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Build Quality
PRICE $600

Deep bass from a compact design
DSP and app control
Control app not user-friendly
Unreliable Auto On/Off function
No wireless connection option

OSD Audio’s powerhouse Trevoce 12 delivers deep bass from a compact cube. And with onboard DSP and app-based control, users can tune the sub’s output for best performance in their listening space.

OSD Audio is a maker of many audio-related things, its extensive product line covering most bases for custom residential and commercial installations. But the company also has a fair number of consumer offerings, including a sizeable range of subwoofers. Last year I reviewed its Nero TubeBass 10, a cylinder-shaped model that provided a decent wallop of bass given its compact size and $179 price. Now, for this review I'm stepping up to the Trevoce 12 EQ DSP, a flagship subwoofer from the company's swanky Black Series that still tops out at a reasonable $600. (OSD Audio also plans to launch a 15-inch model in the near future with a $799 price.)

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Q I own an NAD T 787 A/V receiver that only supports regular HD video pass-through and Dolby True HD/DTS-HD Master Audio processing. This receiver features NAD’s MDC (Modular Design Construction) for hardware upgrades. NAD offers an audio module with Dolby Atmos support, along with outputs for two sets of height speakers. If I stick with my current 5.1 speaker setup, would the Atmos module upgrade improve sound quality? Or will my receiver simply downmix the Atmos soundtracks to 5.1/7.1 surround with no audible improvement? —Phil Tomaskovic, via email

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PRICE $3,499

Ample brightness
Contrast-boosting HDR- Pro feature
Vivid color and detail
Living room-friendly design
Wide Color Gamut filter dramatically reduces light output
Relatively high fan noise in Normal Light mode
No integrated Netflix streaming

BenQ’s first ultra short throw projector is a winner on many fronts, offering compelling brightness, vivid color, and a dynamic presentation of 4K/HDR sources.

Is there a projector maker that hasn't yet come out with an ultra short throw (UST) model aimed at viewers who want a theater-size image in their living room, but without the usual ceiling-mount and dark room baggage that accompanies it? If you asked me that question one year ago, I would have replied "BenQ." But now, with its V7050i 4K DLP Laser TV, BenQ has joined the UST projector fold, adding its name to the ranks of Sony, Epson, Optoma, Vava, Hisense, LG, Samsung, and others.

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BenQ’s new product introductions at CES included a pair of projectors aimed at the gaming community, an important growth segment for the company.
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Ever since Sound & Vision posted Kris Deering’s in-depth review of JVC’s DLA-NZ9 D-ILA projector, a Top Pick of the Year winner for 2021, I’ve been wondering what true 8K video looks like displayed on a big screen by an 8K-capable projector. Well, I finally got my chance to have that experience at CES 2022, and it was, in a word, breathtaking.
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SVS was among less than a handful of audio companies haunting the halls of the Venetian hotel’s north tower at CES 2022, but the trek over there was worth it to see the company’s new Prime Wireless Pro Speakers. An evolution of the company’s current Prime Wireless model, the new version has a bigger cabinet for deeper bass, an HDMI eARC input, and—in response to user feedback—a remote control.
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Hisense had its full 2022 lineup of Quantum Dot-driven ULED TVs on display at CES, including the company’s first Mini-LED-backlit models. With multiple series for viewers to choose from at different price points, the company has covered its bases. The full Hisense premium TV lineup features the Google TV interface, and its top two lines also feature Nextgen TV (ATSC 3.0) tuners. The company also showcased its TriChroma projector offerings for 2022 and beyond, headed up by a DLP model capable of 8K display.
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TCL, unlike several other major TV brands, is actually displaying its latest and greatest TVs at CES 2022. While remaining true to its Roku TV roots, with forthcoming TVs featuring the built-in streaming platform, the company will also sell TVs with built-in Google TV in 2022. TCL also continues to push the bigscreen TV envelope with its XL Collection, having just launched a new 98-inch 4K-resolution Mini-LED-backlit QLED model that can be purchased now for under $8,000.
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The latest OLED models LG is rolling out at CES (not to mention the TVs that literally roll-up as seen at previous shows) hit new benchmarks for OLED brightness, according to the company. Highlights of the new introductions include the world’s first 97-inch OLED model, along with a premium 42-inch model targeted at gamers.
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Looking back on 2021, I can honestly state that it represented an improvement over 2020, though it didn't end up being the full-scale return-to-normal everybody was looking for. A/V consumer and trade shows such as CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis were gutted. Supply chain logjams delayed the arrival of new gear, particularly in core categories like speakers and A/V receivers, both of which ended up underrepresented in our 2021 Top Picks of the Year list compared with previous years. But even with all the challenges, the wheels of industry continued to grind, with much fantastic gear coming in for us to test and recommend.