Face-Off: Noise-Canceling True Wireless Earbuds Conclusion


Four noise-canceling true wireless earbud models stood above the rest in our test: the Bose QuietComfort, Jabra Elite 85t, JBL Club Pro+, and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Each has superior sound quality, an ability to cancel nearly all ambient noise, and offers extensive customization through a complementary app.

For the golden-eared, the Bose QC offer the best sound quality of all the buds I auditioned, the most effective noise cancellation (along with the Jabra Elite 85t), and by far the best wind-suppression in ANC mode, which makes them ideal for outdoor activities like jogging or biking. But the Bose QC buds stick out a bit too much and don't feel as if they'll stay as firmly stable in your ears as the other models. They also cost $50 more than the Jabra and $80 more than the Samsung, and the case is inconveniently enormous compared with those earbud options.

The Samsung Galaxy Pro's sound is nearly as precise and enjoyable as the Bose QC's. It also comes with a choice of colorful compact cases and offers the best ambient listening functionality, all at the same $200 price as the Jabra Elite 85t. But to unlock the Galaxy Buds Pro's goodness, you'll need to use it with a recent-model Samsung Galaxy phone.

The JBL Club Pro+ produces the liveliest, you-are-there sonics of the bunch. But you'll need to weed through too many arguably unnecessary settings, and ANC effectiveness falls just below the other three, making them more "everyday" buds than airplane companions.

Of all the ANC buds we auditioned, the Jabra Elite 85t was the only model that proved superior in nearly all aspects, providing excellent sound quality with useful audio and control optimization, top-notch noise-canceling and ambient modes, and a range of comfort and convenience features. The Jabra's overall excellence makes them our choice for best noise-canceling true wireless earbuds.