Samsung QN65Q8FN LCD Ultra HDTV Review Settings


Picture mode:Movie
Backlight: 17
Brightness: -4
Contrast: 40
Sharpness: 0
Color: 25
Tint: 0
Local Dimming: Low
Color Tone: Warm2
Gamma: BT.1886 / 0
Color Space: Auto
White Balance:
R Gain: 8
G Gain: -4
B Gain: 5
R Offset: -3
G Offset: 0
B Offset: 1
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drny's picture

Unfortunately, the Q8 is lost in the forrest of good but not great 4k LCD's.
Samsung's own Q7 is a better price option with close enough picture quality. The Q9 offers significantly better contrast and black level.
Sony's 900F falls short of the Q8 in picture quality, but the much lower price point is enticing.
Finally, enter Vizio's own Quantom technology PQ65-F1.
This new model from Vizio will likely to be an extremely close match to the Q8 at significantly lower price.

ednaz's picture

Having seen how much better OLED is at other than straight on viewing angles, my TV upgrade is likely to have that as a very high priority. I haven't seen anything about how QLED measures up. My viewing area is, in the day time, fairly bright, and I've had friends tell me that their OLED TVs wouldn't do well in my room, and to my understanding QLED IS better in that situation. Would be interested in hearing about both topics in reviews.