Anthem AVM 30 Pre/Pro, Anthem MCA 50 Amplifier, and KEF KHT 9000 ACE Speaker System Ratings


Anthem AVM 30 Pre/Pro and MCA 50 Amplifier

Build Quality: 92
Both the AVM 30 and the MCA 50 feature quality internals
Sturdy, solid build

Value: 94
Features and performance on the top shelf of inexpensive separates
AVM 30 offers even more than AVM 20, at $200 less

Features: 95
Extensive processing, connections, and rarely seen level of control
Balanced and single-ended audio connections

Performance: 93
Smooth, natural sound with both music and movies
Clean, ample power from MCA 50

Ergonomics: 94
Familiar, quality remote, well-executed onscreen menus, and lucid owner's manual
A lot of control, made easy

Overall Rating: 94
The AVM 30 and MCA 50 continue Anthem's dominance in moderately priced separates. For the same price as a high-end receiver, you get all the same features and ease of use, but the power is at a clearly different level.

General Information
AVM 30 preamplifier/processor, $2,999
MCA 50 5-channel amplifier $1,999
(905) 632-0180
Dealer Locator Code ANT


KEF KHT 9000 ACE Speaker System

Build Quality: 92
Quality drivers
Cabinet construction is solid

Value: 92
More expensive than some plasma-friendly speakers, but you can hear why
I've certainly heard less, for more money

Features: 93
Wide array of mounting options
The proprietary technologies are legitimate and effective

Performance: 92
Solid performance with music (never a given with plasma-friendly, lifestyle speakers)
Exceptional bass for the cabinet size

Ergonomics : 93
Heavy, but little floor space required
Stands are relatively easy to setup and use

Overall Rating: 92
The emergence of plasma-friendly speakers as a legitimate performance option continues here. If you don't think small, attractive cabinets can provide powerful bass, then think again. These speakers sound good, look good, and offer a variety of mounting options.

General Information
KHT9000 Satellite Speaker, $899
LR Floor Stand, $199
LR Tabletop Stand, $149
Center Floor Stand, $199
Center Tabletop Stand, $99
KEF (732) 683-2356
Dealer Locator Code KEF