S&V Survey: How Often Do You Watch 4K Content?

We felt compelled to take to the streets with word that almost half of 4K TV owners do not actually watch 4K content. So our question is: How often do you stream 4K content? And, if you don’t watch 4K — on disc or via streaming — why not? Please enlighten us and leave a comment!
S&V Survey: How Often Do You Watch 4K Content?
Never. I love my 4K/ Ultra HD TV but…
17% (157 votes)
Every now and then but not very often.
25% (224 votes)
Once or twice a week.
18% (163 votes)
Three or four times a week.
21% (193 votes)
Once a day and sometimes more. I love 4K!
19% (173 votes)
Total votes: 910

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Just as HDR is more important than 2160P resolution, it might have been helpful to ask which of us watch HDR and how often. I don't care a whole lot if content is "just" 4K, but if it's HDR I will often try to at least watch a little bit. For my money, the difference WCG and HDR make are the most important part of the UHD spec.

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We'll plan on doing something around that in a future poll.
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I Stream all my 4K Content, I have a few 4K Movies but I really don't go out of my way looking for 4K. To me HD looks Fantastic, but I won't watch anything in SD unless that is my only option.

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We would watch more 4K Content, but there still is very little quality 4K worth watching out there compared to standard HD in 1080.

All of it is streamed as without a rental source for 4K discs, a player won't be purchased. We don't watch anything, with very limited exceptions, more than once. The premium "cable" channels, such as Showtime and Cinemax don't have a 4K infrastructure and that's where most of our movies come from with Amazon Prime being secondary. Yes, there are series on Amazon and Netflix, but the content quality often is second to the Network shows and we're not going to watch something just because it's in 4K over a show with better dramatic effect or story lines. There are still lots of flowers, waterfalls and mountains in 4K, but again, we're still waiting for relevant content.

Hopefully, Redbox will roll out more cities with 4K disc rentals or have their streaming platform support 4K to increase the availability of feature films in UHD.

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I often watch 4K content because, With high resolution, 4K content provides sharper, more detailed images slither io and more vivid colors.

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I watch a movie almost every day. Between 6-8 movies a week.

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It seems like I watch a movie every day. Six to eight films every week. build now gg

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Just dived into the Sound & Vision survey about 4K content watching habits, and it's pretty eye-opening to see the variety in how often people tune into 4K. It's intriguing to consider the barriers to more frequent 4K viewing, whether it's the lack of content that appeals or the technical setup required. Makes me wonder about how we'll all adapt as more options become available and if or how quickly 4K will become the new standard. What's everyone else's take on this?


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