What’s the Top TV/Video Story from CES 2015?

It’s been two weeks since the world’s largest consumer technology trade show—CES—convened in Vegas and dazzled showgoers with every imaginable kind of electronics gadget and gizmo. In keeping with tradition, TV grabbed more than its fair share of headlines with much of the news revolving around new technologies that promise to push picture quality to new heights—all of which leads to our question of the week: What was the single most important TV/video story coming out of this year’s CES? We encourage you to leave a comment explaining your choice.

If you missed some of our coverage we won’t hold it against you. Here’s a list of relevant stories:

What’s the Top TV/Video Story from CES 2015?
Ultra HD Blu-ray
20% (166 votes)
Glasses-Free 3D TV
3% (28 votes)
Quantum Dot TV technology
10% (81 votes)
5% (41 votes)
High Dynamic Range (HDR) TV technology
21% (175 votes)
41% (338 votes)
Total votes: 829

Traveler's picture

It's not the new Slingbox thing.

etrochez's picture

I guess people don't care that Quantum Dot tech will bring OLED quality at 1/3 the price.

specialk's picture

I was at CES and saw it with my own eyes. Quantum Dot technology is not as good as OLED whatsoever and OLED prices will be dropping significantly soon as LG has seriously ramped up production ability with a new plant. Samsung's "nano crystal" technology, while better than regular LEDs, was not all that special. Though my opinion may be skewed by my hatred of curved TVs and Samsung seems to be putting all there eggs in that basket. OLED is by far the superior display and while LG's were pretty amazing, nothing beat Panasonic's 4K OLED prototype. It was the best TV I've ever seen (by a good margin).