Samsung UN55HU8550F 3D LCD/LED Ultra HDTV Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 48.3 x 27.7 x 1.3 (without stand); 48.3 x 29.3 x 10.6 (with stand)
Weight (Pounds): 39.2 (without stand); 46.5 (with stand)
3D Glasses: 4 pair included, extras $20 each (SSG-5100GB/ZA)
Video Inputs: HDMI (4), component (1, shared), composite video (2, 1 shared), RF (Antenna)
Audio Inputs: L/R stereo
Other: EX-Link, USB, LAN, IR out, Audio Return Channel on HDMI 3 (with compatible AVR)
Audio Outputs: Optical digital (Toslink), audio analog (minijack), IR Price: $4,000 (4 pair 3D glasses included)

(800) 726-7864

(800) 726-7864

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Thanks for the review. How does this set compare to a regular HD set when viewing typical HD cable box material, like network tv, sports etc I.e. 1080i or 720 ?

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Thomas thank you for great reviews on both TVs. I want to ask you for your opinion on the matter of buying a new TV in upcoming months...

I have to buy TV this year because I don't have one (I'm still living with my parents) so I can't wait for 4k OLEDs to come down to a reasonable price (maybe late 2016?).

But I can't really decide whether these perfect blacks and contrast are more important for 'immersion' than more inches of diagonal.... I'm thinking about something like 65" HU7500 samsung... I know its blacks are worse then OLED, but I don't think they are really bad or something are they? Because I have a feeling that 55 inches is not that large (my viewing distance will be about 2.8m) and I don't know whether these super blacks will compensate enough for that smaller diagonal. This cannot be decided in a shop, because there is bright environment so I just have to believe others who have more experience with these sets.

What is your opinion, is the OLED that much better experience that it is OK to sacrifice quite significantly larger picture frame for that? I want this TV to last 5+ years (so maybe 4k ready for HFR can be usefull?)...

Thank you very much in advance.