Are You Buying a New TV Before the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LIV beckons and six out of 10 Americans are planning to watch the big game, according to researchers at Piplsay, not to mention those crazy commercials and the over-the-top half-time show — courtesy of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira this time around. Question is, what kind of TV will they (you?) be watching?

Are you satisfied with your current screen or busy making plans for the big upgrade? Cast your vote and, as always, leave a comment to explain your choice.

Are You Buying a New TV Before the Super Bowl?
Hell no, I love my current TV.
60% (346 votes)
No way, I can’t afford the TV I really want.
28% (164 votes)
Hell yeah, I’m upgrading to the latest and greatest 4K TV.
9% (53 votes)
Hell yeah, I'm upgrading to the latest and greatest 8K TV.
1% (5 votes)
You betcha, I’m upgrading to the latest and greatest video-projection setup.
2% (11 votes)
Total votes: 579

dnoonie's picture

Hell no, I love my current TV.
I purchased an LG OLED65C8 last year and there is nothing to upgrade to...yet. A 77" oled is too big and expensive, a 75" might fit (doesn't exist yet), a 70" would be a nice fit but 5" isn't much of an upgrade and a 70" OLED doesn't exist...yet. So I'm happy to enjoy my OLED65C8 till something in my size and price range comes along.

boulderskies's picture

I guess my comment is my vote since there's no input to the graphs....No, I wont be buying a new TV. Just bought a brand new C series LG OLED. I love it. And I thought my old Panasonic Plasma was the best thing going....On a side note, I wont be watching the half-time show...

hk2000's picture

My 2015 4K Sony still looks great. 8K is an overkill for anything smaller than 100", even then, 8K material does not exist yet. Speaking which, what does it matter how good the quality of the picture, if the material disgusting? I'd rather good quality movies and shows of the 20th century over anything coming out of Hollywood or TV studios these days.