabinet near the floor...

Rich67's picture

I understand that it's a family room but since it's a dedicated home theater I question orange walls, carpet and a yellow ceiling. Will that play havoc with color correction for reflected light from the walls and ceiling.? I'm not sure it matters. Just wondering.

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Is that an older 4:3 film in the picture stretched to 16:9?

It never ceases to amaze me that someone spends millions of dollars on a theater to watch 4:3 material stretched to 16:9. Do the installers not educate the owner on how to adjust everything?

I remember watching CNN while I was on the treadmill, and they had a segment featuring multimillion dollar theater installs, and at the end they had a shot of the screen showing the "Wizard of Oz".....stretched to 16:9. I almost fell off the treadmill.

This is what TV and movie watching has devolved to.

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I'm sorry, but I'd have to say that is one of the ugliest home theaters I've ever seen! Bad, bad color scheme. And what's with the flowers?!!! OMG!