Lily Allen: It's Not Me, It's You

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Lily Allen gives bad girls a good name.

On her flashy debut, Alright, Still (see review), she stripped herself bare, confessing her foibles, peeves, and nasty habits without any remorse - all the while, spitting out invective from her rosebud mouth like it was spoiled fruit.

Now, 2 years later, she's got even more to sing about, having survived a pain-wracked breakup, a miscarriage, and an arrest for punching a paparazzo for invading her privacy. Which is ironic, since there seems to be little she won't reveal, from an inconsiderate lover in "Not Fair" (whom she excoriates for not reciprocating after she "spent ages giving head") to the latest crop of 24-hour party people (herself included) in "Everyone's at It."

"I'm not trying to say that I'm smelling of roses / But when will we tire of putting shit up our noses?"

Stuff like that used to keep you off the shelves at Walmart, but in a MySpace world, honesty will get you more plays - if not set you free.