Hollywood with a Twist in Greensboro Page 2

Photo Gallery: A Work in Progress

This view toward the screen shows cutouts for three Pro Technology SCR-15sm front-channel speakers and the two LFS-21CS subwoofers below.

The 12-foot Display Technologies Contempo screen in place.

This view toward the back of the room is where the concession area and bathroom will go.

This is where the Barco Balder CinemaScope projector will be mounted in the ceiling.

The Barco Balder CinemaScope projector in place.

The equipment rack and recessed shelving during construction, before and after being painted.

One of the effects speakers mounted in the side wall of the theater.

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Talking about the layout...I just never saw the appeal of that rigid "strapped into your seat" configuration of individual seating. This is an attractive room in its own right. I might even be tempted to listen to some Atmos encoded all music discs.

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My wife and I just closed on a new house on Monday. It has a room over the garage that does not share walls with any of the other rooms in the house, but it had been used as an exercise room by the previous owners,so I have lots of conduit to install, wires to run, cabinets to build, and all the rest thatks going to make my system (including room) look and sound like I always wanted it to. It’s not my first rodeo, but of course I want to try stuff I’ve never done, too.

It won’t be quite that fancy, but I believe it’s going to be very nice in two or three months.

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very exquisite