Are You Watching Season 3 of ‘Stranger Things’?

Netflix added to the July 4th fireworks when it released the highly anticipated third season of its smash hit original series Stranger Things. Have you watched any or all of the eight new episodes? Whether you’ve watched none or all, leave a comment to let everyone know what you think.
Are You Watching Season 3 of ‘Stranger Things’?
Are you kidding? I binged through all eight episodes the day they were released.
34% (158 votes)
Are you crazy? I couldn’t be bothered watching that over-hyped show.
24% (109 votes)
I watched the first episode.
8% (38 votes)
I watched the first few episodes.
23% (107 votes)
I watched all but the last one (or two) episodes.
11% (49 votes)
Total votes: 461

John_Werner's picture

I'm over the characters which endeared me to watch that first season. Now it's a dark and unwieldy story without that great hook of those early characters - something about a dimensional world which the producers got to lengths creating (i.e. to get around the rote-ness of another alternative universe?). I watched just minutes of the first episode of season three and was not impressed.

Bob Ankosko's picture
Try watching the entire first episode (or eight) and you may change your mind...