MUSIC REVIEW: Robert Pollard

From a Compound Eye Merge
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The disbanding of Guided by Voices was sad but somewhat illusory, since GBV always was Robert Pollard & Friends - and his first post-breakup solo set is no different. If there's a change, Pollard sounds liberated (exultant, even) on this 26-track extravaganza. As in GBV's earlier days, he tosses low-fi snippets and snack-like tunes into his well-stocked pantry. (Hey, if a minute-plus is enough, why belabor?) Well-recorded, full-length songs are abundant, too. "Dancing Girls and Dancing Men" is a Revolver-worthy pop tune. The Who-ish "Conquerer of the Moon" is fast and frantic here, slow and heavy there, and downright unexplainable all over. "Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft" might be the album's anthemic centerpiece. I could go on, but the point is there's magic afoot on From a Compound Eye. This is music for everyone, and everyone should be buying.