Qobuz Gives Back With “Gimme Shelter” Program

Curious about Qobuz? Since its February 2019 U.S. launch, the music streaming service has dramatically ramped up its high-res (up to 24-bit/192kHz) audio catalog and added plenty of exclusive editorial content to its desktop and portable apps. If you haven’t yet investigated Qobuz, the service’s “Gimme Shelter” campaign might be just the nudge you need to make a leap to high-res and lossless streaming.

The idea behind “Gimme Shelter” is for Qobuz to return 100 percent of commissions earned from a customer’s first paid month back to rightsholders, who are then free to gift that donation back to artists and writers. The program applies to new subscribers who sign up for Qobuz from April 10 through May 15. Qobuz grants new users one-month free trial access to its Studio Premier tier, which offers unlimited hi-res and lossless music streaming. After that, subscribers are charged $14.99 per month.

Ideally, the outcome here is a win-win for everybody: you get to dig into high-res music streaming; Qobuz gets to acquaint you with its service; and artists, many of whom are sidelined during this challenging time when live performances have come to a literal standstill, gain an opportunity to generate additional revenue from their work.

You can get more details on the “Gimme Shelter” program and the Qobuz Studio Premier plan here.


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Issue is 14.99 while not much, is just $5 more than the ‘willing to pay’ price in this segment. For about similar pricing Netflix throws open 4K, HDR and up to 4 screens and 7 profiles. For a single user the max willing to pay price is $5.99. Wait and watch these streaming hires music services will go out of business with their pricing strategy.