Poll: What’s Your Go-To Form of Home Entertainment?

In his new blog, AV veteran Tom Norton shares some of the AV entertainment-related things he’s been doing to occupy his “mandated free time.” In a world that’s been shaken to its core by the coronavirus pandemic, we all have something in common as we contemplate how to make the best of a situation over which we have no control. When your garage, basement, and closets are all nice and tidy, then what? Which brings us to our poll question: What’s your go-to form of home entertainment during these stay-at-home days? Pick the response that best describes your top choice. And, as always, leave a comment to elaborate on your selection or tell us what we missed.
Poll: What’s Your Go-To Form of Home Entertainment?
Watching movies and TV shows on disc (ideally 4K Blu-ray)
27% (288 votes)
Watching movies and TV shows on disc (any format)
8% (86 votes)
Online video gaming
3% (28 votes)
Console video gaming
6% (68 votes)
Streaming 4K movies and TV shows on a single service (Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Disney+, etc.)
7% (79 votes)
Streaming movies and TV shows on a single service (any format)
4% (42 votes)
Streaming 4K movies and TV shows on several services
12% (126 votes)
Streaming movies and TV shows on several services (any format)
17% (180 votes)
Streaming music in hi-res on a single service (Tidal, Qobuz, etc.)
4% (38 votes)
Streaming music in different formats on several services
3% (31 votes)
Spinning Compact Discs on my CD player
5% (58 votes)
Spinning vinyl LPs on my turntable
5% (53 votes)
Livestream music performances on social media
0% (2 votes)
Total votes: 1079

drny's picture

A real usage survey would have been format in a 1-3 preference order.
The option of only voting for one does not accurately reflect the actual usage.

prerich45's picture

You're correct - because I watch local programing through streaming or antenna (that's my backup).

Chris Teeh's picture

I watch 4K disc first, 4K "downloads" (wink!!), BD, then streaming, then streaming TV. I prefer them in that order of quality and why music has been totally digital (non-streaming of course), my movie collection cannot be all-digital with the current tech. What can hold entire BD and 4K libraries at full quality?

alchav21's picture

I watch Movies and TV Shows in 4K and HD from various Providers like Amazon, MA, and Vudu. My Movie Collection in Vudu has grown to 700, and most Port over to Amazon, Google Play, MA, and Fandango. I think Streaming is The Future, and their Quality keeps getting better. I know Discs have better Quality because of the Bitrate, especially 4K UHD. I know people have asked for you to review Digital Streaming Movies, but in order to do that you would have to come up with some guidelines. Like Bandwidth, Bitrates, Streaming Devise, and equipment setup and connection. So in your Disc Reviews, you can also Review Digital Streaming. Thanks ALC

prerich45's picture

That's another option that should have been included. All of my music resides on my 20TB server.

prerich45's picture

All of the streaming services are backing down to SDTV due to bandwidth constraints!!! Good ole' bandwidth - deal with it everyday at work!!! LOL!!!!

utopianemo's picture

I agree with the above comments. I have to confess I watch the most general quality streaming because children, but I do my best to watch mostly HDR streaming and UHD Blu-Rays when I'm on my own time.

Also, game consoles and online gaming are not mutual exclusives. I play both console and PC games, never online except for updates.

Decibel's picture

As I live in China and most foreign media is blocked here, I rely on torrenting for most of my media consumption. It's also almost impossible to buy real DVDs or CDs here.
So, websites like the Pirate Bay and Rarbg keep me in touch with the latest TV series, movies and FLAC files.
And lets not forget a good VPN or literally almost all foreign websites are either blocked or heavily throttled.

janejones4237's picture

Streaming 4K Quality Movie and more on a large Tv with snacks is the best. pool installation bradenton