Rush’s Fountain of Surround, Part 2: Moving Predictions Page 2

Rush: HemispheresYou won’t get any argument here. What else would you like to do or get your hands on for 5.1, any other favorites?

Obviously, I would do all of Hemispheres [1978] in a flash.

Man, I’d LOVE to hear “Cygnus X-1” in 5.1.

Absolutely. Me too! And we’d have to do Moving Pictures because of the songs. That’s Rush at its pinnacle.

“The Camera Eye” is perfect for that format, for sure.

I already mixed Moving Pictures in stereo for Guitar Hero, so the masters are in the building, so to speak. That’s one of those things — if there’s a demand for it, and it’s put in consideration for the next step, it would be fantastic to do. [MM’s 2011 note: Ok, we got a good one to start with, no?]

Certainly can’t argue with that!

If we were to attack any of the Rush studio albums in surround, one thing we’d follow that we did with the Snakes & Arrows surround mix would be to take the trueness of the stereo mix and maintain it in the surround environment.

Rush: Power WindowsFor something like Power Windows [1985], which has a more lush mix, you’d need to keep it true to the era. If there’s some technical improvement to be done in terms of a lower noise floor — ok, sure. But it’s another thing when it comes to analyzing the reverb, figuring out what algorithm it is, and getting something that’s comparable to it in surround. In those days you used, who knows, two, three, five, 10 different reverbs. You’d have to be sure what all of them are and what they’re doing to get a surround equivalent — and then place it all so that it works. That would be an exciting project to do as well.

Alex also mentioned Vapor Trails as being something in the running, since it’s a more recent release [2002]. There are a lot of dynamics on that one.

Nothing in surround for that one yet, but I did do stereo remixes of “One Little Victory” and “Earthshine” remixes for Retrospective 3. [MM’s 2011 note: Vapor Trails is officially in the stereo-only (for now!) remix queue.]