Samsung Woos Showgoers with 8K Glasses-Free 3DTV

Still not stoked about 3D TV? How about an 8K-res 3D LED TV that doesn’t require glasses—one that’s 110 inches?

Samsung’s oversize prototype isn’t exactly in the product pipeline; it’s more of a conversation piece meant to generate buzz. What’s interesting about it—aside from an ability to display 8K-res video—is that the 3D image delivered a good sense of spatial depth over a wide range of viewing angles without employing the same screen filtering that’s made every other glasses-less 3D demo I’ve seen look terrible.

How does Samsung do it? By sampling blocks of pixels in the image and processing them to create a depth effect. Unfortunately, the same process requires the picture to be downscaled to 1080p resolution—the likely reason why the 3D footage Samsung was showing looked soft, especially in comparison with the ultra-crisp 8K-res content.